Does F&N Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Milk taste like the actual stuff?

F&N Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Milk

When I first saw that F&N has launched their new Brown Sugar and Sea Salt flavoured milk, my heart skipped a beat. Wow? Brown sugar boba drink which I could buy directly from my nearest supermarket?

Is F&N Magnolia’s new Brown Sugar and Sea Salt flavoured milk worth the hype?

F&N Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Milk

F&N actually launched this product weeks ago, during the Circuit Breaker period when bubble tea shops are closed. When they first publicised this new product on their social media channels, it definitely got the attention of bubble tea fanatics and brown sugar milk fans like myself. Ever since then, this product has been flying off the shelves. Within days after the supermarkets have restocked, the milk cartons are all gone. But thankfully, I managed to get a carton at my neighbour supermarket yesterday.

Unfortunately, it does not come with boba or tapioca pearls. However, it does comes with that roasted caramelised brown sugar flavour with a slight tinge of saltiness coming from the added sea salt. I must say that it does taste like brown sugar milk, like what everyone else also says on Instagram. However, the flavour does not linger too long in my mouth and it felt somewhat artificial because of the added flavourings.

F&N Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Milk

What are the ingredients?

F&N Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Milk

According to the ingredients label, F&N Magnolia Brown Sugar and Sea Salt flavoured milk contains low fat milk, sucrose, brown sugar, fresh milk, calcium carbonate, sea salt, flavouring and stabilisers.

It is interesting to note that this milk comprises a mixture of low fat milk and fresh milk or full cream milk. It also contains flavourings and stabilisers which are not specified explicitedly on the label. I believe that the presence of the caramelised brown sugar flavour is due to the flavourings found in it. And they are mostly like to be artificial flavourings.

Sea Salt Milk

It has a ‘Healthier Choice’ symbol.

F&N Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Milk

It is probably labelled as a ‘Healthier Choice’ of product because it comprises mainly of low-fat milk which is not too overly sweet. The product also contains essential nutrients like calcium and protein. But then again, are they really a ‘healthier choice’ as compared to other types of milk?

It is actually really ingenious of them to be adding some sea salt to balance out the sweetness from the brown sugar. If you prefer brown sugar milk with a mild sweetness, you would definitely prefer this over the regular brown sugar drink prepared by bubble tea shops.

F&N Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Milk

The F&N’s version of Brown Sugar and Sea salt flavoured milk is looking a little paler than the regular brown sugar milk offered at most bubble tea shops. And it does look a little more diluted that the real brown sugar milk which is often concocted using fresh full-cream milk and brown sugar syrup.

Nonetheless, it’s still a relatively good attempt by F&N and worth the try.

F&N Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Milk

The cost of this limited edition Brown Sugar and Sea Salt flavoured milk is twice the usual costs of Magnolia’s regular milk. For a 1-litre carton of milk that costs $4.50, I would say that it’s rather expensive. But it’s still slightly cheaper than buying a 500-ml cup of brown sugar milk from LiHo (mixed with some ice) which costs $3.80.

How can you enjoy this Brown Sugar and Sea Salt flavoured milk?

chipsmore double chocolate oat original cookies

It tastes good on its own but even better when you pair it with some chocolate cookies like Oreo or Chipsmore Oats original cookies.

chipsmore double chocolate oat original cookies

You can also make your own Brown Sugar Milk with boba by adding some pearls into it. If you are simply lazy, you can add some grass jelly. Grass jelly are readily available at many supermarkets in Singapore like NTUC and Sheng Shiong.

F&N Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Milk

It’s worth the hype but would I buy it again? I would much rather head to the nearest bubble tea shop to get the real stuff.

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