Post-wedding Facial: Oxygen Jet Treatment

It’s been almost three weeks since the wedding and my skin wasn’t at its best condition. With all the thick makeup slathered across my face during this wedding period, I felt that my skin was super clogged. True enough, my skin surface felt really rough and Indulgence Beauty was my SOS.

Oxygen Jet Facial Treatment

To rescue my skin, they recommended that I do the Oxygen Jet or Oxy Liqui Treatment. I tried this treatment before and it really helps to replenish the skin moisture levels and improve blood circulation in the skin. But I noticed that they are using a slightly different Oxygen infusion machine this time. And I have to say that this machine works so much better on the skin because the oxygen gas doesn’t gush out strongly against the skin. The jet spray is more controlled and thus the whole process is so much more comfortable.

As with every facial, they start by double cleansing the face and followed by a thorough extraction. I think the therapist spent a good 45 minutes to extract all the gunk out of my face. My skin looked red after the extraction but the redness subsides after she blasted the cool oxygen mist across my skin.

This oxygen facial not only improves blood circulation but it also promotes collagen production to help you achieve a more youthful looking skin. My tired skin looks refreshed after the treatment. All thanks to the high pressurised oxygen which is delivered right into my skin.

After the oxygen infusion step, I had a relaxing facial massage. This is followed by Brightening Complex Hydrojelly mask. It smells of lemon because it is packed with Vitamin C from lemon juice and glutathione, which helps in reducing pigmentation. Currently, they are using Esthemax Hydrojelly masks for all facials! It’s a high-end facial masks which contains plant and mineral active ingredients. All their masks not only feels great on the skin but also smells heavenly!

It’s always a treat to do facials here.

Going for facials is part of my self-care routine. It is always a treat to have my facials done at Indulgence Beauty. They always know what’s best for my skin to make it look refreshed and radiant again.

Indulgence Beauty is located at International Plaza, Singapore. If you’re looking for a trusted skincare professional, you can give Indulgence Beauty a go.

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