Crème of Jing Cheng: I Tried Robin Niu Er’s Anti-aging Skincare products

These days, I’ve been swopping my anti-acne skincare products for anti-ageing skincare products which are more suited for my skin type. And one of the anti-ageing skincare brands I’ve been testing out is Crème of Jing Cheng, Taiwanese skincare brand developed by Taiwanese Celebrity Beauty consultant, Robin Niu Er (or 牛尔). In the show, the participants and host would lovingly address him as Niu Er Lao Shi (teacher) or 牛尔老师.


If you have watched this popular Taiwanese beauty program called Queen 女人我最大 (Nǚ Rén Wǒ Zuì Dà), you would have catch glimpses of Niu Er who often appears on screen with this flawless-looking glowing skin. He is already in his early fifties and yet he looks just like a wrinkle-free young chap in his thirties. What’s his secret to his youthful-looking skin? It makes you wonder what sort of food he is eating and what brand of skincare products he is using.

Crème of Jing Cheng is now available in Singapore.


Thankfully, he isn’t hesitant about sharing of his best-kept beauty secrets with us ladies whom we see youth as our true gold. He has collaborated with several skincare brands to develop quality skincare products and also developed his own brand of products such as Crème of Jing Cheng. Thanks to Artisan Glam, they have brought in the distribution of Crème of Jing Cheng to Singapore. They are now available at Qoo10, Ezbuy, Amazon, Shopee and Redmart.

Crème of Jing Cheng is a high-end anti-ageing skincare brand which caters to women of ages 30 and above. Two of their featured products are the Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate and 5D Power V Firming Serum. I’ve tried both of these products for about a week or so now and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts about the products.

Crème of Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate

Crème of Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate Anti-aging skincare products Taiwanese

This is actually a dual-layer skin essence which has been blended with an intensive repair brightening complex to help hydrate and brighten the skin. It is no ordinary skin essence as it contains superior ingredients which oxidises easily upon contact with the air. As such, the concentrate is stored in small air-tight glass vials, just like ampoules. There are only 14 of such vials in each box.

Crème of Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate Anti-aging skincare products Taiwanese

How and when to use it?

The product promises visible results in 14 days so I suppose that you have to use this skin concentrate consecutively for 14 days. According to the product usage information, you will need to use this product twice in a day so I presumed that you can use half a bottle in the morning and the remaining half of the concentrate in the evening.

Crème of Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate Anti-aging skincare products Taiwanese

Before using it, make sure you shake the bottle to mix the oil and essence formula together. The formula comprises of 20% oils and 80% essence thus, when left to stand, the oil layer will naturally float up.

Also, apply this clear concentrate directly to the skin right after cleansing. Massage the essence into the skin and then pat gently til dry. Don’t forget to slather on some sunblock to achieve better skin brightening effects.

Crème of Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate Anti-aging skincare products Taiwanese

What is found in the concentrate?

It features the repair brightening complex, Rosewater and Rosa Rubiginosa seed oil. Thus, it is why the concentrate itself smells so lovely and awesome!

The key ingredient of in this complex is Actuat E60®, an active complex of 60 natural plant extracts which are sourced from various oriental herbs and western aromatic plants. Some of the acne clearing and whitening botanical extracts are kiwi fruit, mulberry and Job’s tears. It also contains hydrating botanicals extracts like Sakura, rose and wheat bran protein.

The complex also comprises of skin-brightening agents like tranexamic acid and alpha-arbutin that fades dark spots.

Crème of Jing Cheng Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate Anti-aging skincare products Taiwanese

What are the key product benefits?

It helps to brighten dull skin tone and lighten dark spots. Most importantly, it repairs and soothes the skin to prevent further ageing of the skin. The essence also hydrates the skin and smoothes fine lines.

How effective is the product?

I can’t deny the fact that the Super Diamond Bright Repairing concentrate is truly hydrating and moisturising. After cleansing, I will apply it straight away to my skin and followed up with a lightweight moisturiser. And it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day! It also emits a beautiful rose scent (due to the presence of the flower water) which naturally perfumed the skin and it lingers on for quite some time!

Half a bottle of concentrate is more than sufficient for the whole face. I like to apply some of it on my neck area as well in an upward-lifting motion. Since it is an emulsion of oil and essence, it will take some time for the product to be absorbed into the skin. After massaging the product into my skin, I have gently pat it into the skin for the product to penetrate into the skin.

After 7 days

I’ve been using it for almost a week now and my skin texture has improved quite a bit. I apologised that it can’t really be seen based on the photographs but my skin most certainly feels smoother and moisturise. Makeup glides easily on my hydrated skin as well.

After 14 days

As for the brightening effect, I can’t really tell a difference at this point. However, I do notice that my skin tone is more even. I guess the brightening effect can be further enhanced if the product is coupled with facial or some form of intense exfoliation which will promote skin renewal.

Crème of Jing Cheng 5D Power V Firming Serum

Crème of Jing Cheng Power V Firming Serum Anti-aging skincare products Taiwanese

I thought I didn’t need a firming serum until I used this serum which has proved to me how it could help my skin to defy gravity. This firming and revitalizing serum is formulated with rye seed extract and a powerful active ingredient called Sirtalice™. Sirtalice™ is an active marine ingredient that helps to energise and firm up the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use this product?


This firming serum can be used right after applying toner or essence to your skin. It’s a very rich serum even though it is lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin. Two pumps of this product is all you’ll need to help shape, tone and lift your skin.

It’s best to massage this product onto your skin using upward and lifting strokes. I would first warm up the product on my palms then massage the product on one side of my face before moving on to the other side.

What is found in this serum?

Crème of Jing Cheng Power V Firming Serum Anti-aging skincare products Taiwanese

Like the Super Diamond Bright Repairing Concentrate, this serum also contains the signature ingredient complex, Actuat 60®. It also contains rich moisturising ingredients like macadamia nut oil, shea butter and vitamin E. As such, this product is more suited for mature skin.

To blur out the fine lines, the formula also includes rye seed extract, hydrolysed Lepidium Meyenii Root and Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel extract.

The firming and lifting effect can be attributed to active patented ingredients like Sirtalice™ and Bodyfit™.

What are some of the product benefits?

The product is said to treat sagging skin, improves skin elasticity and hydrates the skin. Besides erasing wrinkles and fine lines, it also firms, smooths and plumps the skin.

Is it effective?

I can confidently give a whooping yes for this product has it really does help to lift the skin. I even tested using this product on one side of the face and another regular serum on my other side of the face just to see if the lifting effect is due to my anti-ageing massage techniques or the product itself. By the way, the product smells amazing too. It has this pleasant botanical scent which helps to uplift my mood as well.

The results are very clear because the side of my face with the 5D Power V Firming serum looked uplifted and plumped up as compared to my other side of the face with the regular serum – bearing in mind that I applied both products using the same massage techniques! You can witness it in the video below.

My Verdict

Both products are indeed very superior in terms of the ingredients that they use. As such, the price points of both products are rather high. I find that anti-ageing products are generally are quite costly due to the ingredients used and formulation. Nonetheless, it will only be considered a good investment if the product is effective on your skin. For me, the Crème of Jing Cheng 5D Power V firming serum is a clear winner and I am trying to use sparingly so that it can last for another month or so.

Robin Niu Er’s products did not disappoint at all. This Taiwanese beauty expert knows what he is doing.

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