Why I am super impressed with this Canon printer?

Canon PIXMA TR150 printer wedding invitation cards

If you have been following my blog, you would have read my previous Canon printer reviews. My printing experiences using Canon printers have been so far positive because the prints usually turn out great. However, there are some imperfections which I’ve also highlighted in my previous article. The colour of the prints is not consistent. In addition, the colours reflected on the print are not quite accurate. It’s either a shade darker or lighter. But I am glad that all these issues have been resolved in this latest Canon printer, Canon PIXMA TR150. This printer is hands down the best quality printer I’ve ever used.

Canon PIXMA TR150

Even though this printer is really small and compact, the printing quality is not compromised at all. I really thought that this is just a basic printer for office use. But it turns out that you can actually do some creative prints with this printer.

1. This Canon printer is light enough to bring to your office.

Canon PIXMA TR150 printer wedding invitation cards

If I were to get an office printer, I will definitely go for this Canon PIXMA TR150. It is not only light but also super compact. Weighing at approximately 2.3 kg (with battery), this printer can even fit into my backpack. It is roughly 32 cm long, 18.5 cm wide and 6.6 cm high.

This printer comes with a battery pack. You can also opt for the cheaper version of the printer which does not include a battery. Without the battery, the printer weighs even lighter.

This set of printer I’m using comes with the removable battery. With the battery, you are able to use the printer at any time and anywhere – even in your car if you are rushing from one place to another.

Every 10 minutes of quick charge with the AC adaptor delivers about 36 pages of printing performance. The printer also has a USB port for USB charging via laptops, power banks or USB wall chargers.

2. The printer connects seamlessly to my laptop.

Canon PIXMA TR150 printer wedding invitation cards

After I downloaded and installed the Canon printer application software on my laptop, I was able to start printing right away with this wireless mobile printer. The whole process is easy and very fuss-free. I followed the step-by-step instructions provided on Canon’s website and was able to operate the printer. You can also print via smartphones or tablets too.

3. You can do creative printers with this printer.

Canon PIXMA TR150 printer wedding invitation cards

I actually use this printer to print photos, postcards, stickers and invitation cards using the Canon printing media which are compatible with this printer.

If you are printing cards, I highly recommend that you use Canon Double Sided Matte Paper. The paper quality is exceptional and it is ideal for creative projects. The ink also dries very easily on the matte paper too.

Canon Double sided Matter Paper

I actually printed my wedding invitation cards, envelopes and stickers with these Canon printing media shown in the photo above. Everything turns out amazing and I was very impressed with the printer’s print and ink quality.

4. This printer churns out amazing quality prints.

Canon PIXMA TR150 printer wedding invitation cards

The printing speed is relatively quite fast. More importantly, the ink dries up really fast so the occurrences of ink smudging is rare. And the printing colours matches very closely to what were reflected on my laptop screen too. Check out these wedding envelopes which I’ve printed!

DIY wedding invitation cards

I was very satisfied with how all the prints look. That explains why I am truly impressed with this printer.

To find out a little more about Canon PIXMA TR150 and how it works, you can check out my video below where I shared about how I DIY my wedding invitation cards!

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