1-V:U: Say ‘I Do’ at this Gorgeous Wedding Destination

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

If your partner were to propose to you at a rooftop bar which overlooks the South China Sea, you probably wouldn’t mind saying yes to forever. How about exchanging your wedding vows before a million-dollar view at this luxe and exuberant restaurant and bar?

1-V:U (which simply sounds like 1-View when pronounced) is 1-Group’s latest dining concept which is situated at the rooftop of The Outpost Hotel in Sentosa. This new restaurant, which just launched in January this year, has a similar luxe vibe to 1-Group’s iconic restaurants and bars like 1-Altitude, The Summerhouse and Monti but better. Its menu offerings, views and ambience all made 1-V:U uniquely different from the other rooftop restaurants in Singapore.

First and foremost, 1-V:U offers an unparalleled sea view that would captivate anyone.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

1-V:U is an incredibly stunning restaurant. When I was here for their recent bridal fair, I was left in awe by the breath-taking views of the Singapore Straits, dotted with numerous cargo ships and boats.

We were just in time to catch the beautiful sunset as we watched the mock-up solemnization by the infinity pool during the bridal fair. Apparently, they have invited models to act as the bride and groom so that the soon-to-get-married attendees can have a feel of what it is like to attend a wedding here at 1-V:U.

1-V:U as a wedding destination

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

During the bridal fairs, each couple is assigned to a site planner who will answer queries they have about planning a wedding at 1-V: U. It is great that there’s someone to bring you on a personalised tour around the venue.

Let’s just start off by talking about the solemnization set-up. How cool it is to exchange your wedding vows against a beautiful blue sky with orange hues of sunlight peeking through the clouds?

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

If you are into garden-themed weddings or rooftop dinings, this is the place to be. For a start, you can even consider scheduling your wedding in a similar fashion to the mock-up wedding showcased during the bridal fair.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

So, how was the mock-up wedding like? And what are our experiences like as guests?

6.00 PM: The Cocktail Hour

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

1-V:U is located on the 7th floor of The Outpost Hotel in Sentosa. It is accessible by car, Sentosa Express or shuttle bus. We took the shuttle bus from Vivocity and reached the hotel in a jiffy.

Rooftop Terrace

We enjoyed the cool evening breeze as we got ushered to the open deck area. The staff was friendly and very prompt in serving all the guests drinks and tapas. That evening, we could get a glass of wine, cocktail or juices at the bar.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

There was even some live entertainment as we sipped on our cocktails and wait for the solemnisation to begin. The atmosphere was fantastic. There were many comfy cushion seats for you to plunk yourself into the sea blue sofas or cushioned seats. As a host, you don’t really have to be afraid that there are not enough seats for everyone.

The Infinity Pool

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

If you booked the rooftop terrace for your wedding solemnisation, the infinity pool is exclusively available for you to use. No other hotel guests can access the pool during your wedding. And I was just thinking, why not make use of the pool for your after-party celebration?

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

The outdoor area has a seating capacity of 60 people and a standing capacity of about 120 people. I would say that this venue is suited for those who preferred a more intimate wedding setting. The indoor dining area can house no more than 180 people. A comfortable number of guest, as I was told, is about 150.

The Dining Hall

For this current dining set-up at the bridal show, there are about 120 seats. There is still some space at the front and back of the dining hall.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

The dining hall itself has got this clean and sleek interior. The vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows made the restaurant looks ultra classy and chic. There’s a good amount of natural lighting in the dining hall and your wedding photographs are probably going to turn out looking nicer too.

6.30 PM: The Solemnisation

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

They invited an emcee and a Justice of Peace (JP) to solemnise the mock-up wedding. The JP gave some really good advice to the soon-to-be-married couples on the floor before he proceeded to carry out the solemnisation.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

It is best to do your solemnisation in the late evening because of the afternoon sun during the day can be blazing hot. Hence, they actually recommend couples to do wedding dinners instead.

7.00 PM: The Wedding Dinner

During the bridal fair, we had a sit-down buffet dinner where we tried Chef Ace Tan’s contemporary take on Progressive East Asian cuisine. This style of cuisine incorporates the flavours of East Asia, complemented by seasonal seafood and imported meats. And what chef Tan meant by ‘progressive’ is where non-Asians can recognise what they are eating without asking the waiters about the dishes. I would say it’s akin to the starting point of East Asian cuisine.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

The open kitchen concept also allows guests to have a peek at the chefs at work. You can say that it is another form of entertainment during the wedding too.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

Wedding Table Decor

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

The floral arrangement and installations for this bridal show were all done up by Pixies, their in-house floral vendor. For wedding couples who are wedded here, that’s one thing less to worry about if you have bought their wedding package which includes floral arrangement.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

The table decor is lovely and the flowers really add a touch of romance to the whole dining table set-up. But I have to say that such long western-style tables are usually quite narrow and there isn’t much of a space to put your huge dinner plate.

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

On the menu

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

We tried a range of their dishes but I could not remember the names of the dishes as they were not reflected on the actual menu we were given. The ingredients used were really fresh and so the dishes tasted relatively good. But if your old folks are into traditional Chinese food or local-style cuisine, they might not enjoy this sort of refined Asian cuisine.

7.30 PM: Evening Entertainment + Fireworks

1-V:U The Outpost Hotel 1-Group Weddings Sentosa

While your guests are having dinner, you can continue to provide some live music or show your Actual Wedding Day videos on their huge screen. However, the screen is awkwardly placed on one side of the dining hall. Guests who are seated behind the dining hall might have difficulty viewing the full screen.


As the sky darkens, some of your guests can also take a breather by the pool. They can soak in the moonlight and chill by the pool.

By 8.00 pm, the Wings of Time show at Sentosa will light up some fireworks by the seafront. So in a way, your guests can also enjoy a short firework show during your wedding too.


8:00 PM: Second March-in


At around 8 pm, you can arrange for your second march-in. This is also the time where you can cut your wedding cake and give a toast to your guests.


After the pouring of champagne, you can proceed to say do your thank-you speeches. It is also an opportunity to invite your groomsmen, bridesmaids or family members to make their heartfelt speeches.

Finally, you might even want to round up your wedding dinner with an after-party celebration. Since there’s already a bar by the pool equipped with huge high-quality sounding speakers, why not dance the night away?

In a nutshell…

Overall, the restaurant itself has a really impressive view, ambience and decor. Not to mention that they have got a team of really dedicated staff who were really prompt and attentive. As for the food, we wished that they have served us the food individually so that we can have a feel of what it is like to have a sit-down dinner during the wedding. But overall, it was a good experience. If you are planning to hold your wedding here, it is best to do a site visitation and talk to their wedding coordinator.

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