My TikTok Journey: Why I’m a fan of this social media app?

deeniseglitz tiktok app

Initially, I found TikTok repulsive. When I first join TikTok, my ‘For You’ page was filled with random videos of kids dancing and maids ‘having fun’ at their employer’s home with either the kids or elderly. You can’t choose exactly what you want to watch on TikTok because the app handpicked videos for you to watch. To me, that was a huge turn off because I wouldn’t want my feed to be filled with disturbing videos.

TikTok’s new algorithm is a game-changer

However, maybe TikTok has realised how their previous algorithm is a ‘huge’ turn-off and started to boost videos of great content on people’s ‘For You’ page. Their new algorithm also boost videos which are of interest to users too. I started noticing this change a couple of months ago when I saw my ‘For You’ page is now filled with videos which are of my interest. Some of the videos are quite inspiring and it inspires me to create my own content. Remembered when I said that another social media app will overtake Instagram and Facebook? TikTok is probably the answer. It’s fun and so easy to use. And it adds an interesting dimension to this social media world.

I’m now a fan of TikTok

Not long after, one of my food-related videos got featured on their ‘For You’ page and I gained many followers overnight. Feeling motivated, I decided to do more food videos. People were not only following my account but were also commenting actively on my TikTok videos and it felt great to be generating which people can relate to.

deeniseglitz tiktok

It also made me realise how TikTok has created this level playing field for content creators to showcase their content. This is regardless of whether you are popular in the first place or not. Everyone stands a chance to create and inspire others. You don’t have to exactly be great with taking videos to make it to other people’s ‘For You’ page. You don’t need the latest expensive phone or video equipment to generate quality videos. I filmed all my TikTok videos using my trusty old iPhone 7. Yes, I’m still using an iPhone 7.

I was starting to see ‘light’ in this TikTok community of users who were mainly quite positive and encouraging. Some of the comments were really inspiring and creative too. And I starting to find myself enjoying the interaction with my followers. That connection with my followers is something which I had never felt before through Instagram or YouTube.

When TikTok Singapore reached out to me…

tiktok singapore

Then one day, I received a private message through Instagram from TikTok Singapore asking if I would like to join their community of TikTok creators. I almost could not believe it when I first saw the message. I barely have over a thousand followers at that time and was way less popular than other TikTok creators who have ten thousands of followers or even more. Nonetheless, I was humbled by their gesture and immediately agreed to be part of the community. Even though I’m just a small fry in this social media scene, I’m just glad that I could share my thoughts freely and creatively with others.

Even then, it’s just a small milestone. Being part of their community allows me to attend their events, workshops and talks. That sounds pretty exciting to me and I hope would be able to get inspired by others and create inspiring content. But as for now, it seems like people are interested in watching my hawker food video reviews. I’m a foodie at heart so I guess that works too?

Check out my account on TikTok!

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