Bio-X®: Disinfectants which kills germs and repels bugs

I became quite obsessed with cleanliness ever since the world entered this pandemic. Have you also been more meticulous in cleaning and tidying your house lately?

Other than germs, the thing I fear the most is insects. Even though I live high up in my block, I am not spared from having bugs entering my living zone. These ‘uninvited guests’ usually ended up dead on the floor and I had to often have to stoop down and remove it with a piece of tissue paper.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a chemical spray which can disinfect and repel insects at the same time or if there is an eco-friendly insecticide which doesn’t stink. Guess what? God answered me with these products below. ( I heard that these products are flying off the shelves in our local supermarkets too!)

Have you seen Bio-X® disinfectants in the supermarket before?

Bio-X® products are more than just disinfectants which get rids of the harmful germs around us. It also wards off insects and removes odours. And the best part is that these products are formulated with safe and eco-friendly ingredients. And thankfully, they don’t smell bad at all.

Bio-X disinfectants pesticide eco-friendly aerosol spray botanical ingredients

What are the X-factors of Bio-X® disinfectants?

Bio-X disinfectants pesticide eco-friendly aerosol spray botanical ingredients

1. It’s eco-friendly

The company behind Bio-X® unique formulation is Okada Ecotech, a Japanese firm which incorporates the use of biotechnology to develop environmentally-friendly public health control products.

Their products contain organic and botanical ingredients which are safe for home use. It’s non-carcinogenic and does not stain fabrics. The formula is also free from DEET, chlorine and alcohol.

Since it is water-based, photo-degradable and non-staining, the Singapore Environment Council had certified this brand of products as environmentally friendly.  It is also labelled as a “Green” product under the Green Label Singapore Scheme.

2. It’s long lasting.

Extensive research has been carried by Okda Ecotech to ensure that the product is not only effective but long-lasting too. The product leaves a long-lasting residue which continues to provide continual protection after application.

Bio-X disinfectants pesticide eco-friendly aerosol spray botanical ingredients

3. It’s multi-functional!

This disinfectant is really one-of-a-kind as it not only protects us from pathogens but it also removes fungal spores, deodorises the air and eliminates common insect pests.

What are some of the Bio-X® disinfectants I’ve tried?

I’ve tried one of their new products, Bio-X® Kleanze Aerosol as well as their best-selling product, the Bio-X® 3-in-1 Aerosol.

Once you yank the green safety tab off, you are good to spritz the product on any surfaces or fabrics. They are easy to use. Just make sure you shake them before each use.

Bio-X® Kleanze Aerosol (300ml) ($9.90)

Bio-X disinfectant pesticide eco-friendly aerosol spray botanical ingredients

Bio-X® Kleanze Aersol has a powerful formula which can kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air. It is made from 100% plant-based derivatives and does not contain Etofenprox.

Like other Bio-X® products, the Kleanze Aerosol also works as a deodoriser, insect repellent and pesticide. I like to spray it on my sofa to remove any funky smell and near the door openings to ward off any insects or pests.

This aerosol discharged a very fine mist which covers a large area thus you can spray the product from a distance.

I find the scent to be slightly repulsive but thankfully it is not too overpowering and the smell dissipates after a while.

Bio-X® 3-in-1 Aerosol (600ml) ($17.90)

Bio-X disinfectant pesticide eco-friendly aerosol spray botanical ingredients

Like the Kleanze Aerosol, the Bio-X® 3-in-1 Aerosol is also a multi-functional aerosol designed to eliminate insects, germs, bacteria and bad odours.

As compared to the Kleanze Aerosol, this product actually smells so much better. It has this refreshing citrusy scent.

However, I find that it leaves a heavy foam residue on surfaces. So I would have to use a damp cloth to wipe it down to evenly distribute the product across the surfaces.

As a larvicide and ovicide, the product can also help to break the mosquito breeding cycle too. Now that there is an increase of Zika cases in Singapore, it will be good to arm yourself with such products to keep your family safe.

My Verdict

Bio-X disinfectant

I am really thankful that there are such multi-functional products available in the market. Because I don’t really like to have so many household products at home. Most importantly, such household products must be safe to use because there are way too many cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals which could potentially harm us. As such, Bio-X® disinfectants are really worth a try. They are a better alternative to regular household products.

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