WEBUY launches 828 Food Fair with Discounts, Flash Sales and Contests

Singapore-based social commerce start-up, WEBUY, will be launching the 828 Food Fair on 28 August 2020 with attractive group-buy bargains on online trendy food products like hot and sour noodles as well as boba ice cream.

This event will feature online special promotions, flash sales, auctions, various contests as well as WEBUY 828 La La La (辣辣辣) Mukbang Challenge.

828 WEBUY Food Fair Banner Ad

The group-buy bargains will start at the stroke of midnight on 28 August 2020. The discounts can go as much as 50%, while stocks last.

What can we buy at WEBUY?

webuy group buys
Source: webuysg.com

WEBUY is a social commerce platform that follows a unique group buying model. It taps on innovative tools to fosters shopper interaction.

It is also a platform for small merchants to launch new or unique products in reasonably small quantities to test out the market.  Such group-buying platforms enable people living near each other to enjoy group bargains. Shoppers can also pick up their items at designated locations thereby saving on transportation costs.

WEBUY currently focuses on food and offers a wide array of over 1,000 food items including fresh produce, gourmet items, instant meals, restaurant-branded food and snacks.

What are some of the hot bargains?

828 food fair

The 828 Food Fair will run for 3 days until 30 August 2020 and feature online hot buys such as Hot & Sour Instant Noodles from HAI CHI JIA and SHI ZU REN, MALA ODEN Guan Dong Zhu, XIAO MEI Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar, Cane Sugar Tea with Ginger and Behai Appetizing Salted Egg Mayonnaise from Li Ziqi, a leading, well-known China Vlogger and lastly, Liang Puff Paratha Scallion Pancake made famous by Taiwan celebrity, Jay Chou.

If you have not tried hot and sour instant noodles, then you must get your hands on it during this great sale!

WEBUY 828 La La La (辣辣辣) Mukbang Challenge

WEBUY La La La  MukBang  Challenge

Win $828 just by taking part in this Mukbang challenge and finish a cup of spicy Suan La Fen 酸辣粉 in the shortest time possible!

How to take part?

Webuy mukbang challenge

1. Get a cup of spicy Suan La Fen 酸辣粉 (You can purchase on WEBUY mobile site http://www.webuysg.com)

2. Add hot water to cook the noodles and film yourself finishing the cup of spicy noodles in the shorted time possible.

3. Post your Mukbang video on Facebook.

4. Insert caption: Just me doing the $828 Lalala Mukbang Challenge.  <Insert eating duration> Join me! #WEBUY828

4. Invite and tag 5 friends to join you in this challenge.

5. ‘LIKE’ the WEBUY Facebook page @webuysg.

Closing date is on 6 September 2020. The fastest eater will win $828. Yes, it is that easy! Who knows? You might be the winner!

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