How I spend my circuit breaker days in Singapore?

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This marks Day 10 ever since Singapore kicked start the circuit breaker measures on 7 April 2020 due to the worsening Covid-19 situation. I haven’t been out much except to walk across the street to get some groceries from my neighbourhood supermarket. So far, I only went out for a couple of hours to my parents’ place to get some stuff. Overall, I think staying home isn’t too bad. Nonetheless, I do long to go out, explore and meet my loved ones. During this circuit breaker, we were only allowed to go out to shop for essential items or exercise in the nearby parks or neighbourhood area. Thankfully, it isn’t a full lockdown where we aren’t allowed to step out of the house.

The circuit breaker did not disrupt my work momentum.

Working from home requires some discipline. To help me get started to this new routine, I created a timetable for myself. Now that I’m working from home, I find it to be more productive as I was able to focus better and get things done quicker.

Over the week, I started to get used to this routine but of course, I do not always stick to the same routine. But on most days when I managed to stick to the routine, I would feel damn good about myself. So if you are feeling unproductive at home, then maybe you should create a schedule for yourself too!

My Circuit Breaker Timetable

8.30 AM: Wake up to the glaring sunlight

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I hate waking up to the alarm ringing sound. Thus, it definitely felt great to be waking up naturally to the morning sun. I did not close my curtains but I left them open so that I will wake up every time the sunlight warms up my skin. It’s the best natural alarm clock because I’ve been waking up around the same time even though I slept late the night before.

9.00 AM: Do Yoga with ‘online’ instructors

After making my bed and tidying up the house, I would grab my yoga and flip my television on to watch Sarah Beth Yoga’s videos on YouTube. Her morning yoga routines are quite gentle as it involves main stretches. It felt great to be doing some flexibility yoga moves in the morning to wake up the body. Her yoga sessions are usually 30 minutes so it isn’t too strenuous.

10.00 AM: Make a healthy green smoothie

After keeping my yoga mat, I would head to the kitchen to make myself a glass of icy cold green smoothie. I never fail to have this drink everyday. If you would like to know how to make my daily green smoothie, you can check out my recipe here. On most days, I like to add a pinch of cinnamon, turmeric and a dash of Sacha Inchi oil for a dose of healthy fat. To make it creamier, you can also mix in some soy or almond milk.

10.30 AM: Check emails and Work

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Credit: Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

I would usually enjoy my smoothie as I checked my emails and messages. Once I’m ‘up-to-date with the world’, I will move on to do some work. It’s great to wake up early and start the day early. Half the battle is won!

12.30 PM: Make a healthy lunch

Sometimes I have work meetings at 12 pm but I’ll try to make myself a quick meal like a salad or something. If I am still in between work, I will usually just grab a quick snack.

1.30 PM: Continue with work and meetings

When I get overwhelmed by work, I would usually walk to the kitchen to make myself a drink or something. My eyes can get really tired from staring at the computer screen for too long. If I could not take it, I will head over to my bed for a short power nap. I felt so much better after resting my eyes and taking a short nap.

Time just flies by real fast as you are working. On some days when I finish my work early, I will carve out some time to relax by watching YouTube videos, blogging, reading e-books or do some sewing. Yes, I am still trying to pick up new skills every now and then. I hope I can stumble upon a new hobby soon.

5.00 PM: Workout!

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Exercise is a must since I’ve been sitting down for almost the whole day at home. I would usually play a 30 or 45-minute online workout video and follow along. If you are looking for fitness gurus or instructors to follow, you can check out my article here where I recommend my favourite fitness YouTube channels.

Gym and fitness studios like Pure Yoga, Fitness First, Orange Theory and Celebrity Fitness have also been posting live Facebook and Instagram workout videos for free as well. With the wealth of online exercise videos, there’s no excuse for you not to exercise at home!

6.00 PM: Shower

I head straight to the shower after a good workout. I’ve been feeling a little restless these days so I did not do much vigorous exercises. It will be nice to get sweaty all over and then take a cold shower!

6.30 PM: Cook and eat dinner.

Credit: Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

I enjoy preparing my own meals but I dislike washing the dishes. For dinner, I usually make stir-fried vegetables or tofu and cook some brown rice to go along with it. Sometimes, I like to make Japanese curry oatmeal porridge or a simple salad.

8.00 PM: Stay connected with my family and friends.

Then I spend the rest of the day unwinding by watching YouTube videos, catch up with the news or WhatsApp call my partner and friends. It can get pretty lonely as I am currently staying alone so it is good to stay connected.

9.30 PM: Unwind and sleep

Here comes the best part of the day – to flop yourself on your bed. Before I hit the sack, I would update my bullet journal or do some bible reading. That’s how I get all worries off my head so that I can have a good night’s sleep.

How are you guys coping with the current circuit breaker measures? Let’s all pray and hope that this circuit breaker will contain the coronavirus.

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