Sleigh into the holidays with this Beer-infused Log cake

Sunbird Brewing Company Singapore Craft brewery Christmas Beer
Credit: Little House of Dreams x Sunbird Brewing Company

Singapore craft brewery Sunbird Brewing Company has recently launched their new seasonal beer. The ‘Naughty and Nice Chocolate Mint Milk Stout’ is released just in time for Christmas.

To further sweeten things up, they have also created a beer-infused Chocolate log cake, in collaboration with Little House of Dreams. Now, that’s an interesting Christmas food bundle to bring over to a Christmas party celebration!

Naughty and Nice Chocolate Mint Milk Stout

This new festive beer, stored in the prettiest glass bottle, features the sweet aromatics of cacao nibs and mint. You can immediately taste that hint of chocolate on your first sip. This milk stout contains 5% alcohol.

This hearty yet well-rounded milk stout, semi-sweet slightly dry finish, pairs well with desserts like traditional British fruit cake and Christmas cookies.

It’s my first time trying a milk stout – a smooth-drinking dark beer brewed with milk sugar. The sweet notes complement nicely with the natural bitter flavour in the beer.

This is that one-of-kind beer which you can surprise your guests with at the dining table.

When beer meets log cake

Scottish Ale Logcake Sunbird Brewing Company Singapore Craft brewery Christmas Beer Little House of Dreams

To ‘sweeten’ things up, Sunbird Brewing Company partnered with Little House of Dreams cafe to create the Scottish-Ale Chocolate log cake. It is essentially a beer-infused log cake made with Sunbird Brewing Company’s best-selling beer, Scottish Ale. This type of beer has a pronounced caramelized and roasted malted flavour.

The beer is infused with the batter as well as the Swiss meringue buttercream. The roasted malt flavour in the log cake is subtle. And you can’t really tell if there is beer in it or not. But I guess the beer makes the cake a little fluffier and spongier. Overall, this creative bake tasted pleasant. It sits well with my palate as it isn’t overly sweet or chocolatey, differing the usual Christmas cakes.

For an added dimension and crunch, they added Feuilletine flakes and milk chocolate into the log cake. Coupled with a glass of Chocolate Mint Milk stout, this log cake will taste even better.

Thankfully, you won’t get drunk or gassy eating beer-infused log cake. About a one-third of a bottle of Scottish-Ale is used in each cake.

Where to buy?

Sunbird Brewing Company Singapore Craft brewery Christmas Beer log cake

The ‘Naughty and Nice Chocolate Mint Milk stout’ is now available on Sunbird Brewing Company online shop or Little House of Dreams located at Tiong Bahru.

The ‘Chocolate Mint Milk Stout’ pack of 6 and 12 will be priced at $49.90 and $78.00 (excluding 7% GST) respectively. A special ‘To my Secret Santa’ mixed pack of 24 beers’ perfect for gifting will be at $150 (excluding 7% GST) inclusive of free next-day delivery.

As for the Scottish-Ale Christmas log cake, it can be pre-ordered via Little House of Dreams café located at Tiong Bahru (cake only). Nonetheless, you can also order it at Sunbird Brewing Company online shop (cake and beers package).

The log cake which serves 6 to 8 pax is priced at $42.90 (excluding 7% GST). A ‘Beer-y Christmas’ package inclusive of the cake and 6 bottles of Chocolate Mint Milk Stout is also available at a special price at $90.00 (excluding 7% GST).

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