Lockdown at home with an awesome Lo-Fi music playlist

I’ve been jamming to some popular Lo-fi music playlists on YouTube while blogging, video editing or doing some work. But wait, what’s Lo-fi music?

What’s Lo-fi Music?

Credit: Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

This genre of music was made popular among students all thanks to YouTube. According to Wikipedia, Lo-fi is a type of music recording which has technical imperfections such as distortion, hum or background noise. These flaws in music are introduced on purpose to generate that vinyl-record vibes or vintage feel. It’s queer how imperfections in a piece of music are deemed desirable in today’s time and age.

To me, Lo-fi music is best described as as a mix of chill-beat with a jazzy or blue-vibe-type of ambient techno music. Occasionally, you will hear some voices, vinyl cracking sound or birds chirping noises in the background. It made a piece of music sound so much more raw, natural and untouched. Am I spotting a trend where people are starting to yearn the past?

What’s so cool about Lo-fi music?

People found lo-fi music easy to listen to while studying or working because it isn’t very loud or distracting. After a while, you get tuned out to the music. But the slow chill-beats set you up in this upbeat mode that keeps you perked up as you study or work. I guess you could say that it is a kind of soothing music that calms you down without making you fall asleep.

Why not try listening to it and tell me what’s your take? Lo-fi music supposedly helps you to stay focus better and increase your work productivity. After listening to Lo-fi music for about a week, I did find it pleasant to listen to especially when I write or read a book. It’s like a piece of soothing background music to chill to.

Below are some of my favourite Lo-fi playlists on YouTube which you can check out!

1. Staying in by The Jazz Hop café

The Jazz Hop Café curates jazzy chill mix which makes you as if you are studying and hangout at a cafe.

2. Cozy Morning by The Jazz Hop Cafe

3. Lo-fi Hip Hop Radio – beats to relax/study to by ChilledCow

ChilledCow conducts live YouTube playlist so you can listen to Lo-fi music 24/7. A very popular lo-fi playlist of ChilledCow is the one with the girl studying all day by the window with her cat.

4. Lo-fi Hip Hop Radio – beats to sleep/chill to by ChilledCow

5. Chill beats to quarantine to by Will Smith

You should also listen to this Lo-fi playlist compiled by Will Smith himself. It’s the ultimate playlist to chill to as you work on your project.

And the best way to enjoy Lo-fi music? It is to plug in a pair of Sudio Ett earphones and get your cup of dalgona coffee ready by the side as you work or study and do your part to fight Covid-19 by staying home.

Sudio Ett is my best bud.

Sudio Ett earphones review Lo-fi music

Music is a universal language. Accompanying me during this circuit breaker period (or partial lockdown days) is this pair of Sudio Ett earbuds which has been delivering awesome Lo-fi music to my ear anytime and anywhere.

Working from home can be made more enjoyable with some coffee and good music. These days I prefer using earbuds so that all the pure sounds can be channelled into my ears. Besides, now that everyone is at home and being the considerate me, I would not want to cause any disturbances (because the walls at our flats are rather thin).

Unveiling Sudio Ett

Sudio Ett earphones review Lo-fi music

I’ve always wondered why Swedish earphones brand, Sudio names their earbuds as Tolv, Fem and Ett. Apparently, these are numbers in Swedish. ‘Ett’ in particular is the article ‘a’ or ‘an’. Coincidentally, their latest Ett earphones really look like the alphabet ‘a’.

Sudio Ett

Sudio Ett is their newest addition to their collection of wireless earphones which have this signature minimalistic Scandinavian design. They are working towards to become a carbon-neutral organisation and thus their packaging and the use of plastic is kept minimal.

I got the Ett white which comes in this sleep cube-like case. It actually looks more off-white in colour then the pure crisp sort of white. Weighing just 5 grams per earbud, you literally felt like you are not wearing anything on your ears.

Unique features of Sudio Ett

Its main features are the active noise-cancelling function and wireless charging capability. I had no trouble pairing the Ett to my computer or mobile phone to listen to music or answering conference calls. The connectivity is seamless and I can still stay plugged to my device as I move around the house to prepare breakfast or do some household chores. I can even finish listening to an audiobook with the Ett as it has a total playtime of 30 hours (with 6 hours in a single charge).

Who says staying home can’t be cool?

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