My 8 useful cheap buys from Shopee that costs below $4

I’ve been purchasing stuff online on Shopee for quite some time now and I really enjoy shopping for items at this online marketplace. The prices of many items are comparatively cheaper on this platform as most are imported directly from the source, at wholesale prices.

I love Shopee (and this is not a sponsored post.)

Shopee is like this one-stop marketplace to get everything you need – from food, clothes, electronics to even household items. Whatever you need, you can get it there. They even sell wedding dresses too! Over the span of one year, I’ve bought many items on Shopee which are both cheap and good.

There are some not-so-good buys too.

But not every purchase is worth the buy. I had bought items which have defects but Shopee usually settles promptly and refund my money back. I like the fact of how Shopee has put in place many user-friendly features to ensure high customer satisfaction. Every time you pay for an item, the money goes to Shopee first. Once you receive your product, Shopee will release the payment and pays the seller. But if there are any disputes regarding your purchase, Shopee will hold on to the payment. As the ‘middleman’, they get to bring some justice to the transaction table. And that’s precisely how Shopee builds trust with their customers. That’s how I always ended up browsing items on Shopee and discovered these cheap and good buys.

1.Anti-shock tough armour slim phone case ($1.30)

I have butterfingers and I swear that I’ve dropped my phone countless number of times. Yet, my phone has never once cracked all thanks to this anti-shock phone case which has bumpers at its corners. It’s really acting like an ‘armour’ for my phone!

2. Macbook Silicone protector cover ($2.90)

If you own a Macbook, make sure you get a keyboard protector cover to prevent dust and dirt from entering the small crevices in your laptop. Cleaning becomes a breeze. All you’ll need is to clean the protector cover by rising it with water or wiping it down with a cloth. Could you imagine how much dirt or food crumbs get stuck in your laptop keyboard if you did not use a protector cover?

3. Transparent strong seamless hook ($0.18)

It is supposed to be very strong based on what was advertised on Shopee but I did not dare to hang heavy items on this adhesive wall hook. I actually use it to hang my hand towels. It is great if you wish to attach a hook to the wall but did not want to go through the trouble of drilling holes. Each only costs about 20 cents so even if it doesn’t hold up heavy items, I would not mind at all.

4. Dinner Chair Spandex cover ($3.50)

These cushion chair covers with tropical prints only cost $3.50 each. The highly stretchable fabric feels nice and soft to touch and I am very happy with how it turns out. However, it looks a little too big for my chairs but I could always do a bit of stitching to adjust the size of it.

If you are looking into jazzing up your dining chairs, you should really get one of these cushion chair covers! They definitely add a tropical vibe to my new 2-room flat.

5. Cushion cover in Nordic Style ($1.70)

I think I got these cushion covers for a steal too. Each only costs $1.70 and I bought two of them for my sofa cushions. The striking mustard cushion covers add a pop of colour to the living room area and I love how it brightens up the living space. The fabric itself is quite thin but I have no qualms about it at all, given that it costs less than 2 bucks!

6. Silicone Toothbrush holder with suction hooks ($0.60)

I stumbled upon this buy while I was looking for a toothbrush holder or a cup for my toothbrush. But I soon figured that it isn’t very wise to use a cup because, after some time, the base of the cup will get dirty. Thus, I thought that it would be better to get a toothbrush holder so that the brush could be left air-dried instead. Guess what? I also saw that you can use this silicone toothbrush holder for razors. Look at how cute these holders look! I wonder what else it can be used for.

7. Self-adhesive Marble contact paper ($1.45)

Marble tabletops look really classy and expensive. But the problem is I could not afford to buy a marble table. So like what most D.I.Y YouTubers would do, they will purchase a self-adhesive marble contact paper and stick it on the surfaces of their tabletops. It actually requires some sort of skill to stick the paper properly onto the tabletop, without any air trapped in between. But once you figure how to prevent air bubbles, your tabletop will end up looking really classy and expensive.

But do note that most of the time, such contact paper usually come crumpled or crushed if they are not wrapped properly. When that happens, I usually ask for a refund. Thus, do read and check the reviews before buying!

8. MAMONDE Flower Lab Essence Mask ($1.12)

Last but not least, a recommended Shopee buy would be their facial masks. There are so many different brands of facial masks but my favourite is still Mamonde’s Flower Lab Essence Mask. This is the best facial mask I’ve tried and it is also very value for money. The mask itself is soaked with a very moisturising type of essence which can be readily absorbed by the skin. Besides, I’ve tried Mamonde’s products before and I enjoy using their gel-based moisturisers which kept my skin hydrated. I would definitely stock up on these masks when there’s a sale!

What are some of your favourite buys on Shopee? Let me know in the comment box below!

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