Mascne: Combatting Mask-related Acne (Part 1)

Indulgence Beauty Rose Mask

I didn’t expect myself to be suffering from ‘mascne’ or ‘maskne’. Wearing mask for long periods of time had caused my skin to have serious breakouts.

What’s mascne?

It’s simple acne caused by the wearing of masks. Wearing mask for an extended period of time can cause skin irritations such as acne breakouts and rashes. Has that ever occured to you? You will notice tiny bumps occurring at the lower half of your face. In addition, some of us may be facing work-related stress which also increases the occurrence of acne breakouts.

If you are experiencing mascne, don’t panic. Just remember to wear a comfortable mask which is not too tight and change your mask as often as you can. Now that I’m facing mascne, I tend to wear more breathable mask that doesn’t adhere so closely to my skin. I also try to cleanse my skin once I reach home.

What to do with mascne?

Pimple spot treatment products will only dry up the pimples and prevent pimple formation. They don’t exactly clear your skin or effectively eradicate comedones. A better way of dealing with mascne is to seek professional treatment from skin therapists or dermatologists. For me, I decided to head back to my go-to facial salon, Indulgence Beauty at International Plaza.

During my recent facial at Indulgence Beauty, my therapist had to spend some time in the extraction step to purge out all the gunk in my pores. It’s pretty intensive and definitely painful but still bearable.

There’s hope.

I was even prepared to go home red-faced with inflamed skin. However, thankfully, things didn’t turn out that bad. My therapist, who is highly experienced and professional, knows how to handle my sensitive skin with great care.

Seeing that my whole face was red from the intensive extraction, she recommended that I do the oxy-jet treatment which will also help to calm my skin.

Oxy-jet Treatment

This treatment involves delivering a cool blast of highly pressurised oxygen into the skin. When the skin is well-oxygenated, it will appear brighter and more radiant than before. The oxygen also promotes wound healing and it is exactly what I needed after an intensive extraction which involves the use of needles.

Indulgence Beauty Mascne Facial

Furthermore, the oxygen also kills acne-causing bacteria and thus it is a treatment well-suited for most skin types.

Indulgence Beauty Rose Mask oxy-jet facial Mascne

Hydrojelly Mask

Indulgence Beauty has recently been using Esthemax Hydrojelly mask which is a high quality mask that really deliver results. The hydrojelly mask they put on my skin also further reduces redness in my skin. Over here, I am using Esthemax’s Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly mask. It’s such a pretty-looking mask which smells like a garden of roses.

Indulgence Beauty Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly Mask Esthemax

This Hydrojelly mask is a new-generation of peel-off masks which is made primarily from algae. The mask is also infused with electrolytes like potassium, magnesium and sodium which will help achieve a natural moisture balance in the skin.

Egyptian Rose Hyrojelly Mask

The Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly mask helps to illuminate the skin, increase skin firmness and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentations.

The mask also comprises of tiny rose petal bits which made the mask look so beautiful. The natural oils in roses can help brighten and hydrate the skin. That’s the beauty about rose. They not only look very attractive but highly beneficial for the skin too.

Indulgence Beauty Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly Mask Esthemax

The therapist also layered this crystal jade mask on top of the hydrojelly mask. The jade mask will weigh down the Hydrojelly mask layer so that my skin is adhered closely to the mask and nutrients from the mask can get delivered more effectively into my skin.

Indulgence Beauty Egyptian Rose Hydrojelly Mask Esthemax Mascne

The combination of oxy-jet treatment and Hydrojelly mask treatment has really reduce the redness in my skin. My skin was actually glowing when I walk out of the beauty salon. In addition, my skin tone actually become brighter and more even after the treatment.

Now, my skin is clearer but there’s still the other half of the battle to be won. I would still need to go for regular facials in order to achieve a clearer skin with few blemishes. Wish me luck!

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