Trying out Esthemax Australian Sheep Placenta with 24K Gold Hydrojelly Mask at Indulgence Beauty

Facial Esthemax Indulgence Beauty

It’s been almost three months since I had my last facial. I knew I would have to undergo a few rounds of extraction facial to purify the pores in my skin.

How has my skin changed after Circuit Breaker?

True enough, when I head back to Indulgence Beauty for my regular facial, I was told that my skin was quite clogged and the stubborn comedones that clogged my pores were hard to remove.

Facial Esthemax Indulgence Beauty

They also did a skin analysis for me and as expected, my skin was drier than before. I guess it was because I haven’t been drinking enough water ever since we were told to wear our masks out. It became more inconvenient to eat or drink. So I guess I have to make a conscious effort to drink up as often as I can.

Since my skin is now drier than before, it is also loosing its elasticity over time. Looks like I have to start showing my skin more self-care and love to improve my skin condition.

A customised facial to hydrate and boosts elasticity in my skin

Thus, to revive my skin, my facial therapist customised a suitable facial for me using the new brand of skincare products which they have just brought in. In addition to Dermatics products, they are also incorporating the use of Esthemax ampoules and hydrojelly masks in their facials.

Peptide Cure Ampoule 915 by Esthemax

Facial Esthemax Indulgence Beauty peptide cure ampoule 915

The use of ampoules is a great way to supercharge your skin and bring about positive effects within a shorter period of time. To boost elasticity in my skin, the therapists used an ampoule by Esthemax which contains peptides. The peptides in the ampoule work by stimulating the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Green LED Therapy

After applying the ampoule onto my skin, they did a green LED light therapy on my skin. The green light helps to calm the skin and help treat ageing-related skin condition like hyperpigmentation and sunspots. The light therapy also helps in the absorption of the ampoule into the skin as well.

Facial Esthemax Indulgence Beauty Green light LED therapy

I apologised for this eery-look photo but showing you how they tried to revive my skin is essential. I am sincerely praying for healthy glowing skin before my actual wedding in February.

What’s it is like to have Esthemax Australian Sheep Placenta with 24K Gold Hydrojelly mask slathered on my face?

Lastly, they used Esthemax Hydrojelly mask on my skin. Hydrojelly mask is a new generation of peel-off facial masks which adheres closely to the skin to allow for maximal absorption of the ingredients in the mask.

My Hydrojelly mask was customised by my therapist to suit my skin needs. The mask helps brightens and tightens the skin. The 24 K gold found in the mask also helps to calm the acne inflammation and increases the elasticity in the skin.

Facial Esthemax Indulgence Beauty 24K Gold Hydrojelly Mask

Before I talk about how the mask feels on my skin, I just wanted to say how pleasant and luxurious the mask smells. It smells like a garden of roses and my mood is instantly lifted upon smelling the fragrance.

The Hydrojelly felt very cooling against my skin. It feels really light and refreshing on my skin. Once it is dried out, you can just peel it off. My skin felt instantly hydrated and lifted. The redness in my skin (due to extraction) was also greatly reduced.

It’s really easy and convenient to use because it peels off easily. Do you know that you can also purchase the mask and use it at home?

Facial Esthemax Indulgence Beauty 24K Gold Hydrojelly Mask

Indulgence Beauty also carries a range of Esthemax Hydrojelly mask which customers can purchase for home use. The Hydrojelly masks like the Egyptian Rose mask also looked really pretty!

Facial Esthemax Indulgence Beauty Hydrojelly Mask

If you would like to try out Esthemax Hydrojelly masks, you can head over to Indulgence Beauty to try out their signature facial along with the Hydrojelly mask or purchase their products.

Watch this video below to check out how my skin ‘turned gold’!

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