3-Week Facial Treatment Programme to bring the lift and glow back

Indulgence Beauty 3-week Intensive facial treatment

I’ve been frequenting Indulgence Beauty for almost 2 years and so far, so good. They have this inviting storefront and lounge area where you can sip tea and enjoy a biscuit or two before heading to the facial treatment room. Their staff are very polite, friendly and non-pushy too.

Now that my breakouts are under control, I wanted to target my other skin issues which include uneven skin tone and sagging skin. Based on the most recent skin analysis I did with them, my skin is losing firmness due to the gradual loss of collagen as the body aged.

3-Week Intensive Facial Treatment Programme

After highlighting my concerns to Anna, who is the manager of Indulgence Beauty, she suggested that I try out their 3-week facial programme to bring back that glow and radiance in my skin. And the treatment I will be undergoing for 3 consecutive weeks is their LPG® Endermolift™ Facial treatment. It’s also a more intensive face lifting and firming skin treatment where I could witness better results within a short period of time. In my pursuit of beauty, I could not say no to that.

I started this facial programme a month ago and for the last consecutive 3 weeks, I’ve been going to Indulgence Beauty at International Plaza for the treatment. So, how has it been?

LPG® Endermolift™ Facial Treatment

Indulgence Beauty 3-week Intensive facial treatment

This particular face firming facial includes the basic facial steps like cleansing, extraction, massage and masking. Thus, the highlight of this facial treatment is the use of the  LPG® Endermolift™ machine for the face. It’s a non-invasive and pain-free treatment which involves micro-pulsations on your face and neck. No intense heat or light is involved in this treatment. Thus, it is a very enjoyable treatment which I look forward to every week.

The whole treatment takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and the face lifting treatment itself lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Indulgence Beauty 3-week Intensive facial treatment

For this specialised treatment, it is best to get a more experienced therapist to do it for you. I would recommend either Anna or Rachel as they are the senior beauty therapists around at Indulgence Beauty.

What does the LPG® machine do?

The therapist uses the patented LPG® treatment head that produces micro-pulsations on the skin. Thus, stimulating rejuvenating cells (fibroblasts) found in the deeper layers of the skin tissues to boost their production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This painless stimulation also gently exfoliates the skin while oxygenating the tissues. Thus, your skin not only becomes firmer, hydrated and lifted but also looked more plumped and radiant.

It also helps to reduce the appearance of your double chin too as it helps to contour and tighten the skin.

Indulgence Beauty facial treatment LPG Face endermolife

They used two different types of LPG® treatment head on my skin – one for face and neck and the other smaller head for the eye and forehead area, where the skin tissues there are much thinner.

Indulgence Beauty 3-week Intensive facial treatment LPG Face endermolife

What happens to my skin after 3 weeks?

I didn’t notice much of a difference after the first two treatments. But on my third and last treatment, I can feel that instant lift in my face. However, I still can’t really tell much from the photos though I felt that my skin felt more supple and smoother after each treatment.

From the photos, you might not be able to see the minute differences but with their skin analysis machine, the results are obvious.

Indulgence Beauty 3-week Intensive facial treatment

Based on the data above, the elasticity of the skin has improved by quite a long and my skin sebum level has gone down. Based on my current skin condition, I would probably need at least 6 sessions to witness a physically more noticeable difference. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this comfortable anti-ageing treatment and would recommend the 3-week intensive treatment to those who needed to prep their skin before a major event like a prom or wedding.

Nonetheless, I should be spending the rest of my holidays showing some TLC to my skin before 2020 kicks in!

Stay beautiful, ladies (and gentlemen)!

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