I bought the best-selling cake on Shopee for under $25

My interest in cakes started to grow when I was sourcing for a suitable wedding cake online. Since then, I have been craving cakes. It’s weird, I know. Anyway, I just decided to buy myself a cake even though it is not my birthday.

I bought a cake on Shopee.

Instead of heading to a physical bakery store to buy a cake, I thought maybe I could order it online at a cheaper price. Based on my research, a 6-inch cake from a reputable bakery costs roughly about $30 to 40 on average. True indeed, when I head over to Shopee, I found cakes in the $20-range. And the best-selling cake on Shopee is the Earl Grey Lychee cake by Bakers and Bakes. They had a sale on all of their cakes and they slashed their prices by 50% off.

Introducing the Earl Grey Lychee Cake

I bought the Earl Grey Lychee cake for about $20.90 for a 6-inch (500 grams) cake and the delivery fee was $4. But when I last checked the website today, the prices were back to the original. It’s now sold on Shopee at $40.90.

I placed an advance order on the cake and informed the seller when I would like the cake to be delivered. I also requested the seller to write a message on a cake. It is nice that they extend this service to customers. You may also indicate if you want a birthday candle from them or not.

When the cake was delivered to my doorstep, it was still cold. This suggests that the cake was probably kept in a chiller before delivery. It came with a plastic cake knife and a small candle.

My first impressions of the Earl Grey Lychee Cake.

Like what the other buyers mentioned in the review section, the cake is baked fresh and it is not too sweet. It’s a very pretty Earl Grey sponge cake with Lychee cream filling, covered with purple cream. They also scattered some dried rose petals and lavender on top of the cake.

The cake sponge layer is lightly flavoured with the Earl Grey flavour and sandwiched between the cake layer is bits of lychee and cream.

I actually managed to slice the cake into 10 small serving slices. So I guess this small cake is enough to serve about 6 to 8 pax, and up to 10 pax.

How does the cake taste?

I wouldn’t say that it is a really good cake and neither it is worth 4 or 5 stars. I was a little disappointed that the flavour profile of Earl Grey and Lychee did not come through. And the purple cream layer wasn’t flavoured at all. Thus, making the cake seem a little bland. However, the cake is soft and rather moist so that explains why people still enjoy the cake. In addition, it is not too sweet or rich at all. Besides, what’s there to complain about when the cake only costs you $20.90?

For $20 bucks, the cake seems all right and reasonably priced for its quality. But I’m going to expect a little more if the cake now costs $40.90. Wouldn’t you?

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  1. You can try Swee Heng Classic 1989 whole cakes. Very pretty and much more toppings. They cost less than 25 bucks for whole cakes ?? Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Have been a silent reader for many years and thought to drop a note 🙂

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