Maison 21G Solid Perfumes will be your go-to in this Socially Distant World

All thanks to COVID-19, the way we interact with each other has changed.

In this socially distant world, we will have to try to stay a distance away from each other. On the one hand, it’s sad that we have to do away with warm greetings. But on the other hand, it is nice to have some personal space to yourself; just in case if you smell…

Does that mean we don’t need to wear perfumes since we are not hanging out that much? Do we still need to smell good for others?

We might not need to smell good for others but we can still choose to smell good for ourselves. For me, I will go for solid perfumes – something a little more subtle and versatile. And I especially love the ones crafted by Maison 21G. It offers more than just a scent and after trying out their Rose Ritual solid perfume, I am convinced that I should start going for solid perfumes -especially in this season.

Maison 21G solid perfume rose ritual

Maison 21G

Maison 21G is a Parisian Haute Couture perfume brand which allows you to customise your own signature scents. It is founded by Ms Joanna Monange, who has worked with fragrance powerhouses such as Firmenich and International Flavors and Frangrances.

Currently, they are outlets in both Singapore and Sydney, Australia. Their retail concept store here in Singapore is located along Duxton Road.

This bespoke perfume brand prides itself for its high concentration and quality of ingredients. Each perfume creation at Maison 21G contains 21% of perfume concentrate – which is the highest in the perfume industry. (It is way above the industry average of 12%.)

Why solid perfumes?

They are super compact.

Maison 21G Solid Perfume

Who doesn’t love a good scent? I am a fan of perfumes and I have my own stash of liquid perfumes. Each one of them smells amazing and I like looking at the pretty perfume bottles that adorn my dressing table. However, sometimes I wish they come in smaller bottles because very often, I can’t finish using them. They are also fragile and difficult to carry around.

Maison 21G Solid Perfume fragrance singapore

Solid perfumes, on the other hand, are so much more compact and travel-friendly. The ones produced by Maison 21G are encased in sturdy-looking lightweight zamak case.

They are pocket-sized and features a handy flip-lid which allows you to open the case with one hand. Its luxurious sleek finish could easily match with your modern-chic or classy outfit.

Nourishing for the skin and safe for the environment

Paris Solid Perfume

Solid perfumes usually contain beeswax, plant-based butter and oils which are highly nourishing for the skin. Maison 21G’s solid perfumes are alcohol-free and all-natural. It is made out of beeswax, shea butter and virgin almond oil infused with a scent of your choice.

Because they are all-natural, it works great for those with sensitive skin.

How to use solid perfumes?

Credit: Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

You first have to warm up the solid perfume with your fingers and apply it selectively on your neck or wrist. You may even apply a little on your lips to moisturise them too.

I actually dab some of it on the inner lining of my mask so that I can enjoy smelling the pleasant scent while my mask is on. The air definitely smells ‘fresher’ and ‘more pleasant’.

It might also be a great idea to rub some on your elbow so that others can have a little whiff of your scent as you do the elbow bump. Besides, your dry elbows probably need some tender loving care too. The solid perfume really comes in handy when you need to moisturise certain dry spots on your skin too.

Which scent to go for?

Now that it’s summer, I recommend that you go for uplifting or energising scents. Such scents also really liven up your mood especially during this period of uncertainty.

At Maison 21G, you can choose your favourite scent from their 33 pairable perfume essences. If you have no idea which scent to go for, you can select your desired scent based on popularity, gender or mood. It just helps to narrow down your choices to a few scents.

Their top-selling solo scents are Ocean, Sage, Bergamot, Amber and Jasmine.

Maison 21G Rose Ritual

Maison 21G Solid Perfume

The Rose ritual solid perfume I’ve got smells pretty lovely. I would say that it is more like an accord or a combination of different scents which are layered upon one another to achieve a well-balanced fragrance.

I could smell the top citrus notes as well as the bottom notes which comprises mainly of oriental scents. The rose scent that forms the middle note gives the perfume a light floral scent.


A little goes a long way. If you’re not a fan of strong liquid perfumes which sometimes come off as too overpowering, then solid perfumes will be your best bet.

In this socially distant world, we just need a little more love, care and perhaps, a pleasant scent to keep us feeling uplifted, confident and strong.

The solid perfumes are available at Maison 21G online store. Each solid perfume is priced at S$40 for a 4-ml zamak case, and S$15 for a 2ml mini solid perfume in a glass jar in a solo scent of choice.

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