Mini Liquor Bouquet for those who love to drink

mini liquor bouquet floral garage Singapore deeniseglitz

Know someone who appreciates liquors and enjoys mixing their own alcoholic drinks? Floral Garage has just got a perfect ‘instagrammable’ gift for them.

These days, you can customise your own bouquets because everything looks great with flowers. From chocolates, vegetables to snacks, you can almost stuff anything into a bouquet of flowers.

Mini Liquor bouquet for Liquor Lovers

This mini liquor bouquet by Floral Garage features 5 or 7 alcoholic miniatures of popular liquors like Monkey Shoulders, Absolut Vodka and Johnnie Walker Red Label. They could be drunk or kept as collector’s items.

In this bouquet, it comprises a mixture of Scotch Whiskeys and Vodka. Each small bottle contains 50ml of liquor.

mini liquor bouquet floral garage Singapore deeniseglitz

The mini blended scotch whiskeys bottles are by Justerini & Brooks, Grant’s, Johnnie Walker Red Label and Monkey Shoulder. There’s also a miniature bottle of Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka and Absolut Vodka’s Vanilia and Apeach.

mini liquor bottles alcohol miniatures

A bouquet for both males and females

mini liquor bouquet floral garage Singapore deeniseglitz

This bouquet is perfect both males and females. Instead of roses or big fancy flowers, you’ll find striking mini liquor bottles which nestled amidst the eucalyptus ‘baby blue’ leaves, gyp (baby’s breath) and other bouquet fillers. It is wrapped nicely with layers of gift wrappers. To me, this bouquet is not mini at all.

Gift responsibly

It’s a unique gift to send it to your loved ones. It makes a great Father’s Day, Valentine’s or Christmas gift. But be responsible. Make sure you are of legal age (18 years old and above) to purchase or receive the bouquet. Stay home and drink responsibly.

mini liquor bouquet floral garage Singapore deeniseglitz

How to order?

There are two variants of Floral Garage Mini bouquets: Symposium (7 mini liquor bottles) for $118.90 and Jingled (5 bottles) for $98.80.

You can order it online from Floral Garage Singapore, an established online florist which offers express flower delivery services in Singapore. They offer fresh yet affordable bouquets and floral arrangements with free same-day delivery. You can also get quirky and unique bouquets like the Vegetable bouquets, dried flowers, hampers, flower stands and other party supplies.

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