6 Types of Wedding Dress all Brides-to-be Should know

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My wedding is just six months away and as of date, we have not made any bookings but we’ve booked the solemnisation date with our church’s pastor. We are still doing research and finalising our venue. And once we locked down the location, I have to start searching for that perfect wedding dress.

Before going for fittings and try-outs at bridal shops, I will probably have to do some research on the types of wedding dresses. I am also pretty sure that the bridal consultants will ask me about the kind of wedding dresses I was looking for too. So I thought maybe I should do some research on my own and share this useful information with any brides-to-be.

Wedding dress silhouettes

There are many types of wedding dress silhouettes but for a start, I will only cover the 6 basic wedding dress silhouettes.

During the gown fitting, they will probably ask you for which types of silhouette you are going for. It is good to have a rough idea of the types of wedding dresses you have in mind so that the selection and fitting process will go smoothly. Some brides-to-be also created wedding gown mood boards on Pinterest. It will also be good to fix the venue before choosing your dress so that you will also be able to pick one that fits the venue too.

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1. A-line

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This classic dress silhouette is probably the most versatile silhouette which fits most body shapes. This is why I most probably would go for this universally flattering silhouette for my wedding. It is fitted at the hips and gradually flares from the natural waistline of the bodice to the hem, resembling a capital letter A.

2. Trumpet

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The Trumpet is a figure-hugging dress which hugs the body at the right places and gradually flares outward. This type of dress silhouette is more flattering for those with hour-glass or petite figures.

As compared to the mermaid silhouette, the trumpet wedding dress allows for more freedom of movement.

3. Column

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Source: Pinterest

The column silhouette is quite similar to a sheath wedding silhouette where it is fitted at the waist and falls straight to floor without any flare. A minimal amount of material is used to create that effortless and chic bridal look. It is ideal for petite brides which do not want to be overpowered by the gowns.

4. Mermaid

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The mermaid dress is quite similar to the trumpet dress silhouette except that it flares out like mermaid’s tail. It is an attention-grabbing dress which accentuates the natural feminine curves of the body. However, it is one of the more restrictive wedding dress which limits your lower body movement. I could imagine that it is difficult walking or dancing around with this dress.

5. Tea-Length

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Source: Pinterest

This tea-length dress is a knee-length dress which is a more playful, modern alternative to formal wedding gowns. They are popular options for pre-wedding shoots, engagement parties or bridal showers. This is perfect for brides who do not want to fuss about floor-length gowns. It is also easier to dance or move around in tea-length dresses.

6. Ball Gown

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The ball gown is fitted at the waist with a full skirt. It’s that ideal dramatic Cinderella-type of fancy dress which can disguise the lower part of the body and create an illusion of wider hips. If you’re into fairytale-like weddings, then this is the dress that will fit the theme. This style of wedding dresses can accommodate most body shapes.

In conclusion…

Even though certain silhouettes suits certain types of body shapes, there’s no harm trying all sorts of silhouettes just to have a feel of what it is like to be in the dress. It is also good to keep an open mind because you’ll never know which dress silhouette will suit you until you try it for yourself! As long as you feel beautiful and confident in it, just go for it.

Remember, it’s your wedding!

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