I’ve tried HEYTEA 喜茶 Food Lab New Delicious Pastries

HEYTEA Food Lab Ion orchard
(ION ORCHARD outlet)

Aren’t you glad that the bubble tea shops are finally open in phase 2? It just goes to show how much we love drinking tea beverages. Are you ready for more good news?

HEYTEA 喜茶, the original inventor of Cheezo Tea, has just launched HEYTEA Food lab which offers baked treats. They have also introduced 4 new pastries which will sweeten up your life in Phase 2 post-circuit breaker.

HEYTEA Food-tea pairings

HEYTEA Food Lab Ion orchard

I managed to try their 4 delectable baked goods but I did not manage to try them with their recommended tea pairings. ( I wish I did!)

Feast your eyes on HEYTEA Food Lab Baked Treats!


But if you were to check out their new baked goods, do pair it with signature tea drinks for a perfect afternoon treat. If you prefer a more convenient alternative, you can head over to the supermarket and purchase a carton of brown sugar milk to go with these sweet delights.

HEYTEA Food Lab Ion orchard

Golden Croissant ($3.60)

HEYTEA Food Lab Golden croissant
Credit: HEYTEA Singapore

This classic delight is best paired with HEYTEA’s Taro Bobo. This is best eaten when it is still warm and fresh from the oven. It has a buttery aroma which is best paired with the sweetness from the Taro milk drink and chewy Bobo pearls.

golden croissant

It smells amazingly delicious. But I just hope that it was more flaky and soft though.

Chocolate Croissant ($4.20)

HEYTEA Food Lab chocolate croissant
Credit: HEYTEA Singapore

Their chocolate croissant is a dream. I love the chocolate fillings in it. As compared to the golden croissant, I find that their chocolate croissant is slightly moister and fluffier inside.

I also wouldn’t mind if they drizzle more chocolate sauce on it outside. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate croissant?

chocolate croissant

Since the chocolate croissant is already quite sweet, it is best paired with a tea-based drink like HEYTEA’s Aqua Green Cheezo. The combination of Jasmine green tea, cheese foam and chocolate is a spot on. The refreshing blend of sweet and savoury, mixed with a tinge of bitterness from the tea, will make you do a little happy dance.

Butterscotch Chip Muffin ($3.20)

HEYTEA Food Lab butterscotch chip muffin
Credit: HEYTEA Singapore

Their Butterscotch chip muffin is also another delectable chip. I am only slightly disappointed by the fact I did not see any butterscotch chip on the muffin itself.

butterscotch chip muffin

However, it has a little surprise in it – a sweet buttery filling (which I presumed is butterscotch sauce.)

The muffin is very moist and soft. And it has this homemade rustic-taste to it.

butterscotch chip muffin

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie ($2.00)

HEYTEA Food Lab double chocolate chip cookie
Credit: HEYTEA Singapore

I saved the best for last.

This double chocolate chip cookie is a killer and thus, it is a must-try. It has a perfect balance of chewiness on the inside and crispiness on the outside which makes it so tasty. And guess what? It costs only $2, so why not?

I was glad that they added some nuts to add some crunch to the cookie. It’s very chocolatey and I simply love it. It’s a cookie which will put a smile on your face on days you are craving for chocolate.

double chocolate chip cookie

And this cookie is best paired with one of the bestselling drinks – Strawberry Cheezo; just think of strawberries coated with a layer of good chocolate.

Are you already salivating at HEYTEA Food Lab treats?

You can get your hands on HEYTEA Food Lab’s these freshly baked goods exclusively at the ION Orchard and Westgate outlets.

HEYTEA food lab baked goods

You can also order via the HEYTEA GO mobile application (available for iOS), Foodpanda or the GrabFood mobile application, for self-collection at selected stores.

Stay safe and drink tea.

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