Have you showered yourself with Collagen milk-infused water before?

Refresh Wellness Collagen Milk shower filter

Even without a bathtub at home, you can still achieve a pampering bath experience with this Collagen Milk Vitamin shower filter by Refresh Wellness. It not only emits a pleasant fragrance of your choice, but it also filters out 99% of the chlorine and rust found in your water. The collagen milk will be infused into your shower water as you turn on the shower faucet.

How does it work?

Refresh Wellness Collagen Milk shower filter

All you’ll need is the shower filter. The filter can be attached to directly to the showerhead or the faucet itself. The installation process is a breeze and you can do it by yourself within a minute. I prefer to attach it directly to the showerhead so that the water that emits from the showerhead is freshly filtered.

Within the collagen shower filter, there is a super-fine filter net that contains 60 billion filter pockets a chlorine removal layer to filter out any residual chlorine. Thus as you filter the hard water through the filter, the water that filters out will be softer.

There’s also a collagen milk layer embedded in the filter itself. As the water flows through the filter, the collagen milk gets infused into the water. The collagen milk-infused water will help moisturise and soften your hair and skin.

How long does the shower filter last?

Depending on your frequency of usage, the collagen milk shower filter typically lasts for about 1.5 months or longer.

Refresh Wellness currently offers 8 different variants of their Collagen Milk filters. I tried their Manuka Honey Collagen Milk filter and it is probably going to last me for about 2 months or so since I am the only one using it. If you are sharing the shower filters with your family, the collagen milk in the filter will probably run out faster.

What it is like to be doused with collagen milk-infused water?

It was a very luxurious experience to be showering with scented shower water which is also infused with collagen milk. The scent emitted was pleasant and it definitely made my showering experience more enjoyable. After showering with the filter for some time, I also noticed that my skin is less dry. I did not feel the need to moisturise my skin with a body moisturiser after showering.

As for my hair, I did not notice much of a difference. The difference in my skin texture is more noticeable. But it would be best tested if with a skin moisture analyzer to see if there’s actually a difference in terms of the moisture levels.

If you are not into scented showers…

Refresh Wellness Shower Filter unscented

If you are sensitive to fragrances, you can go for their unscented shower filter. It is great for those suffering from skin issues like eczema, dry skin or acne.

I’ve been using the unscented shower filter for about 4 weeks now. And this is how the filter looks before being used.

Refresh Wellness unscented

After 30 days of usage, the filter layers inside the filter looks a little greyish. It could be due to the sediments which are found present in the tap water.

Refresh Wellness  unscented

My Verdict on this Shower filter

As for me, I definitely prefer using the collagen milk shower filter for its added pleasant fragrance. Through the scent usually doesn’t linger on your skin for long, it does keep your shower smelling quite pleasant after showering. It is definitely a luxury to be showering with a collagen milk shower filter due to the costs incurred especially when you have to change the filters every 1.5 months.

Have you used such shower filters before? Let me know in the comment box below!

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