I signed up with Giga mobile plan and this is how it went

Giga Mobile Data Plan

I started with Circles Life before I switch over to Giga, a sub-brand of StarHub, which offers low-cost mobile plans. I was pleased with Circles Life but I just wanted to find out if I could save more bucks and that was when I met Giga.

What’s unique about Giga?

There are currently 14 telcos which offer mobile data plans in Singapore. With so many competitors in the telco market, it sort of drive the prices down. You can easily enjoy 6 GB or more for just $10.

Out of the 14 telcos, Giga offers the most affordable mobile plans which are reliable, fast and relatively fuss-free. Besides, it is powered by StarHub, which is one of the largest telco in Singapore, so I guess their network would be more stable and secured. (Even though there are complains of occasional service disruptions). Thanks goodness, I have not encountered any network issues with them as of date.

What made Giga stood out from the other mobile plans is their roll-over data services. Whatever unused data from the previous month will be rolled over to the current month. Isn’t that already value for money?

Signing up with Giga is a breeze.

Giga Mobile Data Plan

Like Circles Life, signing up and setting up an account was a breeze. I only need to pay an additional $2 for the delivery.

I just downloaded the Giga app on my mobile and following the guided instructions to set up an account. Then I choose a mobile plan, enter my credit card details and then pick a delivery date.

I’m a light mobile data user so 6 GB is more than sufficient for me. Thus, I went with the 6-GB plan for $10. It comes with 100 free SMS, 100 minute free talk-time, free incoming calls and free caller ID.

Giga Starhub Mobile data app

The delivery man came right to my door-step to hand me the SIM card in en envelope and checked my identification card.

Activating the SIM card

Singapore Mobile Data Plan

The SIM card activation was also a breeze, and the process is similar to Circles Life. They will issue you a temporary mobile number for you to use while they port your existing mobile number while you’re asleep. It usually takes place between 10 am to 2pm. And once you get up the next morning, your number would have been successfully ported over.

Billing matters

Giga Starhub Mobile data app

The billing date is the day you activate your mobile plan. I started my plan on 23 December 2020 so my next billing date is 23 January 2020.

After using Giga for a month…

Everything is smooth and I experience no hiccups with the network. And the best part? The Rock ‘n’ rollover data allows me to enjoy 10.4 GB for the next 30 days. The system will automatically update your plan and informed you how much data you have left on the app. The whole process is seamless.

Giga Starhub Mobile data app

Customer Service

I have not tried contacting them or message them via the app for help. But I understand that it is quite difficult to get in touch with their service staff, based on the Giga reviews on Seedly. If there’s one thing Giga could improve on, it’s probably their customer support. Circles Life beats Giga in that aspect.

Overall, I will still recommend Giga even though there are some downsides to it. With Giga, I enjoy great savings. My previous Circles Life mobile plan costs $18 but now with Giga, I only pay $10. Saving $8 can get me a cup of Starbucks or 2 plates of Chicken rice.

Giga Promocode

If you are interested in signup with Giga, you can use my promo code* 0OcQ2n (the first digit is a zero, followed by the letter ‘O’.)

*The promotions vary from time to time with this promo code.

By the way, Giga did not pay me to do this – just saying.

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