Citrus By The Pool : Food that makes you go AROI MAK!

Citrus by the pool cafe

This cafe might look like another regular neighbourhood cafe with a nice ambience and slightly better than average food but not at Citrus By The Pool. It looks seemingly an unpretentious and homely food establishment in the heartlands. So I was definitely taken by surprise after dining there because their food, in particular, their Thai-style dishes are beyond amazing. Their Thai dishes like Phad Thai and Mango Salad not only tastes great but authentic. It’s certainly a true hidden gem in the Northern part of Singapore and here’s why.

Citrus by the pool cafe

Citrus is opened till 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

They not only extended their operating hours to cater to the late-night owls but they are also offering a 20% discount off any items on their à la carte menu. It’s a definitely perk to dine at a late night cafe in the wee hours of the morning. But be sure to make a reservation before heading down to avoid disappointment.

The dishes here are value-for-money and it’s halal-certified.

You can find regular western cafe mains like burgers and pastas. In addition to that, they also offer an array of Thai-style dishes like Basil Chicken Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice and Phad Thai. The mains start from $8.99++ and I’m glad to say that they didn’t skimp on the portions or ingredients. The portions are just about right to satiate your hunger. If you are still feeling peckish after your mains, you can order some french fries for $4++.

And what you see on their menu is what you get. The dishes presented are true to the images portrayed on their menu.

For my muslim friends, this cafe is halal-certified. I am just glad there are now many food establishments which are getting halal certifications to cater to more people.

Amazing Food and Drinks, in particular their Thai food

Citrus By The Pool might simple come across as a cafe which sells modern western and Asian fusion food but there’s more to that. Upon closer look at their menu, you will noticed that there are some Thai dishes which are presented in quite an authentic way. I later got to know that helming their kitchen are Thai chefs who apparently are great at preparing authentic Thai food. The dishes which I could definitely come back for are their Mango salad, Phad Thai and Tom Yum Seafood Pasta. I might come back to try their Pineapple fried rice and green curry with rice.

Thai Mango Salad

Citrus by the pool cafe

We had this as an appetiser and it tasted really amazing. It’s drenched with spicy fish sauce which elevates the tanginess of the shredded green mango. And those crispy egg strips adds another textural dimension to the dish itself.

Tom Yum Seafood Pasta

Citrus by the pool cafe

I’ve never eaten a more well-balanced pasta where pasta is cooked to al dente and the sauce is packed with the right amount of flavour. In addition, you get one juicy prawn along with two clams. This Asian-fusion pasta dish is truly tantalising and tasted as good as the pastas I had at other higher-end restaurants in Singapore.

This dish is a crowd favourite and if you’re a seafood lover, you shouldn’t miss out on this dish.

Fried Chicken and Waffle

Citrus by the pool cafe

The combination of fried chicken and waffles is truly sinful. I’m not a fan of fried chicken but I must say that their waffles are delicious. The super thick waffles are warm and fluffy and on the side and slightly crisp on the outside. I could definitely indulge on the waffles alone with the slab of butter and maple syrup.

This dish is best shared along a table of 2 to 4 people because it is quite a filling dish. If you’re ready to indulge, go for this fried chicken with waffles.

Phad Thai with Prawns

Citrus by the pool cafe

This dish is certainly the OG of Phad Thai. It tastes authentic – just like the ones I had along the street food stalls in Thailand. It’s the gooey type of Phad Thai which is moist and packed with flavour. Their Phad Thai is served with a lime wedge along with crushed peanuts and chili flakes. Even though we were already quite full, but we just had to finish up this plate of Phad Thai because it was that tantalising!

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Citrus by the pool cafe

This dessert came as a surprise because I thought that this would be another average-tasting Chocolate Lava cake which is often too overly sweet. But it turns out to be otherwise. The chocolate lava cake was made-to-order at the restaurant so they are freshly baked and prepared. It was soft, warm and not too overly sweet. It’s a total matchmake in heaven when we paired the lava cake with Thai Milk Tea. The acridity of the milk tea cuts through the richness of the chocolate in the lava cake. We couldn’t help it but to wolf it all down.

Gummy Pop Milkshake

The showstopper for me that evening has got to be the Gummy Pop Milkshake which is a feast for the eyes. Looking at those ‘unicorn’ rainbow colours already made me really happy. It’s that one drink you need to cheer you up after a tiring day. It is a sinful indulgent with the ice cream, milk, caramel and marshmallows but who says that you have to finish everything on your own? Sharing is caring.

If you’re looking for a cozy and affordable cafe with really good food to dine in with your family and friends, I can assure you that Citrus By The Pool would fit your bill. And if you are a fan of Thai food, you might go AROI MAK after trying their Phad Thai.

Citrus By The Pool

3 Woodlands Street 13, Woodlands Swimming Complex, Singapore 738600

(10 minutes walk from Marsiling MRT or Woodlands MRT)

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