5 Best Stay Home Workout videos to watch on YouTube

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Credit: Jonathan Borba

Actually, I’ve already ditched my gym membership a long time ago and turn to home workout videos on YouTube instead. With today’s growing quality content on YouTube, you can get a decent workout just by watching instructional exercise videos created by fitness trainers, experts or YouTubers. The exercise tips and tricks they share online is exactly what real fitness instructors or trainers would advocate too. Now with this COVID-19 crisis, there are more reasons to stay at home and workout.

Currently, in Singapore, all the fitness centres and areas are closed. Even playgrounds and fitness corners are cordoned off. I guess the only exercises we can do outdoors are walking, running or hiking. And if you prefer to stay within the comfort of your own home to exercise, then be sure to check out this list of my recommended fitness YouTube channels and videos.

1. For beginners, try POPSUGAR Fitness

Even before this virus outbreak, I was already doing home workouts. And I often myself drawn to POPSUGAR Fitness videos. They offer a variety of workouts from Zumba, cardio, Tabata, pilates to strength training exercises.

I particularly find their workouts to be more women-friendly and very effective in shaping and toning bodies. That’s probably because their workout routines are carefully designed by fitness experts and Hollywood’s celebrity trainers. I actually lost some weight just by doing their 30 or 45-minute workouts!

Their do-it-along-with-us real-time workout shows are easy to follow and it should not be a problem for beginners too. Their fitness host, Anna Renderer is exceptionally chirpy and her energising spirit never fails to lift me up. She is constantly motivating her viewers to stick through and persevere.

My favourite POPSUGAR Fitness videos are their Tabata workouts led by Raneir Pollard as well as their strength training and cardio videos.

2. For yogis, get on the mat with SarahBethYoga.

I know that the most popular yoga channel on YouTube right now is Yoga with Adriene. But I actually prefer watching Sarah Beth Yoga’s morning and stretching yoga videos.

Yogi Sarah Beth introduces an excellent yoga flow and sequence that makes my body feel great. She gives off a calming yoga vibe, similar to the kind of yoga teachings which I had from my favourite yoga teachers. I also enjoyed the soft and soothing music played at the background of the video. And her videos, albeit rather short, is easy to follow as Sarah’s instructions are clear.

Her style of yoga is leaning towards yin yoga which involves a lot of stretching and staying in poses for some time. Her yoga routine is not intense but very gentle. I like her morning yoga routines and I usually follow her yoga stretch and exercises in the morning. It gets me ready for the day and I felt great after doing some light exercises in the morning.

There aren’t many good meditative yoga videos online so Sarah Beth’s yoga videos are gold.

3. If time is tight for you, do these 10-minute workouts with Chloe Ting.

Chloe Ting is probably one of the most popular fitness YouTubers to date. Watching her videos makes you want to work out with her because of her friendly persona. Her videos are easy to follow and she even included alternative moves for each of her exercise moves. There is a timer to tell you the duration of the exercise and a workout progress bar to inform you how much more to go. Her short 10-minute or 15-minute workout videos allows you to customise your workout. To clock in 30 minutes of workout, you may want to do her 10-minute abs workout and 20-minute full body workout.

If you dislike doing repetitive workouts, you will enjoy her videos as she doesn’t really repeat her moves in a single video.

In addition to her enticing workout videos, she also creates videos on healthy eating and dieting tips. Besides exercising, it is important to eat clean and feel great during this period of time.

4. For the fitness fanatics who needed a challenging workout, tone your body with Heather Robertson.

Heather Robertson is a certified personal trainer as well as a fitness model. Her workout videos are pretty challenging and usually involves weights. If you are into HIIT workouts, you will enjoy her workout circuits and moves.

Her aesthetically-pleasing and minimalistic videos, paired with sassy hyped tunes, are perfect for those who want to have a smashing good workout. Her workout routine is complete with a warm-up and cool-down and the videos usually last between 30 to 40 minutes. If you are looking to do a more serious workout, then follow her videos.

5. For my male species, get pumped up with Jordan Yeoh Fitness.

Hunky Jordan Yeoh needs no introduction. This Malaysian fitness guru will get you pumping with his sleek and creative exercise moves that will leave your muscles feeling sore the next day. Even though his exercise videos are targeted mainly at males who wants to achieve a ripped body, I find his workouts to be suitable for females too.

Most importantly, most of his workout routines don’t require the use of gym equipment and are easy to do and follow. He even shows his viewers that his workout can be done anywhere – whether it is at home or in the park. You will be greatly inspired to exercise more often merely just by watching his videos. Watch this 15-minute ab circuit video to see what I meant!

Get moving, people! Have I missed out any other fitness youtube channels?

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