Walking on Sunshine: I tried their Cinderella treatment and was super impressed

Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine

You may have come across this highly Instagrammable garden-themed hair salon on your Instagram feed and even drop by for brunch or coffee. But have you tried their hair services before? When I did a quick search of this Korean hair salon called Walking on Sunshine, all I could find are beautiful photos of their cafe food and none on their hair services. So, what is it really like to be getting a hair cut or treatment at a Korean hair salon which is run by Koreans?

Walking on Sunshine

Coming here to try out their hair services was the best decision I’ve ever made this year in 2019. I literally felt like I was ‘walking on sunshine’ after leaving their premises with treated hair.

Here’s my review of Walking on Sunshine’s Cinderella treatment.

The Cinderella Treatment

When I head over to their website to look at their list of hair services, I saw something that caught my eye – ‘Cinderella treatment’. Do I get treated like a princess or will they transform my limp frizzy hair into a silky smooth mane like Cinderella’s? It turns out to be both.

I was later told that their Cinderella treatment is actually a keratin treatment for the hair. It was exactly just what my hair needed as it has gone so dry, frizzy and brittle.

My first impressions

Walking into their hair salon and cafe premises was itself already a treat. Their green backdrop emits calming and peaceful vibes. Even though most of the decorative plants there were artificial, they still looked pleasing to the eye. The natural lighting, along with the wood and metal elements of the interior also enhances the aesthetics of this place.

Other than their aesthetically-pleasing interior, they also have very well-groomed hairstylists who look like their part of a K-drama series. I wish I could have half of their fashion sense so that I can end up looking as stylish as them. And walking into their salon to get a hair treatment done is part of my ultimate dream of looking like a K-pop idol.

You have the whole cubicle to yourself.

Walking on Sunshine

I was ushered to my own cubicle where I have ample space to myself and surrounded by the lush green foliage around me. There were also tiny figurines and toys placed on the dressing table as decorations.

I love their open cubicle concept where customers can have more space to themselves and at the same time enjoying some privacy. Each cubicle is partitioned partially by a tall metallic framework as well as the suspended pots of plants which acted like ‘curtains’ so to speak. Thus you have ample space to store your bags and personal items on those raw wooden open shelves. This is unlike any other hair salons I’ve been to where the hair-styling chairs are placed less than an arm-length away from each other. And since each station is so close to each other, you can practically hear the conversations between the stylist and your customer sitting adjacent to you.

Even the hair washing experience was superb.

Walking on Sunshine

As with any other keratin treatment, they will first wash your hair thoroughly. The shampoo and conditioner they used on my hair smell amazing. The view before me was beautiful too. As I looked towards the ceiling, I saw those dangling plants swaying side to side. It was strangely calming to watch the plants moving with the air-con ‘breeze’.

They applied the keratin treatment solution to my shampooed hair.

Walking on Sunshine

I had Luna, the director of Walking on Sunshine, who did the keratin treatment for me, along with her assistant. They sectioned my hair and applied the keratin formula. The formula will help smoothen out the hair cuticle and increase hair shine. Keratin-treated hair will also turn out straighter and more manageable than before. It was exactly what I wanted as my hair was growing in all directions, making it difficult to manage.

And while they are doing my hair, that’s when I get to sit down, relax and enjoy some pampering time. During the treatment process, they even gave me a cushion so that I can prop my arms up. On top of that, they even attached this plastic shield to my forehead to prevent chemicals from getting into my eyes. All these customer-oriented services reflect their strong attention to details.

Getting pampered like Cinderella.

And part of this hair treatment experience, you get to order a drink along with a light snack. I ordered their avocado smoothie and salad. It was the perfect nutritious food combo for healthier hair. But you can also order other drinks from their beverage menu which includes coffee, lattes and smoothies.

It is awesome that they also housed a cafe where their customers can order food and drinks from. The best part is that they are able to prepare hot food served fresh from their kitchen. I really enjoyed my avocado smoothie and my chicken quinoa salad which was fantastic.

Walking on Sunshine

And their additional pampering service did not just stop here. Wait, you mean there’s more?

They offer free nail service for their customers.

Walking on Sunshine

Whether you are here to dine at their pretty-looking cafe or have your hair done at their salon, you are entitled to this free nail service or hand massage. You can choose between nail service (which includes shaping and colouring) or a hand massage (which includes a finger mask).

Walking on Sunshine

While waiting for the keratin formula to get infused to my hair, the nail therapist came over to do a hand massage and finger mask for me. I’m constantly getting pampered and treated the moment I sat down on the comfy styling chair.

The Blow-dry

After leaving to keratin formula to sit on my hair for about 30 minutes or so, they blow dry my hair using Dyson Supersonic powerful hairdryer. It really dries the hair pretty quickly!

The heat from the hairdryer will help to seal the keratin into the porous part of the hair cuticle. Once my hair was dry, it was time to straighten it out.

Walking on Sunshine

Straightening the tresses

Next up, the stylist sprayed a layer of strengthening agent to my hair and straightened my hair with a flatiron.

Walking on Sunshine

Next up, Luna came over to style my hair with the blow dryer to give it a little volume and slightly curl in the ends of my hair to give it some shape. She also advised me not to wash my hair for the next couple of days.

Walking on Sunshine

Take glamourous photos at their photograph booth

Right after the hair treatment or makeover, you can even get a photoshoot done by a professional in-house photographer at their small photography studio set-up. And if you are preparing for a prom or a special occasion, you can even engage their makeup artists to do your makeup. They really got it all covered for you if you need an instant makeover.

Walking on Sunshine

My Verdict


My hair definitely looks and feels so much smoother than before. But what really impresses me the most is definitely their impeccable service as well as pampering treatments. They really make you feel like a princess. Their hair services start from $50+ which is actually comparable to most average hair salons in shopping malls. With their value-added services, it makes it all the more worth to get your hair done here.


Join their Pamper and Prosecco party!

There are also having a promotion right now for you ladies (or men).

If you are looking to spend a weekday afternoon with your friends, you can head over to Walking on Sunshine to enjoy a 2-hour indulgence session. Instead of the usual high tea session, why not get your hair styled and have a fun photoshoot?

Every Wednesdays, from 10 am to 10 pm, you are able to book a two-hour indulgence party session at Walking On Sunshine. For $30+ (per pax) only, you can enjoy a free-flow prosecco, get your hair styled by their experienced stylists and get a photoshoot done at their photo studio.

*Promotion is not valid on PHs and eve of PHs. Not valid with other promotions, discounts and vouchers.

Walking on Sunshine

They even have a florist here…

This place is packed with surprises. They also housed a small flower boutique shop where you can buy fresh flowers from the florist. Occasionally, they do conduct floral workshops here too.

Walking on Sunshine

The Cafe

Walking on Sunshine

I have not tried their cafe food yet but it certainly looks very promising after trying their avocado shake and salad. On weekdays from 9 am to 11 am, they have a breakfast buffet for only $15 per pax. You can order from their breakfast menu which includes Spanish omelette, beef bulgogi panini, Korean-style soup and ricotta cheese salad.

Walking on Sunshine

Also, if you are looking for a place to chill, you can enjoy a 1-hour free flow of Guinness and Tiger beer for $20 per pax. If you prefer wine, you can go for their wine and cheese platter promotion that costs $69.

Looks like your party here all day and enjoy top-notch hair styling and treatments at this Korean hair salon.

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