Why Millenials like to do Staycations at M Social Hotel

M Social Hotel Singapore

It was a day after Valentine’s Day when we checked into M Social hotel. We have read positive reviews of this hotel and how swanky and modern their loft-style rooms looked. In fact, M Social is one of the newer established hotels along Robertson Quay and being someone who enjoys doing hotel stays, I knew I just had to check out M Social.

M Social stood out from the rest of the hotels along Robertson Quay for its loft-style room. Its sister hotel, Studio M (which is just a stone throw away from M Social) also offers such loft-style rooms but perhaps not as swanky or posh-looking. I did not expect the hotel to be full, especially during this period of time when the CoVid-19 virus is making a wave here in Singapore. Boy, was I wrong! I had to wait for about 30 minutes at the check-in counter before I could get my room card. (By the way, Millennium Hotels have started this We Clean. We Care. We Welcome campaign to upkeep the safety and cleanliness of their hotels, including M Social. So, there’s not to worry as they do clean and sanitize the rooms. They even provide guests with medical masks and gloves when required.)

Most of them who checked in were couples in their twenties or early thirties. Looks like this hotel is really popular among us millennials. What makes this hotel so appealing towards millennials?

1. Checking-in: They rely on A.I and technology to speed things up.

M Social Hotel Singapore

There are currently two automated self-check-in counters which are manned by one staff. I wish there were more of such automated check-in counters so that the wait doesn’t have to be that long. Even with the self-check-in counters installed, we still have to wait for quite a bit as they were some room issues.

The Loft Terrace room was reserved for me but apparently, the previous couple had some room issues with their room so they were upgraded to the Loft Terrace room. As for me, they had no choice but to do a room downgrade for me. They allocated the Loft Gallery Room for me, which according to them is a similar room except that it lacked a balcony. For the downgrade, they compensated me with a dining voucher. I was a little disappointed but their staff reacted and dealt with the issue promptly and professionally. On a positive note, I enjoyed the food served at Beast & Butterflies very much.

They also throw in a complimentary welcome drink voucher to make up for the long waiting time at the check-in counter. That’s instant service recovery for you.

M Social Hotel Singapore

If you hang around the lift lobby long enough, you will get to see robot AURA in action. This robot runs simple errands like delivering bottles of water to the guest room. Interacting with this robot is all part of the experience staying here at M Social. I mean, how often do you get to utilise a robot to help you do things? Curious millennials would not hesitate to whip out their phones to ‘insta-story’ their encounter with AURA.

M Social Hotel Singapore

2. The hotel’s stylish interior rubs off a cool and sexy vibe.

M Social Hotel Singapore

The strong cologne-like scent that wafts through their hotel lobby will instantly ‘turn you on’. And the expensive sexy scent elevates the impression I had of this hotel. In addition, their stylish and modern interior, which is designed by renowned French visionary Philippe Starck, is simply stunning. I love the raw and edgy feel of the hotel.

We both get transcended to another zone as we headed up to our room. Little did we know that there were more exciting things awaits us.

M Social Hotel Singapore

3. Their loft-style rooms are Millennials’ dream bedrooms.

M Social Hotel Singapore

These loft-style rooms are unique in every way. It’s like a ‘mini bungalow house’ which most of us Singaporeans are longing to own one. I don’t know about you but to me, staircases symbolise status because it can bring you to a greater place or height. Could that be a reason why people often associate luxury to loft houses or loft-style rooms?

M Social Hotel Singapore

The Loft Gallery room has an industrial-themed interior. The raw and unwashed concrete walls along with the glass and metal finishings provide an edgy feel to the room. Compact as it may seem, the high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows made the room look spacious.

Level 1

M Social Hotel Singapore

On the first level, you have your ultra-comfy bed and bathroom. Their bed is super comfortable and I had no probably falling asleep as soon as I hit the sack.

There’s also a separate sink which is found underneath the stairs. The mini-fridge and coffee-making facilities are all displayed right under the stairs. Every space and corner seems to be well-utilised in this room.

