Why travel to North Korea when you can watch Crash Landing on You on Netflix?

Netflix Crash Landing On You Korean Drama
Source: Netflix

This Korean drama, called Crashing Landing on You, has garnered many positive reviews and likes from Google users since it debuts on tvN on 14 December 2019. What made this show truly appealing is it’s North Korea setting and storyline. Knowing that this show will depict what life is like in North Korea, I knew that this Korean drama is one of a kind. How could I not watch it? Since most of us have not set foot on this socialist nation, it is hard to imagine what life is like there. But through this drama, we get to have a glimpse of North Korea without having to actually travel there.

What’s this story is about?

This is yet another heartwrenching romantic Korean drama which most k-drama fans would binge-watch. The story goes like this: A South Korean lady socialite, called Yoon Se-ri, was doing paragliding when suddenly a tornado happened. And a strong gust of wind blew her towards North Korea air. She had crash-landed on a military zone in North Korea and met a dashing North Korean army officer called Ri Jeong-hyuk.

Nonetheless, not everything in the drama is reflective of North Korean society or the country per se. So what’s accurate and what’s not? Here are 5 interesting facts about Crash Landing on You.

*No spoilers. Don’t worry.

1. Most of the scenes in Crash Landing on You were shot in either South Korea or Mongolia.

Crash Landing On You Korean Drama
Source: tvN

Since it is obvious that they could not film in North Korea, they filmed it in South Korea and Mongolia. The scene where they were in the Korean Demilitarized Zone was actually shot in Jeju island.

In Mongolia, they filmed the train station scene in Ulaanbaatar train station. I wonder if it does look like the train station in North Korea. According to a North Korean defector, Kang Nara, 60% of the drama is rather accurate. The underground kimchi storage place, for instance, is found in North Korean residence.

Some of the flashback scenes were shot in Switzerland and it was the first location for their shoot.

2. Some scenes and props are not very North Korean-like.

Netflix Crash Landing On You Korean Drama
Source: tvN

This includes the designer clothes worn by the actresses in the show which Kang Nara explains that not many North Korean ladies would wear trench coats and fashionable boots.

3. Their North Korean accent sounds natural.

Netflix Crash Landing On You Korean Drama Hyun Bin
Source: Lim Hyo Seon / Netflix

According to an interview with Hyun Bin, he had a coach to teach him how to speak with a North Korean accent. And Kang Nara mentioned that it sounded pretty on point.

4. It is socially unacceptable to let your hair down in North Korea.

In the drama, there is a scene where Jeong-hyuk helps Se-ri to tie up her hair so that she will not be judged by others. Apparently, letting your hair down and wild is unacceptable in North Korea. Most women will tie their hair up in a ponytail as letting your hair loose is a symbol of capitalism according to Kang Nara.

5. Both Crash Landing on You main actors are in their late thirties.

Netflix Korean Drama Hyun Bin Son Yejin

I don’t know about you but whenever I watch a movie or drama, I am always curious about how old these actors and actresses are. Son Yejin who acted as Yoon Se-ri in the show is 38 years old and yet she still looks amazing and youthful despite her age. This drama is probably her biggest breakthrough in her acting career.

Hyun Bin, who acted as Ri Jeong-hyuk, will turn 38 in September this year and he looks very more charming and dashing than before. I’ve seen him acting in other Korean dramas years ago but he looks the best in this drama. This chiselled look is very attractive and even though he bears some wrinkles when he smiles, he still looks great. There’s something about the way Koreans maintain their youth which I never seem to be able to figure that out.

Watch it for yourself!

You just had to watch it for yourself to find out how the story unfolds as there are many interesting twists, turns and hooks in the drama which is very well-filmed. Only certain parts of the drama seem unrealistic e.g how the paraglider could land in North Korea.

Crash Landing on You is still showing on tvN and Netflix. There are a total of 16 episodes and there’s 3 more left to go! If you have not caught it yet, you can still watch the episodes online. This show did intrigue me to visit North Korea someday.

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