Sudio Fem: Wireless earbuds with touch controls

Sudio Fem review Wireless earbuds

The latest Sudio earphones just got bigger but better. Sudio Fem is the Sudio’s latest earphones collection which was just launched a month ago in December 2019. And I am excited to say that this series of earphones outperform their previous earphone collections with its automatic pairing capability and superb noise cancellation function.

Highlights of Sudio Fem

Sudio Fem review Wireless earbuds

I thought Sudio would have come up with more compact earbuds after launching the previous earphone collection, Sudio Tolv. Thus, I was caught aback when I saw that the Sudio Fem earbuds appeared to be bigger and chunkier than Sudio Tolv.

But after using Sudio Fem for a week now, I have no qualms with regards to its sizing at all. In fact, the Sudio Fem earbuds are more ergonomically designed in such a way that it fits the ear more snugly than Sudio Tolv. They are also equipped with the latest earphone capabilities like the automatic pairing, touch controls, longer playtime and noise-cancelling microphones.

Sudio Fem Accessories

Sudio Fem review Wireless earbuds

Sudio always keeps their packaging minimal so it does not take up much space. Inside the box, you will find the earbuds enclosed in the circular charging case along with the USB-C charging cable, earbud sleeves, guarantee certificate and owner’s manual.

Sudio Fem review Wireless earbuds

Currently, Sudio Fem is made available in 4 different colours: white, pink, black and dark blue. I was hoping that they will include more colours like baby blue or purple because they aren’t many earphones in the market that come in such colours.

Anyway, I decided to get the pink one because the colour looks pretty and it just lifts my mood up whenever I use it.

Automatic Pairing with Touch control functions

Sudio Fem review Wireless earbuds

Listening to music becomes a breeze when the automatic pairing function. Manual pairing via Bluetooth can be somewhat of a bane when you have to wait for the device to receive the signal before the pairing is successful. With Sudio Fem’s automatic pairing function, all I have to do is just to take the earbuds out of the case and stick them into my ears. Then wait for a voice notification that goes ‘pairing successful’. This is one of the best innovations ever.

Instead of having multiple buttons on the earbuds to control a particular function, they have touch sensors that allow you to pause or play the music with a single tap. To activate Siri or Google Assistant, you will just need to tap and hold for one second.

Here’s a summary of its touch control functions.

It will probably take you some time to remember and get used to the intuitive touch control functions.

  1. Single tap: Pause or play music, answer calls
  2. Single tap and hold: Activate voice assistant
  3. Double-tap on the left earbud: Select previous soundtrack
  4. Double-tap on the right earbud: Select next soundtrack
  5. Triple tap: Decrease or increase the volume
  6. Tap and hold both earbuds for 8 seconds to turn off the earbuds
  7. Tap and hold both earbuds to enter pairing mode

Stylish and Comfy earbuds

Sudio Fem review Wireless earbuds

Each earbud only weighs 5.5 grams and they fit comfortably into my ears. Sudio Fem has a better fit as compared to Sudio Tolv as they don’t slip off my ears as easily. Even if you are jogging, running or doing vigorous exercises, the Sudio Fem earbuds do not fall out easily.

The earbuds are sweat-resistant too, so that makes them a perfect workout companion. But do remember to wipe it down after every workout.

Charging the Sudio Fem

Sudio Fem review Wireless earbuds

The charging case has a USB-C port located at the side of the case. With this quick charging function, you can enjoy 20 hours of playtime with a 6-hour single charge.

Sound Quality

Sudio Fem review Wireless earbuds

The earbuds have 4 environmental noise-cancelling microphones; two on each earbud. Its superb noise cancellation effect allows you to enjoy the purest sounds on your earbuds.

Like its previous earphone collection, the Sudio Fem delivers a strong bass effect which amplifies as you increase the volume of the music. If you like listening to a good bass sound, you will enjoy using the Sudio Fem.

Overall, it is Sudio Fem is a relatively good pair of earphones which are comparable to other brands of earbuds available in the market. But in terms of their sound quality, they still pale in comparison to the higher-end earphone brands which offer clearer and crisper sounds.

Sudio Discount Code

If you would like to get your hands on Sudio Fem, you can head over to the website to purchase it. It is currently retailed at $219 on Sudio website. Enjoy 15% off with my special promo code DEENISEGLITZFEM.

Currently, they are running a Chinese New Year promotion (till 14 February 2020) where you will receive a free special edition CNY gift packaging along with a crossbody pouch worth $19 when you buy any SUdio earphones.

In addition, if you buy any 2 earphones, you can enjoy a special discount of 25% off  (15% off with promo code DEENISEGLITZFEM + additional 10%).

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