M Social Hotel Singapore

Next to the sink is an open wardrobe area where the bathrobes are hung. There’s also a foldable luggage stand or rack for guests to use.

M Social Hotel Singapore

Enjoy a pampering retreat in this ensuite bathroom equipped with a rain shower head. They also provide high-end toiletries by C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries.

M Social Hotel Singapore
M Social Hotel Singapore

A small bedside table to put your belongings and knick-knacks.

M Social Hotel Singapore

Level 2

M Social Hotel Singapore

On the mezzanine floor, you’ll find a large comfy leather sofa as well as a flat-screen television. This is a conducive area for you do do your work or meet up with your business partners right here. There’s always a time for work and play.

The segregated zones are exactly what Millennials are looking for because we need a space for everything. Having a designated space for work and play help prep our minds so that we can work more efficiently. It is all about maximising time and space.

4. There’s Nespresso Coffee-making machine in the loft-style rooms.

M Social Hotel Singapore

What keeps us Millennials going is none other than coffee. But most of us prefer coffee brewed directly coffee grounds rather than the instant 3-in-1 freeze-dried coffee. You get to enjoy freshly-brewed coffee whenever you like. They provide a tray of coffee capsules for you to prepare hot coffee whenever you feel like having a cuppa.

M Social Hotel Singapore

5. There’s a gym for you gym rats.

M Social Hotel Singapore

Staying fit while vacationing or having a retreat is mandatory for us millennials who constantly thrive to achieve a healthier and slimmer body. During your stay at M Social, you can lift some weights, complete your HIIT workout or run on the treadmill while watching your favourite Korean drama show.

The gym is pretty packed in the late evening when we checked in. A bunch of them are working out really hard so that they can indulge later. Eat, exercise, sleep and repeat.

6. The outdoor swimming pool makes a perfect chill-out and photography spot.

I did not manage to take a shot of the swimming pool as it was rather crowded. I guess it won’t be nice to take photos of half-naked people. As such, let’s keep this as a surprise.

Albeit small, the pool itself overlooks Robertson Quay and it is not too sunny or hot – all thanks to the shady bushes that lined one side of the pool. Don’t be surprised to see millennials hanging out at both pool ends to take a selfie.

7. There are free shuttle buses to Orchard and Chinatown Point.

M Social Hotel Singapore

Want to head out to the nearest malls to shop? You can hop onto one of M Social free shuttle buses to get to town or the nearest MRT stations. It is really convenient to head to town from this hotel.

8. M Social’s in-house restaurant offers good western and local food that comes in generous portions.

M Social Hotel Singapore

Their food at Beast & Butterflies is pretty dope. I especially enjoyed their Asian and local-inspired dishes like Laksa and Lobster porridge. Their dishes come in large portions so you can actually order a few dishes and share among a few friends. Their food is exceptionally tasty and as in-house guests, you get to enjoy 20% off your dining bill. So if you are staying here at M Social, don’t forget to check out Beast & Butterflies.

9. They don’t have the best breakfast buffet but that also means you can wake up late and enjoy a brunch by the quay.

M Social Hotel Singapore

Breakfast is served at Beast & Butterflies from 6.30 am to 10.30 am. Since there do not have a proper buffet line area, there isn’t much of a variety when it comes to their buffet breakfast. You can only find the basic breakfast items like eggs, sausages, bacon, hashbrowns, cereal, fruits and salads. Sad to say, there isn’t much of a variety. So if I were you, I would not go for the breakfast option. And that also means that you can wake up late and have brunch as well. They are many nice restaurants and cafes offering decent brunches by the quay. You can also a leisure alfresco dining experience at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

10. Make breakfast with their self-service pancake machine and robot egg chef.

M Social Hotel Singapore

But if you do prefer to have breakfast in the hotel, then do check out their self-serve pancake making machine and AUSCA, their breakfast chef that whips out a piping hot omelette.

M Social Hotel Singapore

If you’re a millennial but have not done a staycation before, what are you waiting for?

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