NDP 2020: How to spend an awesome National Day on 9 Aug?

jack-lin-lKyo5UDCgUI-unsplash NDP 2020 Singapore National Day Celebrations Stay Home
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In spite of the tough circumstances the whole world is going through right now, we are still celebrating our nation’s birthday with a bash. Even though some of us felt that it is not very appropriate to be celebrating NDP 2020 with fireworks and a parade, things still went as planned anyway.

Some netizens mentioned that this celebration could have been planned way ahead before COVID-19 so it would have been a waste of resources if we just cancel it altogether. Whether you are for or against it, the whole nation is throwing a party tomorrow – from morning to evening. So, why not take this chance and spend an awesome day with your loved ones?

Below is a suggested itinerary on how you can spend the 9th of August like never before. Since you can’t travel elsewhere, why not ‘travel’ around Singapore?

8.30 am: Rise and shine!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore breakfast

Wake yourself and your family up. Head down to the nearest Kopitiam (Coffeeshop) for a local breakfast. If you’re feeling lazy, call in the delivery. Order your favourite Kaya Toast, Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, and Laksa with a cup of Kopi-O or Teh Tarik.

Count yourself lucky that you are still able to enjoy these local delicacies with a just few taps on your phone.

9.00 am: Watch the Red Lions parachuting down!

If you happen to live near Ng Teng Fong Hospital or Sengkang General Hospital, you can catch a glimpse of the Red Lions parachuting down as a form of to the healthcare workers working at both hospitals.

You may also catch the Red Lions in action on TV at 11.10 am.

10.20 am: Watch the NDP live from the Padang on television

Grab your remote and switch on your television! The broadcast is available on all Mediacorp Free-to-air channels. You can also watch it online on NDPeeps YouTube channel or NDPeeps Facebook too.

The live broadcast will start off with a message by PM Lee, then followed by the parade and ceremony.

The National Anthem will start at around 10.30 am. When you hear the ‘all-clear’ siren, you know that the singing of the national anthem is about the start. Get your handheld Singapore flags ready and sing the National Anthem along with the whole nation with pride!

10.30 am: Look out of your window to catch the State flag flypast

tomas-vysniauskas-YgyUVG0B1_k-unsplash NDP 2020 Singapore National Day Celebrations Stay Home
Credit: Tomas Vysniaus on Unsplash

Run over to your window and see if you can spot the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s Chinook helicopter and two Apache helicopters ferrying the gigantic state flag. The state flag weights about a tonne!

Get ready your phone to take some Instagram photos or TikTok videos. Remember and hashtag #NDP2020, #TogetherStrongerSG and #OurHeartforSG.

Look at the map below to see if the helicopters will be flying above your HDB flats or not!

sffroute NDP 2020 Singapore National Day Celebrations Stay Home
Source: NDP 2020 Website

10.45-11.15 am: Catch the fighter jets roaring through the sky

Hear the roar of the jets as they fly across our skies in a delta formation. Roar and cheer out loud from your windows as they fly pass your homes!

If you are around the Marina Bay area, you might also be able to watch the Maritime Sailpast along Marina Barrage at 11 am.

11.15 am: Head downstairs to check out the mobile column display

Put on your Singapore-themed or red shirt and join the crowd as they stood by the roadside to welcome Mobile Column vehicles. This segment will start from 10 am to 1 pm.

You will be able to see the drive-past of military vehicles and 66 assets from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

As you head out to the streets, remember to put on your mask and maintain social distancing. Social distancing ambassadors will be deployed tomorrow to help ensure and enforce safe distancing measures.

12.00 pm: Grab lunch and some bubble tea at your nearby Shopping Mall

HEYTEA Singapore Milo bobo-shio National Day Promotion
Credit: HEYTEA Singapore

Head over to the mall along with other Singaporeans and grab your lunch. It might be a good idea to do a takeaway since it might be crowded.

Then head over to Xing Fu Tang to enjoy their National Day Special drink – Rose Dalgona for just S$0.55 with a purchase of any their Dalgona series drinks from 6 to 16 August.

You can also head over to HEYTEA to try out their new Milo Bobo-Shio ($7.80) and the Milo-Shiok Sundae (Mini) ($4.30). On 9 August 2020, HEYTEA will also be giving away free Chocolate Croissants ($4.20 per piece) to the first 55 customers at each outlet who purchase a Milo Bobo-Shiok.

The weather’s going to be really hot so cool yourself down with some drinks and desserts

2.00 pm: Stay home and exercise

Participate in the annual Get Active’s NDP 20 workout and take part in the Active Challenge to win attractive prizes like Samsung Smartphone.

There are also home-based activities like colouring for children to take part as well. Stay home, stay safe and do your part. The fight is not over yet!

4.00 pm: Cook up a storm in the kitchen!

NDP 2020 website recipes e-booklet
Source: NDP 2020 website

Download the e-recipes booklet and try out the recipes featured in the booklet. Each recipe is accompanied by a video tutorial so that you can watch and learn at the same time.

Follow the recipes and whip up some local dishes for dinner later.

7.00 pm: Watch the NDP 2020 show broadcast on television and enjoy your homecooked meal

The NDP show will be broadcast live from The Star Performing Arts Centre. Plate out all the dishes you’ve prepared earlier on and then enjoy them with your family as you watch the live broadcast of the NDP show on television.

8.20 pm: Recite the pledge out loud and catch the fireworks right outside your windows

Recite the pledge together with the nation right after the show. And shine your torches from your windows or balconies during the Light-up moment. Remember to attach red torch stickers from your Singapore Together pack onto the light source of your mobile phones!

You can catch the 5-minute long fireworks across 10 different heartlands. You should be able to catch a glimpse of the fireworks from the windows. If you want to watch the full fireworks, it is best to head over close to the designated fireworks spots.

Fireworks displays will take place in Jurong Lake Gardens, Yew Tee, Bishan, Buona Vista, Punggol, Sembawang, Tampines, Ang Mo Kio and Marina Reservoir.

For more details, you can check out NDP 2020 e-brochure here.
Source: NDP 2020 website

No matter what happens, let’s stay united and stronger together. Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore!

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