Is there a disinfectant which is tested against COVID-19?

sureclean care kit GERMCLEAN disinfectant spray hospital grade SANIHANDS Foamy Hand sanitizer alcohol-free child-friendly

Have you been stocking up on disinfectants and hand sanitisers? Even though the circuit breaker has ended in Singapore and the number of COVID-19 cases has gone down, we still have to practise good hygiene habits.

Due to the rise in demand for disinfectants and hand sanitisers, companies have been launching their own range of hygiene products. One such company is Sureclean, a local supplier of hygiene and disinfection products and services. Their professional house disinfection services are highly rated on Google reviews. So, if your house needs a deep cleanse, you know who to look for.

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Sureclean Care Package

I recently received a care package from Sureclean which includes their GERMCLEAN disinfect spray and SANIHANDS Foamy hand sanitizer. Unlike other brands of hygiene products, Sureclean products are child-friendly and non-toxic.

I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of their disinfectants (because I can’t carry out any lab viral tests) but I love their SANIHANDS Foamny hand sanitizer. Read on to find out why.

Sureclean GERMCLEAN Disinfectant Spray (Hospital Grade)

sureclean GERMCLEAN disinfectant spray hospital grade SANIHANDS Foamy Hand sanitizer alcohol-free child-friendly

This disinfectant spray is hospital-grade and can protect up to 30 days. It claims to also eliminate 99.99% of disease-causing germs like E.Coli, MRSA, EV71(HFMD virus).

Most professional disinfectant sprays contain chemicals which may be harmful on the skin but not for this product which uses a child-safe formula. Its alcohol-free and non-toxic formula can be sprayed directly on surfaces without damaging them.

It does not leave a sticky feeling on surfaces and it is also gentle on the skin. Even though it is safe on the skin, it should only be used on surfaces only. After all, the product itself is designed for disinfecting surfaces – not your hands.

GERMCLEAN disinfectant spray hospital grade SANIHANDS Foamy Hand sanitizer alcohol-free child-friendly

What makes it so effective in ‘zapping’ viruses away is probably its stabilised ionic Silver complex formulation. According to the product label, the formula is also tested effective against coronaviruses like COVID-19.

GERMCLEAN disinfectant spray hospital grade SANIHANDS Foamy Hand sanitizer alcohol-free child-friendly

If you’re a germ-freak, you can carry this bottle of GERMCLEAN with you and disinfect the common touch areas in public areas and at your office.

SANIHANDS Foamy Hand Sanitizer

sureclean SANIHANDS Foamy Hand sanitizer alcohol-free child-friendly

Hand sanitizers usually contain alcohol and thus, it usually leaves a sting on your hands if you have a cut or broken skin. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can also be very drying on the skin. As such, I do not like to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. They are usually very watery and it tends to drip off your hands as you rub the formula between your hands.

So after I have tried SANIHANDS, I could not stop raving to my family and friends about how good it feels on my hands. It is a foamy hand sanitizer which is alcohol-free and child-friendly. I also enjoy the mild baby soap-like fragrance which enhances the product experience. In addition, it has a non-sticky feel and is very gentle on the skin.

sureclean SANIHANDS Foamy Hand sanitizer alcohol-free child-friendly

Sureclean purportedly mentioned that each bottle allows for more than 120 applications. Moreover, it stated that its product formula can protect you from germs for up to 3 hours.

Sureclean also offers face masks.

sureclean GERMCLEAN disinfectants hand sanitizer alcohol-free child-friendly

Their N99 face masks are medical-grade disposable masks which can filter up to 99% of the airborne particles. It comes with an exhalation valve to ease breathing.


How do you keep yourself well-protected during this pandemic? Let me know in the comment box below!

You can purchase their products online via their website. GERMCLEAN is available in two sizes – 60 ml and 250 ml. For SANIHANDS, you can purchase either the 50-ml or 180-ml sized bottle.

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