Sudio has never failed to impress me with its clean and sleek-looking products which immediately spells ‘Scandinavian-inspired’ or ‘Minimalist’. Their new Sudio Femtio, a small but powerful speaker, is currently my obsession and I really enjoyed having this device at home.

Sudio Femtio

This portable wireless speaker full waterproof IPX 6 ingress protection rating. And you are able to connect two Sudio Femtio speakers to one device with its dual pairing feature for a more robust sound. Each speaker weighs only 675 grams.

It has a total of 14 hours playtime for a single charge and it even as a built-in microphone. It also has a voice assisted function (Siri and Google Assistant).

What are the accessories provided?

The speaker only comes with an instruction manual pack and USB-C cable for you to charge the speaker.

Easy to use, easy to set-up

Like all other Sudio products, the Sudio Femtio is so easy to use and set-up. Once I took the speaker out of the box, all I simply did was to turn on the main button and paired it via bluetooth with my laptop or mobile phone. Within seconds, the sound is on.

The rubberised buttons, which aesthetically blend seamlessly with the grey fabric, are fixed on top on the speaker. The main power button is on the far right while the play/pause and volume buttons are in the centre. To activate the voice assistant function, you simply just press and hold the play/pause button. The button on the far left is the dual pairing button which allows you to pair with another Sudio Femtio speaker.

Sudio Femtio is available in three colours.

The colour options are Anthracite (Grey and Rose gold), Silver and Black. I wanted the one with the rose gold finishings but it was no longer in stock so I got the silver one.

What’s at the base of the Sudio Femtio?

The base of the speaker is actually the battery that powers the speaker. You can also find the USB-C charging port and 3.5 audio input jack when you pry the rubberised flap open.

My Verdict

The sound from Sudio Femtio is indeed powerful. Even though it is small but the sound produced is rather loud and it can provide a wide sound coverage. I can easily fill my 2-room apartment with music coming from the Sudio Femtio. I just love having music played in the background whenever I’m back home. It just sets the tone and mood of the whole place.

My only qualm is its battery power. I just wish the playtime was longer than 14 hours so that I don’t have to charge the device so often.

For $189 (and 3-year warranty with Sudio Sphere), the Sudio Femtio is indeed a good buy. And it is going to be even cheaper if you use my promo code [deeglitz35] to enjoy 35% of all Sudio products from 23 November to 30 November 2020!

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