Boost your health with this quick and easy green smoothie

Amazing Grass Supplement

How I started drinking green smoothie on a daily basis all started last year in November when my colleague handed me a box of Amazing Grass Green Superfood. She said that she bought this supplement from the U.S. But after opening it to try, she said that the green superfood powder was yucky and she could not stand the taste of it. Knowing that I was into smoothies and clean food, she passed me the remaining box of the green superfood. It was Amazing Grass, Alkalize and Detox Green Superfood.

I fell in love with Amazing Grass Green Superfood.

I intuitively knew that such green superfood would taste better when blended with other healthy ingredients like banana or other fruits. So I tried it out for myself and ended up finishing all the remaining 14 sachets in two weeks. I would blend the green superfood powder with half a banana and a cup of coconut juice. It tasted delicious and more importantly, I felt great after drinking it. My bowel movements became more regular and I started to notice a glow in my skin. Ever since then, I just could not do away with this green superfood. I’ve been using it to make my daily green smoothie for almost three months now and I’m so glad that I found this!

What’s inside a scoop of Amazing Grass Green Superfood?

Amazing Grass Supplement

After trying the Alkalize and Detox variant, I wanted to try other variants of Amazing Grass Green Superfood to see if they were equally good. I happened to find it on iHerb and bought the Amazing Grass Original Green Superfood. The taste of the Original variant was somewhat similar to the Alkalize and Detox variant but I still prefer the latter.

I bought the 240grams tub of Amazing Grass The Original Green Superfood which contains a nutritious blend of fruits and vegetables. It also includes a probiotic and enzyme blend to support your digestive system too.

And all you will need is one scoop a day to supplement your body with essential nutrients extracted from organic fruits and vegetables like wheatgrass, alfalfa, kale, broccoli and spirulina.

Taste-wise, the green superfood powder itself has a ‘grassy’ but sweet taste. To me, it isn’t unpleasant at all (maybe because I’ve drunk green juices that tasted worse than this before). But it will definitely taste better if I mixed it into smoothies.

It’s very affordable as compared to other brands of Green Superfood.

One scoop of the Green Superfood powder is equivalent to one serving. There are 30 servings in the tub and each serving works out to be about SGD $1. Each tub of Amazing Grass Superfood retails around SGD 31 on iHerb. But when there’s a sale, you can get it at a slightly lower price.

Overall, I would say that it is rather affordable as compared to the other green smoothies sold at health cafes and Boost which can cost up to about SGD $6. It is definitely cheaper to make green smoothies at home.

I also did a price comparison of all the green superfood products on iHerb and found Amazing Grass to be the most economical brand of green superfood. Some people love it and others hate it. I guess it all depends on each individual. As for me, my body loves it. And I actually crave for it every morning after I wake up. It’s something that I look forward to every day.

How I make my green smoothie?

Such green superfood supplements are a lifesaver. While it may better to make smoothies with fresh vegetables, but how often can you pack 10 over varieties of vegetables and fruits into the blender? In addition, it isn’t exactly cheap to buy organic vegetables which will perish within a week. With this green superfood, I can keep up to about 9 months before it expires. For a busy person like myself, such green superfood supplements are a gift from Heaven.

Add one scoop of Neocell Super Collagen into my green smoothie for healthier skin and hair

To amp up the nutritional value of my green smoothie, I also added a scoop of collagen. I started taking collagen after I read articles online that collagen will help improve skin hydration. True indeed, I noticed that my skin looks plumper and feels smoother. And I don’t have as many breakouts as before once my skin is well-hydrated.

The other reason why I take collagen is due to my hair fall issue. I noticed that I am beginning to drop my hair as I aged. Worse still, I started noticing white hair sprouting out of my scalp. At that point in time, I instinctively knew that my body was lacking certain nutrients and it’s about time I take health supplements.

The best collagen powder I found on iHerb so far is Neocell Super Collagen. I bought their brand of collagen powder so that I can add it into my smoothie. Each tub of collagen contains hydrolysed bovine collagen which doesn’t have any taste or scent to it.

Amazing Grass Supplement

I actually prefer Neocell Super collagen over California Gold Nutrition’s collagen because its powder is finer and doesn’t have a scent at all. The California Gold Nutrition collagen, on the other hand, has this slight fishy marine smell and its powder looks rather coarse.

Amazing Grass Supplement

Add one cup of pure coconut water for some healthy electrolytes

Amazing Grass Supplement

You can add water to your smoothie but I prefer to add coconut water for its flavour and sweetness.

Add half a banana to make your smoothie creamy

Adding banana not only amps up the smoothie with more minerals but it also makes your smoothie taste sweeter. Besides, most smoothie recipes call for bananas as it gives the smoothie a ‘creamier’ consistency.

Amazing Grass Supplement

Add 2 tablespoons of instant oats

Amazing Grass Supplement

Oatmeal is an excellent source of dietary fibre. Thus, I would usually visit the toilet after drinking my green smoothie. Yes, this green smoothie is that effective in helping you to detox. Even my fiancé gave a thumbs-up for my ultimate detox green smoothie blend.

Then, blend everything well.

Amazing Grass Supplement

These days, I like to add a pinch of cinnamon and turmeric into the mixture before blending. It helps to ‘spice up’ the smoothie and at the same time, increasing the nutritional value of the smoothie.

I am using my new Aztech blender to blend my smoothies but I would not recommend it. But if you would like to find out more about this product, you can read my review here.

There you have it: Deenise Glitz’s Ultimate Green Detox Smoothie.

Amazing Grass Supplement

My fiancé who doesn’t like eating vegetables says that this green smoothie is quite palatable. In fact, he actually enjoys drinking it!

If you are looking into clean eating, why not start with a cup of green smoothie? You can start by heading over to iHerb to shop for this green superfood supplement. Enjoy 5% off your new iHerb order when you use my promo code, RBS682.

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