Why this Philips blender is such a good buy

Not too long ago, I bought an Aztech blender but I had a lot of issues with it. Just a week ago, I discovered that there were tiny insects crawling at the blender base, where the electrical components are located. I was super gross by it, so much so that I wanted to throw the blender right into the bin.

I regret buying the previous blender.

Although the Aztec blender is very powerful, it isn’t really ideal for me as I only use it to make smoothies. It is a sturdy blender which can crush ice within seconds but perhaps it’s just not suited for my current lifestyle needs.

It was probably due to the spillage incidents I had with this blender while trying to remove the heavy glass jar from the base. Because it was so difficult to dislodge the heavy glass jar from the base. I actually wrote into to Aztech to provide this feedback. Since the blender is still under warranty, I also asked if they could help me check my blender unit to see if there is any defect. They responded but they said that I have to bring the blender unit over to their office in the East. Since it was too far for me to lug such a heavy kitchen appliance to the East, I decided to make do with this blender and use it till it is damaged. That would be a good excuse to get a new one.

So I got rid of it.

Months later, I finally found a good reason to buy a new one. Though the Aztec blender isn’t infested with any more insects after a thorough cleaning, I decided it is time to get a more compact blender. I can’t deny the fact that the Aztech blender is powerful (1000 watts) and great in crushing ice and frozen fruits. But it is very heavy, bulky and difficult to wash. Instead of throwing it away, I decided to pass it to my parents.

I bought a new one on Shopee and I was over the moon.

shopee website philips daily collection blender HR2059/90
Source: Shopee website

I learnt my lesson and decided to get a smaller and lighter blender which is powerful enough to crush ice. Without hesitation, I head over to Shopee, my current favourite online shopping platform. I always get the best deals via this e-commerce platform and so far, my experiences with Shopee were fantastic.

Based on the collective reviews online, I narrowed down to this Philips blender which costs me only $42 with free delivery. It comes with a 2-year warranty as well. This is the best buy ever because it surprisingly works so well for me that I can’t wait to share my review with you guys.

You can watch my video review here.

Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2059/90 is my best Circuit breaker purchase.

philips daily collection blender HR2059/90
Philips daily collection blender HR2059/90

Before I start singing praises about how great this product is, I need to let you know that I am not being sponsored to write this review. I bought this blender using my hard-earn cash! And it’s one of my best online purchases which I am excited to share about my experiences with this blender.

What’s in the box?

philips daily collection blender HR2059/90
Blender components

I ordered it on Shopee a week before and it came 5 days later via Singpost. I’ve filmed an unboxing video on this so you can check it out right below.

Inside the box, you will find the blender base unit, 2 break-resistant plastic blender jars and a mill for grinding dry ingredients like nuts and grains.

It is a minimalistic blender for a minimalist.

philips daily collection blender HR2059/90
Philips blender jar and lid

The blender jar has a capacity of 1-litre and a 4-star stainless steel blade assembly fixed to it. The jar also comes with a black plastic lid that has a tiny opening on top to allow airflow.

philips  HR2059/90 lid

Most blenders usually have a small plastic measuring cup which can be fitted on the lid but this blender does not have. And I am perfectly fine with that since I don’t find the measuring cup useful anyway. Does anyone even use it?

1. Safe to use.

philips daily collection blender HR2059/90
The full blender set-up

This blender is rather idiot-proof. Just plug it in and twist the jug onto the base unit until you hear a clicking sound. It indicates that the jug has been attached securely to the base unit. If the jug is not fixed on it properly, the blender will simply not work.

2. Easy to use.

philips daily collection blender HR2059/90

There are only two blending modes: 1Speed or pulse. 1Speed is for powerful blending while the pulse mode is for crushing ice. Even though the motor is only 450W but it is very powerful. It can blend my smoothie ingredients with ice cubes in less than 20 seconds. I’m pretty amazed by how this Philips blender is equally powerful to the Aztech 1000W blender. Now I know that power is not everything.

4-blade assembly

And never underestimate the power of the 4-star stainless steel blade. Some of the higher-end blenders have 6-blades and the same goes for the Aztech blender. But this 4-star stainless steel blade is equally sharp and effective in mixing and blending fruits and vegetables too. My smoothies are all turn out evenly blended and uniform, without any chunks or bits not broken down.

3. Easy to wash.

Washing the blender is a breeze as I would only need to wash the lid and blender jug with some soap and water. I not only save time but water too. Previously, I can to scrub the lid, jug, base assembly and even the rubber rims of the jug for the previous blender. With this new Philips blender, I just need to rinse and wash the two blender components with a dish sponge.

All components of the blender are dishwasher-friendly.

4. Takes up little space.

Since the blender is light and compact, it does not take up much space on my dish drying rack. My kitchen now looks more clutter-free. I’m finally at peace with myself.

5. Grinding dry ingredients.

I’ve not try using the mill yet. It has a 2-blade assembly for grinding dry ingredients like spices, coffee beans, nuts, grains or biscuits into smaller bits or chunks.

The downsides to this Philips blender

HR2059/90 blend green smoothie

This lovable Philips blender does have its downsides to it but there are pretty bearable. Firstly, it is rather noisy due to its strong 450W that allows fine blending. Secondly, the blender actually vibrates rather vigorously during the blending process. Thus, I usually like to hold down the blender with one hand during blending even though the blender comes attached with non-slip feet and suction cups placed at the bottom of the base unit. Thirdly, it takes some time to crush the ice cubes into fine bits because after all, its motor isn’t as powerful as other commercial blenders like Blendtec or Vitamix. Other than that, I did not have any qualms with this blender at all.

blending green smoothie

The positive reviews on Shopee about this blender is indeed reliable. That’s how impactful product reviews are and that is why I enjoy writing reviews because I know how it can be a pain to choose the right product for purchase. Sometimes I can take hours or days just to look for the right product to buy! I’m a cautious buyer.

Do you find this review useful? Let me know in the comment box below!

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