Our Wedding was featured on Channel News Asia (CNA)

Closer to our wedding day, a friend of mine asked me if I would like to be interviewed about my wedding. Without hesitation, I said yes to the interview. Besides, I was really keen on sharing with other brides on how my current husband and I have overcome the challenges we faced when planning for our big day.

Why did we share our story on CNA?

Prior to this, I was already actively posting articles and videos to document my whole wedding planning process. You can gather tonnes of useful information on SG Budget Brides on Facebook but it is a private group and not everyone has access to it. Besides that platform, there isn’t any other useful platforms for Singapore brides who are looking for cheaper options. I’ve always been careful about my spendings and did not believe in spending a lot for a wedding. That is why I told my husband that I wanted to take charge of the wedding planning and was firm about going for a small-scale wedding. I was glad that he trusted and supported my decision.

Besides providing support and advice for couple who are planning to have their weddings in this post-COVID-19 world, I also really hope to encourage millennials to think about the significance of wedding. Is it really necessary to follow customs and traditions? Do we have to really splurge on weddings? Why people only talk about dream weddings and not dream marriages?

Weddings can be inexpensive. Weddings can be simplified in a way where the spot light shines on the couple and their parents who have brought them up. It’s more than a celebration of love because it is also a day where the bride and groom expresses their gratitude towards the people around them. And it is also a day to celebrate the couple’s love in the glory of the almighty God who causes all things to work out for them.

Our Couple Photoshoot with CNA

deeniseglitz wedding channel news asia

Because we did not do a pre-wedding shoot, we were thankful for this interview and photoshoot opportunity with Channel News Asia. The interview was done via Zoom and the photoshoot was done outdoors.

We had our casual photoshoot at Singapore Botanic Gardens. They even got makeup artists, hair stylists and their wardrobe stylists to get us ready for the photoshoot. It was a really hot day but we managed to pull it through. Their photography crew were friendly and we finished the shoot within an hour or so.

Our Thoughts

It’s definitely an interesting experience for us as a couple to do an interview together. We were thankful for this opportunity to share our wedding planning story and was glad that we were able to share some wedding tips with other brides and grooms-to-be.

You can read our interview article here.

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