Recommended Buys: Kundal Deep Cleansing Shampoo

I wasn’t too picky about the shampoo brand I was using until I started to notice that some shampoos made my hair fall out even more. That’s when I decided that I should be using gentler shampoo for my hair and scalp. Whenever I needed something affordable, I would usually head over to Shopee to find which are the bestsellers. So when I was browsing through their haircare category, I chanced upon Kundal haircare and body products.

Why Kundal is one of the bestselling Shampoos on Shopee?

This Korean brand seems to be selling like hotcakes on Shopee. They are also available at local drugstores like Watson’s and Guardian too. I thought Kundal shampoo would be cheaper online but I was wrong. There isn’t much of a difference from the retail price. So, you don’t have to necessarily buy from Shopee. You can get it from elsewhere too.

1. It smells amazing.

What’s interesting about Kundal products is probably their unique scents. Apparently, you can customise the scent of your shampoo. You can choose your favourite scent from their unique list of fragrance blends. It’s difficult to choose one scent from the list because every scent seems pleasant. For me, I bought their baby powder-scented shampoo because I got it at a deal and I wasn’t given a choice to choose the scent. Thankfully, the shampoo I ordered smells amazing.

2. It’s a gentle shampoo made of naturally-derived ingredients.

Who wouldn’t go for products which contain mostly naturally-derived ingredients? I am all for such ‘green’ products which are gentler to our scalp and skin.

But do note that Kundal did not claim that their shampoo is an eco-friendly or natural product made of 100% natural ingredients. However, it claims that it contains skin-friendly naturally-derived ingredients. It is also free from 9 different harmful ingredients like parabens and Benzophenone.

Instead, it is packed with nourishing hair ingredients like macadamia seed oil, coconut oil and other plant-based oils.

3. It’s super affordable.

I bought two bottles of Kundal shampoo for $19.90. That works out to be around $9. For a 500-ml bottle of shampoo that costs less than $10, I would say that it is quite a steal. It will probably last me for about 3 to 4 months.

I’ve been using it daily for about two weeks now and I’m loving it!

Kundal Tea Tree & Macadamia (Deep Cleansing Shampoo) (500ml)

When I first use the shampoo, I thought I might be able to smell a hint of tea tree but there was none. The baby powder scent is quite strong so you can’t really smell anything else in the shampoo. The scent also lingers for hours on my hair so it made my hair smells like baby powder for hours. I enjoy the floral musky scent but I might try other scents the next time.

The shampoo formula itself is clear and has this watery texture. It felt light on my hair and scalp. I usually use one pump of the product for my shoulder-length hair. It foams up very easily so you don’t really have to use a lot of the product to lather up.

With this shampoo, I noticed that I didn’t drop as much hair as before. It took quite a while for my hair and scalp to get used to this product. On my first use, I shed quite a lot of hair. But after subsequent use, my hair did not fall out as much. My hair also feels a little softer and it is not as frizzy as before.

Kundal Cool & Clear Scalp Refreshing Shampoo (500 ml)

I also got this bottle of Kundal Cool & Clear Scalp refreshing shampoo in Aqua mint. To be honest, I have not tested this shampoo yet but I am pretty sure it will leave a refreshing sensation and minty feel on my scalp. I like using shampoo that gives my scalp a light minty and cooling sensation because it really ‘wakes up’ my scalp.

The ‘minty’ ingredients found in this shampoo will also help to boost the blood circulation in the scalp and hopefully, this will encourage some hair growth. You don’t know how much hair I drop each day!

Kundal Macadamia Hair Serum (100 ml)

I also bought this hair serum along with the shampoo because my hair has been looking rather frizzy these days. I am really glad to say that this serum is really easy and pleasant to use. I got it in Cherry Blossom scent and it smells so lovely!

The serum is lightweight and absorbs easily into my hair. It is not oily or sticky at all. And one pump is all you need to cover the hair ends. My hair felt softer and was more manageable than before. I use it about two to three times a week or whenever my hair felt dry.

I am so glad to have discovered this product online. I just wish that there are more of such quality hair products which are more affordable. And with Kundal shampoo and serum, there isn’t really a need to use conditioner or treatment. I personally have stopped using conditioner and hair treatment creams because I realise that it is not necessary. As long as you are using a good nourishing shampoo which suits your hair and scalp, you don’t really need anything else.

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