Trying Herbalife Nutrition Shakes and Supplements

Herbalife Supplements

Last month, I took part in Herbalife Nutrition 40th Anniversary Virtual Run and boy it wasn’t easy! As compared to the previous running events I’ve taken part before, this is the most challenging run because you are your own competitor. It’s easy when they are people running alongside you and cheering you on but in a virtual run, you are all by yourself (unless you sign up for the team run).

Sad to say, I did not achieve my goal of running 4 KM in less than 20 minutes but I managed to complete the run and submit my results. However, I am still continuing to run and train myself to get better each time. And this journey of getting fitter and healthier is made easier with Herbalife Nutrition health supplements.

Let’s get real with Herbalife Nutrition Health Supplements.

I’ve been to events and meet people who are part of the Herbalife Nutrition community. So I wasn’t new to Herbalife Nutrition shakes and health supplements at all. And I’ve always wanted to try their supplements but I didn’t as their products are way out of my budget.

And the perfect opportunity came when they launched this virtual run which requires participants to purchase their products online so that we can be at our optimal health as we train for the run.

So I picked their Nutritional Shake Mix in French Vanilla flavour, Active Fibre Complex and concentrated Aloe Vera. The bundle also comes with a bottle of Herbal concentrate which is essentially like a tea drink. I must say that I really enjoyed their health supplements!

How I make ‘Apple Pie’ Smoothie with Herbalife Nutritional Shake Mix?

Herbalife Supplements

Herbalife’s nutritional shake mix is indeed great tasting. As compared to other meal replacement shakes I’ve tried before, I have to say that Herbalife’s one tasted so much better. And when you add the other supplements to the shake along with some cinnamon, it tasted just like ‘apple pie’ even though there are no real apples in it. How?

I would usually make my shakes in the evening but on some days, I prefer to take it in place of lunch or breakfast. It’s very filling. And I start off with 250ml of soymilk followed by 2 scoops of Nutritional Shake Mix in French Vanilla.


Then, I add one scoop of their Active Fibre Complex in Apple flavour. This product gives the shake that fruity apple taste. And this supplement really helps get my bowel movements going. Be prepared to visit the toilet right after drinking this shake which has a chockfull of fibre in it.

Herbalife Supplements

Then I will add some cinnamon and ice cubes into the mixture before blending everything together using the blender.


Sometimes I will add in a tablespoon of Concentrated Aloe Vera into the smoothie too. Aloe Vera helps in detoxifying the body and regulating bowel movements too.


And what you get here when you add everything together is a great tasting ‘Apple Pie’ shake.

Herbal Concentrate with Green Tea

Herbalife Supplements

Initially, I thought it was a herbal supplement which comes in a form of capsules. But it turns out to be a tea mix where you simply add about half a teaspoon of the tea mix to 200 ml of water. It instantly reminds me of those instant Lipton Lemon Tea mix. That’s how it tastes like too, minus the sugar.


I really enjoy drinking this tea mix because it tastes to refreshing and I usually make a cup of iced tea with this herbal concentrate in the evening or during mid-day, in between meals. It helps me to curb my appetite too.

After trying out the Herbalife Nutrition Supplements, I finally understood why there is still a demand for their quality health supplements.

*This is not a paid sponsored post. I am not a member of Herbalife. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

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