What can you do with Philips Award-winning OLED+ TV?

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With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic happening around the world, maybe it’s best to resume your couch potato lifestyle and stay at home to spend more time with your family. In times like this, you probably wished that you have upgraded your home entertainment system or trade-in your old television set for a bigger and better one.

I guess it’s not too late when TP vision has announced last Friday that the highly acclaimed, award-winning Philips 65-inch OLED+ 984 TV is now available in Singapore.

During the press launch, we get to experience this award-winning 4K UHD Android television for ourselves. We cosied ourselves up in a makeshift living room and simply, watch this state-of-the-art television works its magic. After witnessing the amazing capabilities of this television, how I wish I was able to bag it home knowing that my Dad is going to love this TV to bits! Can you imagine the things you can do with this award-winning TV?

Let me share how this Philips television can revolutionise the way you watch television.

Enjoy a full cinematic movie experience with its stunning visuals and surround sound system

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Credit: TP Vision

With Philips OLED+ 984, you can enjoy similar cinematic visual and sound experience you have in the current state-of-the-art cinemas. This TV comes equipped with an impressive 3rd-Gen P5 Pro Picture processing chip which delivers breathtaking visuals.

This TV also supports Dolby’s premium sound and video formats so the HDR content you watch will look and sound amazingly real.

Create a one-of-a-kind ambience at home while watching a movie or playing games

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Credit: TP Vision

This TV also comes with Philips 4-sided Ambilight. The intelligent LEDs that frames the four edges of the TV and cast on-screen colours onto the wall-in real-time will definitely set the mood and tone for that immersive experience. Do cinemas even have such special features yet?

Turn your living space into a music bar

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Credit: TP Vision

You might not be able to head out to the bars to listen to live music right now but you can easily turn your living room into a music bar. All you’ll need are powerhouse speakers and bottles of whiskey.

The Philips OLED+ 984 TV is equipped with speakers which are exclusively designed by Bowers & Wilkins. And these incredible speakers deliver thrilling life-like performance, as if you’re listening to your favourite band performing right in front of you. There’s also an integrated sub-woofer, tweeters and full-range drivers that produce deep and well-defined bass sounds.

Command the TV to perform mundane tasks for you with the help of Google Assistant

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Credit: TP Vision

Too lazy to walk over and reach out for the remote control? Or perhaps you are busy getting ready some popcorn and drinks in the kitchen but want to set up the TV quickly so that you are just in time to catch your favourite TV show? You can control your Philips Android TV with your voice commands. Whether it is turning your TV, switching channels or watch Netflix, you can rely on your TV to do these tasks for you.

You can also command all Google Assistant-compatible smart home devices, like dimming the lights on movie night without having to leave the sofa.

Isn’t this what we envision our television-of-the-future to be? Looks like our vision and dreams have turned into reality. There’s so much you can do with today’s TV.

The Philips OLED+ 984 retails at $6,999 and is available exclusively at all Best Denki stores in Singapore.

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