Sudio Elva

Sudio Elva is Sudio’s latest wireless earbuds which are equipped with active noise-cancelling function. After releasing Sudio Ett, I thought they will be releasing similar wireless compact earbuds but with better sound capabilities. I wasn’t expecting them to reintroduce wireless earbuds which have to be looped around the neck. Or do people prefer this type of wiresless earbuds?

Sudio Elva

Sudio Elva

This new pair of earphones will be launched only on 14 September 2020 on Sudio’s website. As of now, I am not sure if it is available in other colours but it would be nice if they could release a limited edition of Sudio Elva in cool designs or colours.

Active Noise-cancelling Function

Sudio Elva

One of the main features of Sudio Elva is the active noise-cancelling function. You can simply drown the background noise with music by the touch of a button. This function is perfect if you are still working from home. Such noise-cancelling earphones make a perfect WFH companion.

All you need is to press the centre button on the Sudio Elva twice to activate the noise-cancelling function. When activated, the music channeling through the earbuds simply got louder.

Sudio Flyg: Bluetooth Travel adapter


A bonus feature of Sudio Elva is probably the addition of a Bluetooth travel adapter. That means you can charge any Sudio earphones onboard. Since most of us can’t travel at this point, I doubt this feature would be useful. That has also led me to think if Sudio Elva was supposed to be launched at the start of this year before the pandemic but it didn’t happen since people can travel onboard. But now that flights have resumed, travellers might see a need for a travel adapter to charge their earphones.


Other features of Sudio Elva

  • Weight: 28g
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Voice assistant
  • Bluetooth Version and Range: Version 5.0. / 10 metres
  • Playtime: 10 hours (with ANC activated); 11 hours (without ANC)
  • Charging Time: 2 hours (USB-C)
  • 15 minutes quick charge for am one-hour of playtime
  • IPX 5 (splash/rain/sweat-proof)
  • Adjustable volume with in-built microphone
  • 12-months international warranty (an additional 6 months warranty if you sign up for Sudio sphere)

My Verdict

Light, comfy and secure

The earbuds fitted quite snugly into my ears. In fact, I found Sudio Elva earbuds to be comfier than the Sudio FEM or Sudio Ett.

Sudio Elva

The extra wire loop around my neck did’t add much weight or tension. It was comfortable wearing it for long hours. In fact, I actually felt more secure wearing earphones that looped around my neck because they don’t dislodge from my ears that easily. As such, I would very much prefer to exercise outdoors with Sudio Elva as compared to Sudio Ett.

Quick and Easy Pairing

Like all other Sudio wireless earphones, Sudio Elva pairs very quickly with devices. All you have to do is to switch it on by pressing and holding the middle button for 7 seconds or until you see the white light indicator.


Detach part of the earphone heads to charge

To charge the device, you will just need to detach one right side of the earphones and connect it to a power source using the USB-C cable.

Sudio Elva

The Minuses

The Sudio Elva does come with some imperfections like any other devices. To me, it is rather bulky and I just wish that Sudio provides some sort of a casing to store it, just like how they always use to do for all of their earphones. I might have to find a separate drawstring bag to store the earphones.

The audio quality is quite alright, not as fantastic Sudio FEM or Sudio Ett but it still works well. The bass notes are a little on the heavier side when the noise-cancelling function is activated.

The Sudio Elva will work well for those who prefer semi-wireless earbuds which are more secure. It might work great for joggers or those who are working from home and could not stand loud talking noises from your children or neighbours.

Sudio Elva

Every purchase of Sudio products comes with this free card holder.

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