Gyms in Singapore Livestream Free Workout videos

A week ago, I wrote an article about my favourite Fitness YouTube channels. Ever since then, I discovered that some of the major gyms and fitness centres in Singapore have also been live-streaming workout classes on their Facebook page and Instagram accounts for FREE. Yes, you heard me right. You can save on some gym or fitness membership fees during this COVID-19 circuit breaker or semi-lockdown period in Singapore by watching these fitness live streams. I was overjoyed when I saw that even Pure Yoga is on the list of gyms that live stream their classes.

Unlike other fitness centres or yoga studios which only offer virtual fitness classes for their paid members, these major gyms and fitness centres are live-streaming their workout classes for free. And these are not 15 or 30-minutes workout videos but full 45 to 60 minutes which will definitely make you sweat! Maybe there really is some reason to be thankful about during this pandemic.

Check out these 7 gyms and fitness studios which livestream their workout classes!

1.Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga Official

Pure Yoga Official Facebook Page Livestream home workouts
Source: Pure Yoga Official Instagram

Pure Yoga has been live-streaming their yoga classes almost every other day on both their Facebook and Instagram pages since late March. How could I have missed that?

They have been releasing their daily 360 Live schedules of yoga classes on their social media platforms. You can join in their 60-minute virtual classes by checking out their PureYogaOfficial Facebook page or Instagram Live TV. There are classes conducted at almost every hour throughout the day.

The virtual fitness classes range from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Gongbath mediation, Immunity Booster Yoga to Latino Jam. And these classes are conducted by Pure Yoga’s family of instructors from all over the world! The videos are filmed mainly in their own respective living spaces and though the quality of the videos might not be as great, you will still benefit from their teachings.

So far, I’ve been enjoying the classes conducted by Lisa Mak and Wendy Wyvill and if you are a yogi at heart, I urge you to join their Livestream classes.

Pure Yoga Singapore

Pure Yoga Singapore Facebook Page Livestream home workouts
Source: Pure Yoga Singapore Instagram

Pure Yoga Singapore also live streams their own set of classes conducted by instructors working at Pure Yoga studio in Singapore. They only live stream their videos on Instagram (IG Live).

Looks like there are no excuses not to get onto your yoga mat when there are so many top-notch yoga instructors you can learn from!

2. Pure Fitness Official

Pure Fitness Official Facebook Page Livestream home workouts
Source: Pure Fitness Official Facebook Page

Pure Yoga’s sister company Pure Fitness has also been actively live-streaming their fitness classes. If you head over to Pure Yoga Fitness Official Facebook and Instagram page, you will also see a list of Les Mills classes and strength workout classes that would help you to burn calories and develop muscles.

3. Fitness First

Fitness first Thailand Facebook Page Livestream body combat
Source: Fitness First Thailand Facebook Page

Fitness First has also joined in the bandwagon to stream their signature Les Mills classes like Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Balance and GRIT online. Their videos are filmed professionally in a studio with good lighting. Thus I find it so much easier to stay focus and be in the zone, as compared to the homemade videos uploaded by Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga instructors.

This international fitness centre brand has clubs operating all over the world – from Singapore, Thailand, Australia to Saudi Arabia. As such, you can check out each of their individual Facebook and Instagram pages for Livestream workout videos. I really enjoyed the classes streamed on Fitness First Thailand’s Facebook page! They collaborated with Celebrity Fitness to stream some of their fitness videos live.

4. Evolve MMA

Evolve MMA Muay Thai video Facebook Page home workout covid-19 circuit breaker gyms in Singapore virtual fitness classes
Source: Evolve MMA Facebook Page

Need an outlet to vent out your angst? Try Evolve’s Boxing, Muay Thai classes or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu online classes which are shared on Evolve’s Facebook page. In comparison with the other two aforementioned gyms, Evolve doesn’t offer as many fitness classes online for free. But their full online classes are conducted by MMA champions. How often do you get to learn Muay Thai from a Muay Thai Champion?

Most of their virtual fitness classes are exclusively available for their members only. Nonetheless, you can always check out their Facebook videos for more updates on their online fitness videos.

5. BoOm Singapore

BoOm Singapore Instagram Page home workout covid-19 circuit breaker gyms in Singapore virtual fitness classes
Source: BoOm Singapore IG

Functional fitness and boxing studio, BoOm also post their workout videos live on Instagram (IG Live, IG TV and IG Post). This gym is run by a millennial couple who aim to make workout fun, sassy and hip. Their instructors are young, energetic and highly motivating. Even the usual boring workout moves can seem interesting with the loud pumping music and instructor’s call to get your body moving.

6. FIRE fitness

FIRE fitness FIRESTATIOn WeBarre Cardio  home workout covid-19 circuit breaker gyms in Singapore virtual fitness classes
Source: FIRE fitness Facebook Page

If your legs aren’t on fire yet with the current home workouts you are doing, then turn up a notch with FIRE fitness workouts on their Facebook page. Their professionally-edited workout videos will help you mentally get prepared and ready for some serious workout. I especially enjoy their Barre cardio workout which really set my calf muscles on fire.

7. Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp Singapore Instagram Page home workout covid-19 circuit breaker gyms in Singapore virtual fitness classes
Source: Barry’s Singapore IG

If you are set out to sweat buckets, then Barry’s Bootcamp interval training might be something you’re looking for. Barry’s Bootcamp Singapore will livestream their Bootcamp classes every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 am (SGT) on IG Live. You may also check out other Barry’s Bootcamp accounts for more of their Livestream workouts.

Have you been watching any livestream home workout videos? Let me know which are your favourites!

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