Canon EOS RP: A Cutting-edge Mirrorless camera

Canon RP

Camera phones of today may have powerful capabilities which enable to capture high-quality images but it’s still incomparable to DSLRs. There’s no way professional photographers will ditch their DSLRs for camera phones but it might very well happen if there is no advancement in the camera industry.

Thank goodness, camera companies like Canon has never stop innovating. They have gone over and beyond to launch even more powerful mirrorless cameras like Canon EOS RP. This is one of Canon’s best-selling cameras and I would say that they are as good as DSLRs.

The Canon EOS RP is really light.

Weighing at 485 grams only, the Canon EOS RP is Canon’s lightest Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera with EVF. It has a 26.2-megapixels CMOS sensor and can shoot 4K UHD videos.

What made its body so light, as compared to other Canon EOS series of cameras? Its body is made out of light magnesium alloy, which is also engineered to provide dust and moisture resistance. You could say that it is unimaginably light. However, when you mount the kit lens RF24-105mm F/4-7.1 IS STM onto it, the camera becomes so much heavier. Could Canon perhaps do something about the weight of zoom lenses?

Unique Features of Canon EOS RP

1. Dual Pixel Autofocus

Canon RP

Dual Pixel CMOS AF is Canon’s distinctive technology in which enables the CMOS sensor to perform both phase-difference autofocusing and imaging functions.

That is to say, Canon EOS RP can focus on subjects quickly. It has an approximate 0.05 seconds focusing speed and 4,779 selectable AF positions which allows for greater flexibility when shooting.

If you are shooting videos, this feature is exceptionally useful. The camera is able to provide quick and accurate focus without adjusting the lenses. It can also keep a focus on moving objects.

With this feature, it made it pointless to shoot photos or videos in auto mode using this camera.

2. A built-in 2.36-million-dot high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF)

Canon RP

The other cool feature about EOS RP is probably its OLED electronic viewfinder which provides 100% coverage.

But it does take me quite some time to get used to the electronic viewfinder. It’s more efficient and intuitive but what you see with your natural eye is still somewhat different from the electronic viewfinder.

3. Ergonomically designed grip

The camera body is well crafted and I was able able to grip the body comfortably with one hand.

The function dials and control ring are placed within reach so you don’t have to take your eyes off the subject while shooting. You may need to familarize yourself with the buttons and control placements but once you get the hang of it, it is actually quite easy to shoot manually.

Canon RP

If not for the kit lens, the camera is relatively light and easy to carry around.

Kit Lens: RF24-105MM F/4-7.1 IS STM

Canon RP

The kit lens probably weighs much more than the camera body itself. I personally would prefer to pair the EOS RP with another smaller standard zoom lens.

But if you don’t mind carrying a heavy lens around, the RF24-105MM F/4-7.1 IS STM works out great too. Since it has an expansive focal range which is extremely versatile, it is capable of taking portraits or close-up shots.

Canon RP

My Verdict

Canon Singapore Mirrorless camera review

The EOS RP body has a similar feel to Canon DSLRs. In fact, this powerful mirrorless camera has somewhat similar capabilities as DSLRs. In my opinion, the EOS RP is as good as EOS R. It’s a thousand dollars cheaper than EOS R too. Check out the differences in their specifications below.

canon mirrorless cameras EOS RP compare with EOS R

My only qualm with the EOS RP is probably its lens compatibility. I find that the current kit lens I’m using is designed to work well with Canon DSLRs and other older existing cameras. The kit lens didn’t seem quite compatible with the EOS RP which is a cutting-edge mirrorless camera. It’s painful using the autofocus setting mode on the camera and the lens themselves. It is as if the two devices cannot ‘read’ each other and work seamlessly together.

Canon Singapore Mirrorless camera review

But other than that, it is a decent mirrorless camera with powerful capabilities.

Overall, the EOS RP is a good alternative to DSLRs. It is also more affordable and compact than DSLRs in general. I am not surprised if professional photographers decided to switch to mirrorless cameras like the EOS RP.

Canon Singapore Mirrorless camera review

Canon EOS RP body is retailed at $1,399.00 on Canon online shop. The EOS RP body with the kit lens RF24-105MM F/4-7.1 IS STM costs $2,048.

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