We bought our tungsten wedding rings from Tiara

Tiara.com.sg Tungsten Wedding rings Bands review

I recently bought a matching pair of wedding tungsten rings from Tiara for under $500. If you like me, who truly do not believe in spending thousands on wedding rings, then read on.

You don’t have to spend a lot on wedding bands.

My fiancé probably would not mind getting a customised ring made of gold and encrusted with diamonds, but at the back of my head, a wedding ring is just a ring. No one is going to judge me for the wedding ring I am wearing so why bother? Besides, we all heard too many stories about people losing their wedding bands. Maybe it will not be as painful when you lost a ring that cost slightly over a hundred bucks?

Thus, during the wedding preparation process, we are quite sure that we do not want to spend over a thousand on our wedding bands. However, we wanted something a little special and different from the usual wedding bands. Instead of going for gold, rose gold or silver, we decided to go for tungsten.

Why tungsten wedding rings?

Based on my research, tungsten wedding rings seem to be a much better choice over the typical gold or silver rings. It is also much cheaper than gold.

1. It’s cheaper.

For most Tungsten wedding rings, they are not entirely made up of pure tungsten because pure tungsten is brittle. To make it less brittle, jewellery manufacturers usually add carbon to tungsten to form tungsten carbide. This mixture of tungsten and carbon alloy is so much stronger.

2. It’s durable and scratch-resistant.

Tungsten carbide itself is a hard and dense metal. It is about four times harder than gold and two times harder than stainless steel. Thus, tungsten rings are usually more scratch-resistant and durable. However, since it is less malleable, tungsten carbide rings are usually non-resizeable. As such, it is not advisable for you to get tungsten carbide rings as engagement rings unless you know that exact ring size of your partner. (Thank goodness, my fiance bought me a rose gold ring which is resizable. Read about my proposal story here!)

3. It’s usually hypoallergenic.

Tungsten rings usually has a small amount of nickel or cobalt as binders added to it. The nickel itself can be a skin irritant but when it binds with tungsten, it loses its ability to react with the skin. As such, tungsten rings are great for those who are subjected to metal allergies.

4. It is low maintenance.

Unlike gold rings, tungsten rings doesn’t require regular polishings. The original polishing can last many years.

Where I bought my Tungsten rings?

Tiara.com.sg Tungsten Wedding rings Bands review

You can find tungsten rings on Shopee which goes as low as $2! But I can’t vouch whether it is made out of tungsten carbide or not. Tungsten rings can also go as high as a thousand dollars on Etsy because they are usually handcrafted and encrusted with diamonds. If you are planning to buy tungsten rings on Etsy, you might have to consider the shipping fees and time.

Instead of buying from Etsy or any other online jewellery stores, we decided to purchase it from this online local jewellery store called Tiara. We settled for Tiara because their website seems reliable and shipping is free since we are living in Singapore.

There are also many positive reviews about their products published on their website but I can’t find any reviews on other external sites. Could their website reviews be trusted? But I decided to just give it a go. This is also the reason why I decided to write this post, just in case if you are planning to buy rings from Tiara.

Tungsten Rings on Tiara

Tiara.com.sg Tungsten Wedding rings Bands review
Credit: tiara.com.sg

Thank goodness, our online purchase on Tiara went smoothly. There were no hiccups at all and we were very happy with the rings. Their tungsten wedding rings are made up of 85% tungsten carbide and 15% nickel. All of their tungsten rings have a permanent polish so their rings will still look great even after 50 years.

They’ve got two types of couple rings – wedding tungsten and wedding bands. Their wedding tungsten bands are usually coated with a layer of rose gold, gold or silver so that it looks like any wedding bands.

They have some classic wedding band designs as well as some unique ones if you’re looking for something more out of the ordinary. In the end, we ended up with Fraiser as both of us like the polished look of the ring. It also available in two different surface widths so that I could choose the ring with a smaller width and my fiancé can go for the one with a larger width.

How much it costs?

Tiara.com.sg Tungsten Wedding rings Bands review

In addition, the rings are reasonably priced. Each ring costs SGD 135. There’s also an ongoing promotion where there’s a 30% on the second tungsten ring bought.

Tiara Tungsten Wedding Bands

Lastly, Tiara provides ring engraving service. You can top up an additional $35 to engrave your names inside the ring. We did that for both of our rings and the total costs amount to about $300. That’s not bad for a pair of wedding rings!

How do we choose our ring sizes?

The ordering process is a breeze. We both knew our ring sizes (after visiting a few jewellery stores to try some rings) but we still opted for them to mail us the ring sizer. Besides, the ring sizer is free so why not? The ring sizer arrived within a few days.Mine was a size 6 while my fiancé was a size 7. It would have been a better fit if my fiancé got a size 7 1/2 but they do not offer half sizes so we can only make do with size 7. You can say that it’s one of the downsides about buying a ring online.

ring sizer

After we emailed them our sizes, they send us the rings within a week. It was that fast! Our rings came in individual small ring boxes which come for free. If you prefer a lighted box, it costs an additional $25. It would have been great if they offer a couple ring box where it can store two rings. Thank goodness I have a couple ring box at home to store them.

Tiara.com.sg Tungsten Wedding rings Bands review

In any case, we were really satisfied with the whole purchase process. More importantly, the rings fit us well and it looked great on us.

How much are you willing to spend on wedding bands?

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