I visited Japanese Hair Salon, FiNDER by COVO for a Hair treatment

FiNDER by COVO Japanese hair salon tanjong pagar hair cut treatment singapore

When was the last time you had a proper haircut?

I hadn’t had a proper haircut since Circuit Breaker. My mane was dry, frizzy and untamed. No matter how much hair treatment mask or conditioner I used, it always looked dry and messy.

Thankfully, my recent visit to Japanese Hair Salon, COVO Tanjong Pagar (FiNDER) has brought back some life to my hair. I tried their new hair treatment called X Treatment, professional hair treatment for highly damaged hair. I also had my hair trimmed too.

FiNDER by COVO @ Tanjong Pagar

This Japanese hair salon is tucked away at the far end of Tanjong Pagar area, along Duxton Road. It is housed within a shophouse, located alongside with several bars and restaurants. It wasn’t difficult to spot the salon at all. The minimalistic and clean storefront seemed attractive.

The moment I entered the salon, I was greeted by their front desk staff as well as Kazz, who is the manager and top stylist at COVO Tanjong Pagar (FiNDER). He was also my assigned hairstylist for the day.

A Minimalist Hair Boutique


The hair boutique boasts clean lines, a monochromatic palette, and a stripped-down simplicity. The space is compartmentalise using simple divider set-ups like large black frames and curtains. It looks exactly like a typical Japanese hair salon. Though typical, their services and professionalism are outstanding.

Japanese service standards here are commendable

I’ve been to a couple of Japanese hair salons in Singapore and I have always walked out of the salon feeling satisfied. Their staff is always so attentive, patient and amicable.


After settling down, Kazz brought me a little cushion so that I can rest my arms comfortably on it. He also noticed that I had my glasses on so he brought over a spectacle case so that I can place my glasses in it. As a customer, you really felt well looked after.

Japanese hair salon tanjong pagar hair cut treatment singapore

How they make you feel really special at FiNDER by COVO?

Kazz was my hairstylist from start to finish. Even though he was one of the senior hairstylists around, he washed my hair and performed every step of the hair treatment for me. This is so unlike in other hair salons where the menial tasks like hair washing are usually done by the junior stylists. But over here at COVO, your assigned stylist will attend to you from the moment you enter the salon till you leave.

FiNDER hairstylists at COVO are certified and highly skilled. All of them have at least 10 to 15 years of experiences. So you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.


X Treatment Plus: A 4-step Process

Their exceptional service continues as I undergo their newly launched hair treatment called X Treatment Plus. It is a 4-step treatment which incorporates the use of professional Japanese haircare products.

The concept behind these treatment is similar to that of a facial. Like most skincare products, the X Treatment products also contain anti-aging ingredients like the ‘Miracle Apple’, a plant stem cell which helps regenerates damaged cells.

Unlike other hair treatment, the X Treatment Plus is more intensive and penetrative. The ingredients do not just smoothen out the cuticles but it can also penetrate deep into the inner hair layers to bring about hair restoration.

Currently, this treatment is exclusive at COVO Tanjong Pagar (FiNDER) branch. COVO also has two other branches (Katong and Outram) in Singapore.

I could not recall the steps specifically but I remembered getting up to get my hair washed and sprayed with the treatment solution. While my hair was getting steamed, Kazz placed a warm towel under my neck so that I felt more relaxed while lying down on the shampoo bed.


There are two variants of the X Treatment : X Treatment ( a 4 -step process repeated twice and X Treatment Plus ( a 4-step process repeated four times). I did the X Treatment Plus which lasted for about 90 minutes or so.

An ‘onsen’ session for my scalp

Do you also know that they use carbonated spring water to shampoo, steam and wash your hair? Our regular tap water in Singapore contains chlorine which can dry out the hair and scalp so I was glad that they use spring water for hair washing.

Carbonated spring water helps to clarify the scalp and increase blood circulation in the scalp for better hair growth. It’s akin to be giving your scalp an ‘onsen’ experience.

Trimming away the dead ends

It is best to get your hair ends trimmed after such intensive hair treatment so that your hair can grow healthily. Kazz carefully trimmed away the dead ends and neaten up my hair cut with his deft hands.

Japanese hair salon tanjong pagar hair cut treatment singapore

After the treatment and trimmings, Kazz also spent some time to style my hair so that I can walk out of the salon looking my best – all ready for a date night.

I could really feel his passion for styling and cutting hair from the way he styles my hair. To him, a well-styled hair is like a piece of art.


They have a small makeshift photo corner for customers to take amazing selfies with their ring light.

Softer, Silkier and Shinier

Japanese hair salon tanjong pagar hair cut treatment singapore

Overall, I was really pleased with their services and the treatment left my hair feeling so soft, silky and smooth. My hair is now more manageable and tamed even after the treatment.


FiNDER by COVO (Tanjong Pagar)

31 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089495

Tel: 65-6909-9589, HP: 65-9836-0601 (SMS/WhatsApp)

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