How eating synbiotic and have improved my gut health

Svelty Smart Super Synbiotic Health Supplement Prebiotic Probiotic

I’ve come to learn that many of our bodily functions and healthy in general are very much dependent on our gut health. After making some tweaks to my diet and taking health supplements (like Synbiotic), my bowel movement has become more regular than before. I also started noticing that my skin complexion has also improved significantly and energy levels are up. That is why I’m now an advocate of taking health supplements, in particular probiotics and fibre.

I’ve been eating this new health supplement by Svelty, a health and wellness supplement brand from Japan. It is called Smart Super Synbiotic which contains both prebiotics and probiotics. Scientifically speaking, probiotics will work synergistically with prebiotics and thus Synbiotics are effectively better at boosting intestinal health. After consuming this supplement for about 3 weeks, I must say that it has really improved my overall health.

Understanding the science behind this supplement

Before I delve into the scientific explanation of this supplement, it will be good to know a couple of basic scientific terms.


Prebiotics is a type of dietary fibre that feed the good bacteria in your gut.


Probiotics are live bacteria that naturally live in your gut.

What’s special about Svelty’s Smart Super Synbiotic?

Svelty Smart Super Health Supplement Prebiotic Probiotic
Credit: Svelty

Svelty has utilised the innovative DUOCAP® technology to encase the inner capsule of probiotics (33 Probiotic strains) within a liquid-filled outer capsule containing the prebiotics (2 types of oligosaccharides). So what you see is a double-encapsulated supplement pill.

This capsule-in-capsule technology shields the probiotics from moisture and heat. It also ensures that the live bacterial colonies get safely delivered to the gut in two stages.

Why the need for this capsule-in-capsule technology?

Smart Super Synbiotic DUOCAP™ Technology
Credit: Svelty

It simply allows for the dual simultaneous release of two substances – probiotics and probiotics – to achieve maximal efficacy and performance in our guts. How so?

When you first pop the capsule into your mouth, the stomach acid and digestive juices will dissolve the outer capsule layer to release the liquid prebiotics. The release of prebiotics helps feed the existing good bacteria in our guts.

The inner capsule, which contains the probiotics, will get delivered safely to the intestines. From there, it will work with the prebiotics effectively for maximal improvement in gut activity.

Why release the prebiotics first?

At this point, you may start to wonder why the prebiotics, which is the food for probiotics, is released first. Isn’t it better to release the live bacteria first then feed it with nutrients?

It is important to note probiotics are sensitive to acid and heat. Thus it is not ideal for the probiotics to be released in the stomach. The strong stomach acid and heat in the stomach can kill the probiotics. That is why Svelty uses DUOCAP® technology in this product to ensure maximal efficacy of probiotics.

What is found in each Svelty’s Smart Super Synbiotic capsule?

Svelty Smart Super Health Supplement Prebiotic Probiotic
Credit: Svelty

The outer capsule contains the prebiotics which comprises of 2 oligosaccharides derive naturally from natural food sources. And the inner capsule, which stores the probiotics, contains over 30 billion live bacteria from 33 different bacteria strains.

Some of these bacteria strains like Bifidus B3 Bacteria also helps in promoting weight and body fat reduction.

In addition to that, the capsule also contains an invigorating blend of 12 types of herbs and 121 types of naturally plant-derived extract powder. All these will help to improve digestion and supports immune health.

Benefits of Svelty Smart Super Synbiotic

Svelty Smart Super Health Supplement Prebiotic Probiotic

The number of health benefits that this supplement provides is just endless because our overall health somehow relates to our gut health in one way or another.

  • Boosts intestinal health and recover the balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria
  • Helps mitigate any antibiotic side effects and restores the gut microbiome after an antibiotic course
  • Improves digestion and contributes to regular bowel movement
  • Reduces visceral fat and body weight
  • Relieves stomach bloating and discomfort

The benefits I experienced after consuming this supplement are increase in bowel movements and reduction in stomach bloating. I don’t visit the toilet very regularly but after eating the supplement, I’ve been taking a dump daily and sometimes twice a day. Most important of all, I noticed that my stomach does not bloat as easily especially after a heavy meal.

When to take Svelty Smart Super Synbiotic?

Svelty Smart Super Synbiotic Health Supplement Prebiotic Probiotic

Based on the product recommendation, one can consume 1 capsule daily and ideally between 10 pm and 2 am. It is perhaps the best time of the day when your gut is at rest as you probably not eating but sleeping.

Where to buy it?

Svelty Smart Super Synbiotic Health Supplement Prebiotic Probiotic
Credit: Svelty

Svelty Smart Super Synbiotic is now available online and at selected Guardian and Welcia-BHG stores islandwide. A bottle of 30 capsules retails for $69.90.

My Verdict

I’ve taken other probiotics before but I must say that this is the most effective probiotics I’ve ever tried. I started noticing the positive effects after consuming the supplement for about a week or so.

I also like the fact that the product comprises of mostly naturally-derived ingredients which give me greater assurance that the supplement is safer for consumption. If you are experiencing irregular bowel movements and constipation, I would recommend you to give this supplement a try.

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