Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with Grand Shanghai Rice Dumplings

We might not be able to celebrate Dumpling Festival (or Dragon Boat Festival) like how we used to during pre-COVID-19 days but we can still enjoy delicious rice dumplings (or Bak Chang) in the comfort of our own homes. Whether it is store-bought or homemade, I am just thankful that we are still able to enjoy this festive delicacy despite the situations we are in.

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Legend has it that the tradition of eating rice dumplings all begin with this one man called Qu Yuan. He was a Chinese poet and an imperial adviser who committed suicide when a rival kingdom occupied his home kingdom. To prevent the fishes from eating his body, the people threw rice dumplings into the water.

Today, the steamed glutinous rice dumplings aren’t meant for the fishes to eat but are for us to enjoy and commemorate this age-old Chinese tradition which has been around for almost five thousand years!

What makes rice dumplings so irresistibly good?

To me, a good rice dumpling is one that is packed full of ingredients like mushrooms, chestnuts and braised pork. The ratio of fillings to rice has to be just about right so that you won’t feel like you’re mainly eating just plain glutinous rice.

The glutinous rice layer needs to be moist and sticky so that it can hold up the pyramid shape and the fillings together. Most importantly, it needs to be eaten hot. It is best to heat up the dumplings before consuming it.

Grand Shanghai Rice Dumplings Premium Gift Set

Recently, I got to try some traditional dumplings made by Grand Shanghai restaurant at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. They are offering this rice dumplings bundle that comes in an elegant gift box as shown below. Their dumplings are incredibly delicious and I highly recommend that you give it a try as well.

Grand Shanghai Rice Dumpling Premium Gift Set

These rice dumplings are ready-cooked but is kept frozen so that it can be kept for a longer period of time. I kept these dumplings in the freezer compartment and whenever I feel like eating them, I will just let it thaw at room temperature before steaming it.

Grand Shanghai Rice Dumpling Premium Gift Set

There are four rice dumplings in the set – 3 savoury dumplings and 1 sweet dumpling. I personally prefer savoury dumplings over the sweet ones so thank goodness this set came with more savoury dumplings.

Grand Shanghai Special Steamed Dumpling 大上海特色裹蒸粽

Grand Shanghai Special Steamed Dumpling

This is truly a grand dumpling! It’s much larger than the regular pyramid dumplings and it contains ingredients like home-cured salted pork, chicken, dried scallop, Chinese mushroom, egg yolk, lotus seed and green bean. This giant dumpling is packed with all the premium ingredients and it is incredibly delicious.

Grand Shanghai Rice Dumpling with braised pork belly and salted egg york 东坡肉咸蛋莲子粽

Grand Shanghai Rice Dumplings with braised pork belly and salted egg york

It’s my first time trying rice dumpling that is stuffed with salted egg yolk and it is so darn good! If you are a fan of salted egg yolk, you will definitely enjoy this rice dumpling.

Brown Glutinous Rice Dumpling with home marinated pork belly and salted egg yolk 五香糙米蛋黄咸肉粽

Brown Glutinous Rice Dumplings with home marinated pork belly and salted egg yolk

My favourite dumpling out of the set has got to be this brown glutinous rice dumpling. I never knew that you can also make rice dumplings a little healthier by incorporating some brown rice. The taste and texture of the rice dumpling layer are not compromised when brown rice is used. In fact, I find that the brown glutinous rice gives the dumpling an added texture and it fills you up easily.

Shanghainese Sweetened Eight Treasure Rice Dumpling 上海八宝豆沙粽

Shanghainese Sweetened Eight Treasure Rice Dumplings

For those who prefer the sweet dumpling variety, you should try out this warm hearty eight treasure rice dumpling. It’s not overly sweet at all and has a pretty good balance of flavours. It consists of red bean paste, red beans, lotus seeds, red dates, kidney beans, barley and millet.

The Grand Shanghai Premium Dumpling gift set is available for delivery or takeaways. It is priced at $55.20. You can head over to their website to order.

Father’s Day Promotion

Simply order* from Grand Shanghai Restaurant’s takeaway menu from 19 to 21 June and enjoy a complimentary Shaves2U Handle Kit and Grand Shanghai Rice Dumplings Set which makes a great gift for your Dad.

*(with minimum spending of $250 nett, while stocks last)

Grand Shanghai Father's Day Promotion

Orders have to be placed at least 2 hours before the preferred collection time.

Self-pickup orders

Pick your self-pickup orders at Grand Shanghai Restaurant. You have the option to drive through at the roundabout right outside the restaurant to pick-up your order.

Delivery Fees 

Location within 700m distance from the restaurant: FREE delivery (with minimum spending of $300)

The location between 700m to 5km from the restaurant: $15 

Islandwide (excluding Sentosa, Jurong Island & Tuas): $30

For pre-orders, please call 6836 6866 or 8202 0836 or email restaurant@grandshanghai.com.sg

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