Canon Video Creator Bundle ft. Canon G7X Mark III

Canon G7X camera Video Creator Bundle

This crisis had actually opened up to a new slew of opportunities. Due to COVID-19, many have turned to online platforms to promote or sell their products and services. I believe that there is also a surge of rising YouTubers, digital content creators and live streamers who made use of this opportunity to increase their earnings. Are you one of them too or hoping to try creating video content but do not know how?

How do you start creating video content?

And if you are aspiring to be like one of them and take your business online, you can start by equipping yourself with some basic video equipment and basic video editing skills.

To be really honest, being a digital content creator is not that difficult at all! Some elderly have hopped on the bandwagon and have a created a name for themselves online. As long as you are committed and believe in what you are doing, you will be able to make do of something.

A simple video tool you can use is iMovie. Once you are comfortable with iMovie, you can proceed to use paid video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Basic video creating equipment

First things first, do get yourself a decent camera. An entry-level camera which is great for creating videos would be Canon G7X Mark III. To me, this is an excellent vlogging camera which is also used by many YouTubers.

If you already have a camera, the next thing to do is to step up your game by getting a proper microphone for your camera and maybe a tripod. As for myself, I am planning to get a proper condenser microphone for my camera. With the microphone, I will be able to filter out those background noises.

Canon Video Creator Bundle

Currently, Canon Singapore is offering a video creator bundle which includes the following items: Canon G7X Mark III, Canon TRIPOD GRIP HG-100TBR and Canon External Microphone DM-E10.  

Canon G7X camera Video Creator Bundle

1. Camera PowerShot G7X Mark III

Canon G7X camera

I’ve done a detailed review on Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III before and if you would like to know more about this entry-level camera, you can click the link above to read it.

In my opinion, it is a very compact camera to bring around when vlogging. It works best for shooting videos but not so much for capturing photos. If you are looking to invest in a good camera to take quality photos, I would recommend Canon EOS R or DSLRs.

Canon G7X camera

Because the camera is so compact, you can literally slip it into your purse or handbags. Want to vlog about your dinner or day-to-day experiences? Just carry this compact camera around with you. It will probably gather less attention in public than if you were to whip out a huge DSLR or camcorder.

Canon G7X camera

It can shoot in 4K and you can even live stream your videos to YouTube directly with this camera.

Canon G7X camera

2. Tripod Grip (HG-100TBR)

Canon G7X camera Canon Tripod Grip

I did not know that Canon has their own tripod grip until I receive this test unit for review. it is one sturdy tripod grip which comes with a wireless remote control.

This Bluetooth remote control (BR-E1) allows users to operate the camera’s zoom function, AF and shutter speed from a distance.

Canon G7X camera Video Creator Bundle Canon Tripod Grip

This mini tripod is great for selfies or self-recording. I’ve tried using this tripod in my vlogs and it really helps with framing. The tripod also help stabilises the video and allows for firm grip. Check out this vlog below which I filmed with Canon G7X Mark III along with the tripod and external microphone!

Canon G7X camera Canon Tripod Grip
Canon G7X camera Canon Tripod Grip Remote Control

The tripod sits nicely on the table and it is perfect for creating podcast videos.

Canon G7X camera Video Creator Bundle Canon external microphone

The tripod grip also includes an accessory shoe mount for supporting the external microphone.

Canon G7X camera Canon external microphone shoe mount

It’s easy to fix the shoe mount accessory to the tripod grip. And once it is fitted in, you can mount the external microphone on it.

Canon G7X camera Canon external microphone
Canon G7X camera Video Creator Bundle

4. Canon External Microphone

This external microphone really comes in handy and I have also thought of investing in this microphone myself. It helps improve the sound quality of your video due to its capability of performing a unidirectional stereo recording. It simply captures voices well and filters out any unwanted background noises.

The microphone doesn’t require any batteries to work and it is compatible with Canon EOS M6 Mark II and G7X Mark III.

Canon G7X camera

Connecting the microphone to the camera is as easy as ABC. There’s a microphone port on the camera itself for you to connect the microphone wire to. It’s located on the side of the camera.

Canon G7X camera

Once you’ve connect your external microphone, get ready to shoot!

Canon G7X camera Video Creator Bundle

I think it is such an awesome idea for Canon to offer such a bundle designed for video content creators. I personally find this bundle of equipment really useful for those who are just starting out. You can also save about a hundred dollars by purchasing the Canon Video Creator bundle instead of buying each equipment separately. Enjoy this special deal while it lasts!

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