#SamGotDeeBest: The Day Before My Actual Wedding

I starting to feel a littler jittery as the wedding draws near even though there is really no pressure to please anyone. It’s not an exam, performance or an important presentation but a personal celebration. So, why I am feeling all over the place?

Months before the wedding, I just simply thought it’s a really simple affair which requires minimum coordination. But who knew that this wedding party of 20 still requires some form of proper planning, rehearsals and event coordination.

Throughout this 6 months of planning, I went several cycles of ups and downs. I was mostly irritated with many things (including my partner) while excited that the vision I had will be coming to fruition. All in all, I am still feeling rather blessed by all these marriage preparation with the congratulatory messages, red packets and gifts.

And before my D-Day arrives, I just wish to get some things off my chest.


I don’t think I’ve lost a single inch off my waist and that’s totally fine too. Me being me, I also did not quite like the idea of following everyone else does – losing weight before the day I get wedded.

Prior to the wedding, I was just trying my best to exercise and eat healthy whenever I can. I am what I am. Losing weight has always been a life goal for me and I will still continue to lead a healthier lifestyle even after a wedding.

Let’s get over and done with

Whenever people ask me what my dream wedding is like, I always hesitate to reply them because I truly don’t have a dream for my own wedding. I do dream of my house and children would look like but not about my wedding. To me, the wedding day is just a start to embark on a new journey with my partner and I look forward to be starting a family with my partner. As for the wedding day, let’s just get over and done with. I am just praying that there will be no hiccups but only beautiful memories.

My Mum is more anxious about my wedding than I do

It’s funny to see how the people around me are more excited and anxious for the wedding than I do. My mum is especially anxious about my wedding – buying a new dress just to suit the theme of my wedding and constantly calling me over the phone to ask about my wedding preparations.

And my best friends? They kept asking me about the preparations and how everything else is going. But honestly, I just want to be really chill about everything because the two of us have kept our wedding affair really simple. I am just glad that my partner also prefer intimate weddings.

Unexpected Wedding blessings

Despite the few hiccups we faced during the marriage prep (e.g purchasing an over-priced suit from a tailor), we still experienced an abundance of blessings. God always blesses us with exceeding good gifts and my friends, relatives and colleagues have been coming forth with well-wishes, thoughtful gifts and tokens of blessing. I just pray that we would be able to put these blessings into good use and perhaps use them to bless others in future.

The Wedding Night

Whatever it is, I am just hoping that the Lord will be in our presence and shine the light upon us on our special day. Through Christ, we would also like to be a shining example to others.

We did not forget to drop by the Registry of Marriage (ROM) to get our marriage certificates. Apparently, you got to take a queue number and wait for your turn to sign some documents. Everything took us less than 20 minutes.

See you on my D-Day.

Read more about my marriage preparations here.

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