I tried the most expensive Nasi Lemak in Singapore

OSG bar nasi lemak

Our quest to find the most expensive Nasi Lemak in town all started when Sam started sharing with me food reviews of places selling Nasi Lemak. When he saw what OSG Music Bar + Kitchen’s version of deluxe Nasi Lemak, he was sold and wanted to try it out. So here we are.

Nasi Lemak – One of Singapore’s iconic dishes

This local delicacy is everyone’s favourite go-to comfort food which can be eaten at any time of the day. It’s a Malay traditional dish which comprises typically of coconut rice, fried anchovies, toasted peanuts, sambal, egg and other side dishes.

You can literally find this dish in most hawker centres or food courts in Singapore. And it usually costs between $1 to $5. There are also restaurants like The Coconut Club which have taken a spin on this dish and gave it a modern twist to it. Others have tried to retain the original flavours of it but amp it up with more expensive ingredients. OSG Bar + Kitchen is one of them. They came up with their own ‘deluxe’ version of Nasi Lemak which costs a whopping $17.90, making it the most expensive Nasi Lemak in Singapore.

OSG Music Bar + Kitchen

OSG Bar Nasi Lemak

It is rather atypical of a bar and kitchen to be dishing up local dishes but I guess that is what differentiates them from other night drinking spots. When we were there to try their signature Nasi Lemak, we noticed that the diners there also ordered Nasi Lemak. Some ordered beer along with this spicy Asian dish. Does alcohol ever go well with Nasi Lemak?

OSG’s Signature Nasi Lemak

OSG Bar Nasi Lemak
Credit: OSG Music Bar + Kitchen

According to their menu, their signature Nasi Lemak seems like it has been carefully crafted and hand-prepared by their chefs. It seems to me that most of the ingredients are made from scratch and prepared using Peranakan-inspired cooking methods. And base on the images printed on the menu, it seems like a hefty plate of Nasi Lemak filled with gravy-laden meats and juicy lobsters. Sam and I were pretty sure that we might be able to share one plate of Nasi Lemak since the portion looks big.

But in reality…

OSG Bar Nasi Lemak

Everything looks small. One spoonful of ikan bilis with peanuts, a morsel of beef rendang and two mini lobsters which doesn’t have much meat in it. We were a tad disappointed with the portions. But otherwise, this dish would have been quite mindblowing.

The butterfly pea-infused coconut rice is fragrant and well-cooked. All the side dishes like fried chicken and beef rendang are also delicious. Their sambal which is served at the side along with the cucumber has a good spicy kick to it. The Balado-spiced egg drenched with sambal truly elevates the dish.

OSG Bar Nasi Lemak

Overall, the dish is well-executed. I would have lied if I tell you that it isn’t worth trying. With the added service charges and GST, the cost of OSG Signature Nasi Lemak amounts to about $20.

Would you pay $20 for a plate of Nasi Lemak?

OSG Music Bar + Kitchen

#01-510/511 Suntec City Tower 1, 3 Temasek Boulevard (facing outside the mall)

Opening hours: 11 am to 10.30 pm (Mondays to Saturdays); 1 to 10.30 pm (Sundays) 

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