I use Sheet Masks Everyday For a Week

For Beloved Girl Taiwanese Face Sheet Masks cloud-silk series

This is my 7-day sheet mask diary. One mask a day to keep the skin hydrated all day?

Should we use sheet mask on a daily basis?

That question has been boggling me for the longest time. Good sheet masks don’t come cheap and it does not seem very eco-friendly to be using a sheet mask every day. But I have heard people with great skin who swear by the daily sheet masking routine for well-hydrated and plump-looking skin. Let’s put this hypothesis to the test.

I carried out this experiment using face sheet masks from For Beloved Girl and Forest Beauty. Both are highly acclaimed Taiwanese skincare brands which are popular among young women in Taiwan.

Mask Diary: Day 1 to Day 7

Day 1 to 6: Starting off with For Beloved Girl Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask Series Sheet Masks

For Beloved Girl offers products targetting at common skin conditions faced by young women. The masks are made with essential minerals and other active ingredients to combat common skin issues like dry skin, dullness, enlarged pores, ageing skin, puffiness and oily skin.

For this experiment, I’ve tried and tested 6 different types of face masks from For Beloved Girl Cloud-Silk Mask series from Day 1 to Day 6. On Day 7, I used a sheet mask by Forest Beauty.

For Beloved Girl Taiwanese Face Sheet Masks cloud-silk series
For Beloved Girl Taiwanese Face Sheet Masks cloud-silk series

The ‘Cloud-Silk’ Mask that hugs your skin

For Beloved Girl Taiwanese Face Sheet Masks cloud-silk series

I can’t deny the fact that I enjoy the daily masking routine. I would usually put on the mask during mid-day, after cleansing. Since I usually refrigerate my masks, it felt really nice and refreshing to be putting on a sheet mask when it gets really warm during the day.

The ‘Cloud-Silk’ material of the mask is incredible. The intricately-woven mask is rather elastic and it does not have any adhesives or chemical additives in it. Because it adheres so closely to the skin, it prevents in the loss of moisture from the skin and allows for effective absorption of the mask essence by the skin.

The mask looks almost invisible on your skin. I believe you can literally walk out of your house without anyone knowing that you have a facial sheet mask on. This is a perfect mask to use in public (e.g on long flights when travelling) because you can still look ‘presentable’ without spooking others out.

Recommended: For Beloved Girl Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask

I particularly enjoyed using the For Beloved Girl Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask because I have rather oily skin, to begin with. My skin didn’t feel as oily after using the mask. Also, my skin looks brighter and more refreshed.

Day 7: Ending the experiment with a premium mask from Forest Beauty

Forest Beauty Luxurious Gold/Silver Foil series
Forest Beauty Luxurious Gold/Silver Foil series

These premium masks from Forest Beauty are a world of its own. Forest Beauty is a skincare brand that formulated its products using naturally-derived botanical extracts and ingredients. They are two face mask series – Luxurious Golden/Silver Foil series and Natural Botanical Series.

A luxurious mask made with cutting-edge ingredients

I decided to end the 7-day mask journey with their Luxurious Silver Foil Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask from their Luxurious Golden/Silver Foil Series.

Forest Beauty Luxurious Silver Foil Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask
Forest Beauty Luxurious Silver Foil Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask

I don’t think I have ever used such a luxurious face sheet mask before. It’s a rather unique mask that comes in two parts – one for the top half of the face and the other for the bottom half.

Forest Beauty Taiwanese Sheet Masks Luxurious Silver Foil Mask
Forest Beauty Luxurious Silver Foil Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask

The silver foil mask comprises of three layers (starting from the outer layer): silver foil, circulation heating system layer and advanced conduction mask layer. This mask works in the most creative and innovative way. The outermost silver foil helps to lock in the active ingredients while the second layer of the mask helps to internally circulate the heat to increase the mask serum absorption into the skin.

Forest Beauty Taiwanese Sheet Masks Luxurious Gold Silver Foil Mask
Forest Beauty Luxurious Silver Foil Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask

Sometimes after masking, your skin might feel a little tacky because of the remaining mask essence or serum sitting on your skin. But not with this luxurious mask. I can feel that all the serum has been effectively absorbed into the skin because I felt that my skin wasn’t feeling tacky. That is probably the biggest difference I noticed between this premium mask and other regular sheet masks.

My skin felt instantly lifted, hydrated and supple after using this mask. And because it such an incredible mask, I decided to reserve the other Forest Beauty luxurious mask for days where I needed my skin to look great. It’s part of my beauty treasure stash now.

My thoughts and recommendations

Forest Beauty For Beloved Girl Taiwanese Face Mask Artisan Glam

Throughout the 7-day daily masking journey, my skin felt soft and supple. On some days, my skin starts to get oily but on some days, it felt moisturised. Because there are usually remaining mask serum left in the mask pack itself, I would use it to apply on my face and neck in the evening. Then I finish off with some moisturiser and that’s it!

Because I was masking daily, I felt that my skin was already moisturised, to begin with, so I kept my skincare routine simple, especially in the evenings. I guess that really saves time especially if you have a busy schedule.

As to whether one should do masking daily or not, I think it really depends on the type of mask you are usually. If it is just a regular everyday hydrating mask, then I guess you can use it regularly on a daily basis. But not for premium and rich mask like Forest Beauty’s Luxurious masks. Using such masks every day might not be that cost-effective in the long run. And I personally feel that it is better to apply skincare products using the warmth from your hands and fingers to massage the product into the skin then to leave your skin saturated with serum for 15 minutes.

Important Mask Tip!

Most importantly, don’t leave your mask on for more than the stipulated time recommended based on the product instructions. Because once the sheet mask dries up, reverse osmosis can happen where moisture can be drawn away from your skin.

My advice is to do masking once or twice a week and complement this with your regular skincare routine, as most beauty brands would recommend in their product information label. That would be more than sufficient!

Watch my 7-day mask diary vlog below!

Forest Beauty and For Beloved Girl products are available on online platforms including watsons.com.sg, Qoo10, Ezbuy, Shopee, Amazon and Redmart.

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