How to plan out your day if you are quarantined at home?

Things to do during a Stay Home Quarantined
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Whether you are on Stay Home Notice (SHN)/ Leave of Absence (LOA)/Quarantine Orders (QO), you should exercise social responsibility and stay at home! The COVID-19 situation has evolved so quickly ever since WHO has declared it as a pandemic. Look at this current situation right now, we really need to be good citizens and comply with the new measures put in place.

You need to treat your quarantine order seriously.

Although I may not agree with all the new regulations, I know that I have to trust our own government at this point. There could be more effective ways of protecting one another but I choose to believe that our leaders have exercised the best options which work for our country. Thus no matter what decisions they have made, it is all for own our good. If you are quarantined at home, please abide by the regulations and treat them seriously. There are cases where locals are flouting the rules and heading out into the streets despite being under quarantine. This ‘enemy’ we are talking right here is not visible to the eyes so we have to take extra precautions.

I wished I was quarantined too.

Besides, it isn’t that bad to stay at home anyway. There are tonnes of things to keep yourself occupied! I wish I could stay home too but my job requires me to report to work on a daily basis to keep the system up and running. Count yourself lucky if you get to work from home. And here are 8 ways to spend your time wisely at home. Most importantly, you should keep yourself healthy during this crisis and spend quality time with your loved ones.

1. Start your day with a healthy smoothie.

Things to do during a Stay Home quarantine COVID-19 green smoothie
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Fight this crisis with a strong, healthy body and mind. Kick start your morning with a healthy breakfast like a glass of nutritious smoothie or oatmeal porridge. You can check out my green smoothie recipe which I drink on a daily basis or google for easy smoothie recipes online.

Keep the portions small and meals simple since you won’t be expending much energy now that you’re stationed at home. But it is important to be eating as much nutritious food as you can during this period of time.

2. Do home workouts to keep yourself fit.

Things to do during a Stay Home yoga home workouts COVID-19 quarantine
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Even though you might not be able to hit the gym or go out to the park for a run, you can still workout at home. I used to think that it is boring to workout at home along but now I think it is actually not too bad working out at home.

In fact, there are many quality fitness videos on Youtube which you can follow along. I really enjoy watching workout videos by POPSUGAR fitness and other fitness Youtubers like Chloe Ting and Jordan Yeoh. They provide clear instructional fitness videos which are effective in helping you to lose fat and tone your muscles.

I’ve been actually doing home workouts for the past three months and I’ve actually lost more weight by doing home workouts than going to the gym for classes!

3. Check your emails and complete some work.

Things to do during a stay home quarantine COVID-19
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After working out, it’s time to get back to your work. Whether there’s a virus or not, we still need to carry out our tasks and responsibilities to do our part and keep this economy going. Whether we’re a frontline worker or not, we all play a part in driving our country’s economy during this unprecedented time.

Work smart by collaborating with your colleagues and use online collaboration tools like Google Meet and Zoom to communicate with your colleagues. Stay united and positive. Work still continues after this crisis.

4. Try out a new recipe and prepare a nutritious meal.

Things to do during a Stay Home Quarantined
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Have you’ve been wanting to try out a new recipe but have no time to do so previously? This is the best time to bake or experiment with new recipes at home. Cooking and baking can be therapeutic. It can help you take your mind off the current situation right now.

Craving for some bubble tea but can’t get out to buy it? Why not spend make your favourite bubble tea drink at home? Check out my Pi Pa Gao milk tea recipe which can be made easily at home using a few ingredients.

5. Spend quality time with your kids to play some games or do TikTok videos.

Things to do during a Stay Home Quarantined
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After a fruitful morning, it’s time to dedicate your next couple of hours to play with your kids or hang out with your partner to watch a movie or play some video games.

If you want to clock in more calories, why not learn a new dance routine and do a TikTok video? Take this precious time to bond with your family, friends and your loved ones. We do not usually have such luxury of time to slow down and spend quality time with our loved ones. Be present and relish these beautiful moments together.

6. Educate yourself with books and online courses.

Things to do during a Stay Home Quarantined
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Some of you may be out of a job during this critical period of time. Take heart, this crisis will be over and do not give up! Keep your head up high and take advantage of the free time you have to educate yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge to get closer to your ideal career. Thanks to the current advancements in technology, we can have easy access to online courses, lessons and tutorials on almost everything.

You may even want to pursue a new hobby like photography or knitting but have no time to go for classes because you’re bogged down by work. Isn’t this the perfect time to go on YouTube and pick up a new skill?

You may even want to do some craft work or DIY projects too. What about making your own hand sanitizer at home? You can also read my blog post on your to make your own alcohol-based hand sanitizer too.

7. Prepare dinner with your family or kids.

Things to do during a Stay Home Quarantined
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It’s dinner time. Whip up a feast with your family and get the kids involved too! It is important to teach your kids some important life skills like cooking and basic housekeeping. Get your kids to help out with some housework because by getting them to help out with these tasks can develop a sense of responsibility in them.

8. Hang out on social media platforms to keep yourself updated and connect with your loved ones!

Things to do during a Stay Home Quarantined
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Just before you tuck yourself into bed, read the news from reliable sources on social media platforms to keep yourself updated. From time to time, new measures and regulations will be put in place due to the evolving nature of this pandemic. At the same time, read the good news as well because there is a positive side to every situation.

Last of all, stay connected with your friends, family, relatives and colleagues who may also be quarantined. Find alternative ways to stay in touch with them instead of gathering into big groups.

I personally love using Facebook Messenger to video call my fiancé because there’s an option to use their cute face mask filters. We were highly entertained by these interactive features and can’t stop laughing at ourselves.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.

If you are interested to find out what’s the current COVID-19 situation like in Singapore (as of 28 March 2020), you can watch this video.

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