GE2020: Singapore, vote right and wisely on 10 July 2020


I don’t think I have read that much news on Singapore politics until General Election 2020 (GE2020) came. So many things had happened since the day parliament was dissolved. Coming 10 July, 2.65 million Singaporeans will be eligible to vote for this year’s General Election. And I am one of the eligible voters. Suddenly, power is landed in our hands or, my hands.

I am voting for the third time.

It is my third time voting for the General Election in Singapore. I still remembered vaguely how the GE2015 went. Back then, I was probably too self-absorbed about my life and career that I could not really care less about politics or how our society should be governed. Besides, the social media scene wasn’t that vibrant and information about Singapore politics aren’t that readily available. But this time, with COVID-19 and social media coming into play, I am more drawn to Singapore politics. And I believe that generation X and Y would feel the same way too.

There’s power in Social Media.

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Today, things are vastly different. Thanks to Social media, I get to read about opinions expressed by various political parties as well as the thoughts and feedback from other Singaporeans.

Besides watch the live rallies and news on GE2020, I was also glued to the Facebook and Instagram comments left by Netizens. Some were hilarious, creative and entertaining. Some comments conveyed the Singapore spirit which is much appreciated during this unprecedented time. Because of the pandemic, a lot of loopholes and problems got surfaced up again.

The various political parties are pointing fingers at each other and this is the period of time where people started to voice out their thoughts and opinions freely online for the first time. We are starting to think critically again and discuss about Singapore politics. Who says Singaporeans are apolitical?

If you are totally clueless about this upcoming Singapore General Election is all about, you can check out this back to basics video done by The Straits Times.

But at the end of the day, we all need to vote with a sound mind.

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This year, I was more in tuned with Singapore politics than ever – all thanks to social media. Through all the online rallies, debates and news, I was able to think critically for myself to discover what is right or wrong. In addition, I got to hear from different perspectives and views from various parties, politicians and experts during this upcoming election.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have probably garnered sufficient information to make an informed choice of voting wisely. And I hope people of my generation would feel the same way and take the responsible risk to vote wisely. Our votes are kept secret and we should not be afraid to vote for the party we support, and not going for the safest choice.

How to vote wisely in this GE2020?

  1. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with the way current things are.
  2. Read and examine the various parties manifestos with scrutiny.
  3. Find out about the political parties’ values and beliefs.
  4. Do your own fact check and research as you read the news and watch the online rallies from credible sources and reliable news media outlets which provide a balanced view.
  5. Comment and discuss actively and objectively about issues concerning the country with your circle of family and friends.
  6. Turn up at the voting centre on 10 July and vote responsibly.

GE 2020 Polling day: 10 July

Mustsharenews Polling Day Singapore General Election GE2020
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Next Friday will be a significant day for all Singaporeans. It might be life-changing for Singapore. 2020 is a year of transformation and the start of a brand new chapter.

It is also a year where our current government placed in a watershed battle with strong contenders from the opposition parties. Many interesting things have happened since the day when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced the parliament had dissolved. If you have been following the news, you will agree with me that this GE2020 is an exciting one.

Vote wisely with your heart and soul because every vote counts.

What to expect on Polling Day?

There are some changes to this year’s voting process. Do keep yourself updated and watch the video below before heading to the polling station.

Majulah, Singapore!

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